Avoiding Zombies Inside My Grandfather’s House & Róisín Murphy?

I barely got any sleep last night because I probably went to sleep after 4:00 AM, I got awakened because I got to hot and I had to use the bathroom, I got awakened by people and dogs making too much noise, I got awakened because I got too cold after closing the bedroom door, and finally I got awakened out of the only dream that I can remember part of by my alarm clock because I had to get up early to do something; and so I only got a few hours of sleep and I barely had time to dream, and I forgot most of the only dream that I barely remember part of because of my alarm clock waking me up out of the dream.

The dream is unclear now and I only remember part of the end of the dream but I think that the dream started at a fictional building near or connected to a slightly fictional and larger version of my grandfather’s house, I think that maybe the music artist Róisín Murphy was in this fictional building having a music concert and/or she was in this building for some reason and/or she was at the fictional version of my grandfather’s house for some reason (maybe she owned the house now, I have no idea, I can not remember), but either way I think that I saw her one or more times in the dream.

At some point something happened that I can not remember and I remember being inside the fictional version of my grandfather’s house with other people and we were running and hiding from zombies I think, and most of us got separated; and I think that the dream took place over the several hours and maybe several days.

For some reason I do not remember us ever fighting the zombies, we would only run and hide, and so I remember mostly running and hiding alone for most of the dream; and one of my favorite hiding spots was in a fictional bathroom directly next to the kitchen on the opposite side of where the real bathroom is on that hallway, and this small bathroom had a room connected to it by a door and this room led to a stairway/stairs that led to the second floor.

I would sometimes hide in the room that was connected to the bathroom, sometimes I would hide on the stairway/stairs, and maybe sometimes I would hide on the second floor; and sometimes some of the other survivors would temporarily hide in the bathroom without realizing that I was hiding in the room connected to it or in the other two spots that I mentioned.

Oddly I remember the other survivors being mostly women or only women, maybe Mrs. Murphy was among the survivors but I am not sure, anyway sometimes I would sneak around other parts of the house for various reasons; but I usually would return to my hiding spots once I escape zombies chasing me.

One day while exploring I saw and heard several of the female survivors and at some point I escaped to my hiding spots, several of the female survivors hid in the bathroom and left several times without knowing that I was hiding in the room connected to the bathroom, and at some point a somewhat small/short/petite middle-aged woman with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair who had seemed like a hard-working/motherly/old-fashion-type woman entered the bathroom to hide; but then she came to the room connected to the bathroom, and so I hid on the stairs to avoid her noticing me.

At some point I decided to show myself and I talked with the woman, she knew about this hiding spot because she said that she used to live in the house and/or own the house and/or own part of the house, and so I guess that my grandfather was dead and maybe my mom’s side of the family sold it or part of it to this woman; and then maybe she sold it to Mrs. Murphy, but I have no idea and this is just a wild guess.

The woman knew about some other hiding spots on the second floor and in the house that I did not know about because these were new areas that were probably added to the house, and I think that we decided to join forces to help other survivors; but I got awakened by my alarm clock, and that cause me to forget most of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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