Avoiding Zombies Inside My Grandfather’s House & Róisín Murphy?

I barely got any sleep last night because I probably went to sleep after 4:00 AM, I got awakened because I got to hot and I had to use the bathroom, I got awakened by people and dogs making too much noise, I got awakened because I got too cold after closing the bedroom door, and finally I got awakened out of the only dream that I can remember part of by my alarm clock because I had to get up early to do something; and so I only got a few hours of sleep and I barely had time to dream, and I forgot most of the only dream that I barely remember part of because of my alarm clock waking me up out of the dream.

The dream is unclear now and I only remember part of the end of the dream but I think that the dream started at a fictional building near or connected to a slightly fictional and larger version of my grandfather’s house, I think that maybe the music artist Róisín Murphy was in this fictional building having a music concert and/or she was in this building for some reason and/or she was at the fictional version of my grandfather’s house for some reason (maybe she owned the house now, I have no idea, I can not remember), but either way I think that I saw her one or more times in the dream.