A Dead Man Who Looks Like My Dad? | Getting Attacked By A Giant Creature Who Becomes A Female Giant / Giantess?

Last night I slept pretty well and I had several clear dreams but I was partly awakened a few times during the night because of heat from the heater that was set to high and because someone left the bedroom door open, and I got awakened by people making too much noise several times; and so unfortunately I forgot most of my clear dreams, but I do barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I remember walking outside around a building complex/courtyard that was mostly made of concrete I think, it was a bit maze-like and it somewhat reminded me of the D Junior High School, and there were outdoor businesses / stands / et cetera around the area; and many people were there shopping, walking, talking, having fun, et cetera.

I was walking around with my mom exploring the area and at some point we walked around a corner of the courtyard near an area with bathrooms, we saw a group of people standing outside the bathrooms looking at the ground like something bad happened, and I saw medics putting what seemed to be the dead body of a man who I thought was my dad on a stretcher; and I was shocked/over-whelmed/confused, and I probably ran closer about to cry or starting to cry trying to figure out if it was my dad or not and to find out what happened.

I tried to control my emotions as I ran forward asking what happened and looking around for clues, when I got closer I realized that it was not my dad but it was just a man who looked somewhat like my dad, and it seemed that maybe he had a heart attack and he seemed to be poor and probably homeless; and I was glad that it was not my dad, but I still was sad as we watched the medics leaving with the body of the man but I got awakened from my dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear now unfortunately but it was an interesting dream with nice visuals/colors/et cetera and it looked/felt more dream-like/surreal than normal, but somehow I did not realize that I was dreaming surprisingly; but I can not remember most of the dream, so it does not make sense now unfortunately, but it almost seemed like a video game combined with a dream combined with real life.

I remember being outside on a very nice surreal sunny day that looked more colorful/clear/sharp/high-definition/et cetera than real life, I seemed to be adventuring/questing like in a video game maybe and so maybe I had to avoid/fight various creatures on my adventure/quest but that is a wild guess, and at some point I reached a body of water with several tiny islands/pieces of land on the body of water; and I swam and/or jumped to one of the islands, and I was attacked by a strange giant/tall creäture (at least three stories tall) whose appearance was so odd/fake looking that I am surprised that I did not realize that I was dreaming.

I think that maybe the creatures had a smooth and shiny and fake/artificial tannish/light brownish/yellowish/whitish colored exterior/skin/shell/whatever, with maybe a bowling pin shaped head that reminded me of a Koopa Troopa from a Mario video game that maybe seemed more artificial than organic, I think that the body was a goofy round-like shape almost like a ball and/or shell, and it had at least two legs but maybe it had more legs like a spider but I am not sure; and so this giant creäture looked very strange, goofy, fake, and it moved strangely in a strange pattern of pauses, slow movements, and fast speed bursts.

The giant creäture could hide its head or something like that and make itself look like a tall rock and/or mushroom-like structure and/or something like that, so the giant creäture caught me by surprise with its attack, but the creatures was not very smart and its movements were predictable and it liked to pause too much; and so I was easily able to run, hide, dodge, et cetera around the islands as it tried chase and attack me.

My memory is so unclear that I am not sure what happened exactly, I just remember being chased by a naked female giant/giantess with whitish colored skin with long maybe orangish/reddish/brownish colored hair (she looked like an average human woman except that she was over three stories tall), and so maybe the giant creäture had somehow turned into a female giant/giantess but I am not sure; and the female giant was taller, faster, smarter, et cetera than the previous giant creäture or her previous form and I was forced to run for my life back to the mainland.

I remember running, hiding, dodging, et cetera from the female giant as she chased me on the mainland until we reached my parent’s neighborhood and yard, but oddly no one else was around; and it was clear to me that the female giant would eventually catch me, and so I kept trying to talk with her as I avoided her attacks.

The female giant could understand and speak English as well fortunately and I remember telling her that we did not need to fight each other and that I was not her enemy, and I offered to help her make some clothes for herself because she was naked; and I told her that I wanted to learn more about her species, and that I wanted teach her about my species.

The female giant kept trying to attack me as we talked as I ran/hide/dodged her attacks, but I kept trying and eventually it worked; and she stopped attacking me as we stood near where my brother GC’s pet dog Cloud should be, and we started talking about how we could help each other.

I told her that we could start working together to make her some underwear first while also sharing information about both of our species and I told her that we could work toward becoming friends, and I told her that there was probably a lot that we could learn from each other; and I asked her if she was the only giant/the last of her species or not, but I woke up as we were still talking.

The end,

-John Jr

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