A Dream Character Based On My Former Classmate CW? | Trying To Survive A Sickness And Boyd Crowder

Dream 1

The first dream is a bit unclear but I know that it took place during the day in a fictional place and I probably went to a nice one-story house to look for a certain unknown object that I can not remember that was being sold with other items by the family who owned the house, like a garage sale that someone (maybe my mom) told me about, but everyone was gone from the house except the daughter who seemed to be based on my former classmate CW except that she had medium-length medium brownish colored hair and there were several other minor differences between them but I am not sure if she was supposed to be my former classmate CW or not.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream and so it is unclear, it seemed that we both were younger again maybe 18 -21 years old but I could be wrong, and I remember being interested in getting to know the daughter better; and I managed to convince her to let me look around for the unknown item that I was looking to buy from them, even though the rest of her family were gone (her parent’s and her younger sister and/or brother), and so she took me to a garage/room-like area of the house where her family sold things that they no longer needed/wanted.

As I looked for the unknown object I tried to waste time so that I could spend more time with the daughter hoping to learn more about her, I forgot to mention that she knew me because we both were or had been classmates, but I could not find the object; but I kept looking for it anyway as an excuse to spend time with her, and I remember us talking/hanging out/et cetera.

At some point her family returned to the house and she panicked because she was afraid of how her parent’s would react to knowing that we had been at the house alone (she still lived with her parent’s, and so I guess it was against their rules), and so she had me hide somewhere in the house; but I decided to come out of hiding to introduce myself to her parent’s, but I accidentally scared her mom and she asked me who I was and how I had gotten in the house.

I explained the situation to her mom and I answered her questions, she remembered me because her daughter had mentioned me before because we were or had been classmates and maybe we met before, and so she relaxed and she tried to help me find the unknown object that I was looking to buy; and during this time I talked with her, her husband, and their younger daughter and/or son so that we could get to know each other better and I hoped to make a good impression because I was probably interested in their daughter.

Her mom seemed to be the type of person that would be difficult to impress and she seemed a bit cold/strict/distant/mean, but she seemed to accept me to my surprise; but we still could not find the unknown object that I was looking to buy, it was about lunch or dinner time and so they invited me to eat with them, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is very short and/or most of it is missing, it took place during the night or late in the evening in a fictional place, and I was coming from underground with a group of survivors led by a woman; and it seemed that the world had been infected with a sickness/disease/virus/infection that probably killed many people, and so I guess we hid underground hoping to survive the sickness but that is just a guess.

The woman who was our leader had managed to successfully keep us alive during this crisis and she was the healthiest among us (the only one not to get sick) but it seemed that maybe the sickness had spread to our underground hiding spot because even she seemed a bit sick now, and so our group was in danger of dying; and the woman who was our leader decided to go above ground with a group of the toughest members in our group to look for medicine/a cure, supplies, et cetera while the rest stayed underground under the protection of the rest of the toughest members of our group until we returned.

I was with our leader to help and protect her, I tried to convince her to stay underground and let us search above ground because it was too dangerous for her and we needed her, but she refused because she felt that it was her responsibility as the leader to help save us directly even if she would die trying; and so I was very worried about her safety, and Boyd Crowder from the TV show Justified was with us as well and he seemed to be the second healthiest person and the unofficial second in charge with his own small group of followers (who were the most dangerous/negative people in our group who I did not trust very much, and I did not trust Boyd very much either).

Our leader was so liked by our group and she was such a good leader that even Boyd and his followers seemed to listen to her, respect her, and felt that she was the best to lead us; and so maybe that is why Boyd had not killed her yet because he had the toughest members of our group on his side, and so he could have taken over the group by force if he wanted to.

Boyd was making his usual sneaky facial expressions and he was whispering orders to some of his followers, since our leader seemed to be sick now and getting physically weaker, maybe he was planning to take over the group or maybe he was preparing to take over the group if our leader dies during our journey for medicine/a cure/supplies/et cetera; but I was not sure, and so I decided to try to stay alert.

Some of Boyd’s followers stayed to protect the rest of the group and the rest of his followers were going with us, so his people out-numbered the few people with the leader and I, but those few people and I were willing to die to protect our leader; and so we were ready to fight to the end if necessary.

We had a brief meeting trying to decide how to go about our journey and I remember feeling hot, tired, sick, weak, thirsty, unbalanced, et cetera; and so the sickness was slowly getting worse among us, and that would make the journey even more dangerous for us.

I remember giving a brief speech letting our leader know that we were ready to help and protect her with our lives from outside threats and inside threats, I probably looked at Boyd letting him know that I was watching him that he better not try to kill the leader and the few other people with her and I, and I probably asked Boyd if he was willing to do the same for the leader; and he probably paused, smiled, and hesitantly said yes (but I still was not sure if I could trust him or not).

I probably warned our leader and the few other people who I could trust about Boyd and his followers so that they could be on alert, and I probably had a brief personal conversation with Boyd about the situation; and I somewhat felt that I could trust him as long as our leader did not get too weak because then Boyd might/may no longer think that she should lead the group, and then he might try to kill her while she is weak.

We then left on our journey to try to save our group and ourselves from the sickness that was probably killing people around the world, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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