Miranda Kern / Kurn / Ker / Kerr? | A School Debate With Natasha Lennard & A Classroom Party With Outdoor Swimming Pool(s)

Last night I went to bed late again (after 3:00 AM) and I had to wake up early again, I remembered part of one or more dreams and a first or last name of an unknown woman but I got stuck in several semi-false awakening semi-dreams and real awakenings where I thought that I had recorded my dream(s) and the unknown woman’s first or last name, and I was too tired to get out of bed and so I tried to make a mental reminder in my mind/brain of the dream and name so that I would remember that information later; but I went back to sleep and I had another dream that got interrupted by an alarm clock, and so I forgot most of both dreams and probably the unknown woman’s last or first name.

Dream 1

I can not really remember this dream any more unfortunately or the first or last name of the unknown woman but I think that I remember these names/people possibly being in the dream: an unknown woman with a name like Miranda Kern or Kurn or Ker or Kerr or something like that, maybe Bindi Irwin, and maybe Terry Irwin; but that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately, I wish that I would have been able to get myself to get out of bed to voice record this dream, and then I would have not forgotten it again after trying to save a memory of it in my mind/brain but maybe my memory of it will come back to me later.

Dream 2

My second dream took place at a fictional school during the day and I was in school again in a classroom with other students, and the journalist Natasha Lennard was one of my classmates and our teacher was a woman with whitish colored skin with long hair; and our teacher would mention a topic, and she would have us talk about/debate the topic with each other as a class.

One of the topics that came up was about race in humans and I gave my opinion on race, that I do not believe in race among current living humans or support it and that I believe that we current living humans are one species et cetera and so there are no races among current living humans, but one of my classmates strongly disagreed with me and she was a thin late middle-aged woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair; and she believed in race and she supported racism, and she believed in so-called white supremacy and she was a member of a so-called white supremacist group.

I decided to be quiet mostly and listen to her and other students debate the topic, various students gave their opinions and/or argued with her, and Natasha Lennard agreed with my opinion; and Mrs. Lennard constantly debated/argued with the woman who strongly disagreed with me, and I kept quiet mostly listening to both of them debating/arguing.

At some point the teacher changed the topic and the woman who had strongly disagreed with me started talking about how she likes to eat skin (maybe human skin) or something very strange like that, and another big debate/argument began over that; and once again I kept mostly quiet, but I did talk with Mrs. Lennard and I probably thanked her for her support earlier but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was at my last class for the day and our teacher was a man with whitish colored skin and maybe blondish colored hair who probably reminded me of one of my former classmates and he acted more like a student than a teacher, and some of my former classmates were in the class like my former classmate JF but most of my other classmates were fictional (but I am not sure if Natasha Lennard was in this class as well or not, probably not, because if she was in the class I probably would have spent a lot of time talking with her).

After a brief lesson our teacher decided that we should have a class party because it was probably Friday and school was almost over for the day, and so we started having a party; and we watched a film, ate food, drunk drinks, talked, played video games and games, et cetera and we were having a lot of fun but at some point school ended but the everyone was having so much fun that the teacher decided to let the party keep going.

Our classroom was connected to one or more outdoor swimming pools next to or connected to a body of water with a concrete barrier/wall that you could walk on, and so we moved most of the party to the swimming pool; and we continued partying until it got dark, and we had a lot of fun.

I remember swimming, eating, drinking, playing games and video games, talking, walking on and jumping off the barrier/wall, et cetera; and my former classmate JF was challenging everyone to go wild and have fun, and the actors Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jay Baruchel were there as well and they were doing stunts/challenges; and at some point they did a trick/challenge with a glider that they got to partly fly, and maybe they used it go fly into the swimming pool.

At some point we heard the angry voice of the principal of our school over an intercom system, who was a man who sounded like my last high school principal Mr. RT, and he told us that we were all in trouble for continuing the party after school had ended; but we wondered why did he not tell us this earlier because we would have ended the party, and so we were angry/annoyed that we were going to be punished for something that we did not know was wrong and our teacher said that it was okay and our teacher was there supervising us.

I am not sure if we stopped the party or not, maybe we continued the party because we were already in trouble now, and so we probably decided to keep partying because we were going to get punished regardless; but I got awakened by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr

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