Dreaming & Semi-Daydreaming & Thinking About My Hard Drive Situation & DiskFresh Successfully Repaired My Hard Drive

Last night I left my computer on trying to fix my hard drive with a program called DiskFresh after I got tired of how slow HDD Regenerator was going (over three days and it still was not close to finishing and it seemed to be stuck on one area of the hard drive), DiskFresh allowed me to have it scanning and repairing my hard drive while still being logged into Windows 7, and it was going very fast; and so it seemed that the repair process would finish before the next morning.

So I reminded myself to wake up later during the night to check on the repair process to see if it was finished or not so that I could turn off my computer, disconnect the broken fans from my hard drive, dust off the hard drive, and then use the Seagate SeaTools For Windows to do a Long Generic Test to see if the hard drive was repaired successfully or not; but this reminder caused my brain/mind to keep waking me up during the night, and preventing me from sleeping deeply.

My mind/brain kept waking me up reminding me to check on my hard drive and trying to get me to get out of bed, this caused me to forget most of my dreams as I battled with my mind/brain to try to go back to sleep each time and to avoid getting out of bed so often, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for parts of the dreams/semi-daydreams/thoughts involving my hard drive situation.

I got out of bed about three times to check on my hard drive and the repair process was almost finished after the third time, and so I probably only partly went back to sleep as I battled my brain/mind trying to go to sleep fully.

So there were dreams/semi-daydreams/thoughts of me getting out of bed to check my hard drive and doing all the things on my list of things to do to my hard drive after the repair process et cetera, but I can not remember most of the details now after waking up so many times/not sleeping deeply/fighting with my brain/mind so many times/et cetera.

It is amazing how one little conscious/subconscious reminder can lead to something like this, if only I could learn to control this in a way to get my brain/mind to help me focus on other things that I need help with/want to do/need to do/et cetera, and then I might/may be able to accomplish most or all of my goals in life; but that is all that I can remember. 😀

I was finally forced to get out of bed permanently because my brain/mind would not let me sleep, the repair process was finished and so I completed my list of things to do to the hard drive after the repair process, and DiskFresh successfully repaired my hard drive and it did it in record-breaking time.

Well done DiskFresh, and I would like to thank the creator(s) of DiskFresh for making a wonderful program that is Free for home use because it saved my hard drive; and it did it fast, from within Windows, and it was easy to use. 🙂

Before I went to bed last night I decided to try a French language lesson at Duolingo again for the first time in over a week since I stopped doing French lessons everyday, and to my surprise I successfully completed a Practice Lesson with one heart left; and so I might start studying some French every day again, and here is my Duolingo Profile:

The end,

-John Jr

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