Using A Paralysis / Frost Spell | Playing Basketball With Some Women Inside My Grandfather’s House

Most of my memory of my first few dreams were destroyed (especially my first dream that I barely remember) after being awakened because of getting too hot/sweaty because someone turned up the heater too high and they opened the bedroom door, this annoyed be greatly because it caused me to forget almost all of my dreams and it was hard to go back to sleep, but I eventually went back to sleep and I had another dream that I somewhat remember even though I got awakened by it by people making noise and I had to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

All of my dreams before this dream were forgotten because of being awakened by heat/sweating and all of this dream was forgotten except for a few fragments of the dream, and in the dream I had a paralysis/frost spell similar to spells on the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The spell had a chance to briefly paralyze the target, it would also slow them down, and it would cause frost damage; and I went around using this spell on various things, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream started on maybe a cloudy/gray day and I walked toward my grandfather’s house to find that many of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were there like my aunt DE/uncle EE/et cetera, I did not feel like being seen or talking with anyone so I tried to walk by them without being noticed, and at some point I went inside my grandfather’s house.

The inside of my grandfather’s house was larger than in real life with some new rooms and areas combined with the normal rooms/areas, at some point I walked into the family room and to the bedroom near the family room to find a small gym on the other side of the bedroom, and this gym had a basketball court and it was similar to the small gym at the D High School in the city of D.

There were two women’s basketball teams about to play basketball against each other with one team having a female coach who was like a taller version of my former Business Computer teacher Mrs. MW and the other team having a female coach who was a bit over-fat and who had blackish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and somehow I ended up playing on the team with the coach who was like a taller version of my former teacher Mrs. MW and I was probably the only male/man on either team.

I remember us playing basketball and it was a good match but at some point our coaches got into a serious argument that interrupted the match somewhat, several players on my team and I noticed a woman on the other team with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was laying on the court looking hurt, but the rest of her team kept playing and the coaches kept arguing without noticing her; and so we had to yell to get everyone’s attention so that they/we could stop the match to help the woman, this finally got the coaches to stop arguing and the match stopped, and one of the woman’s teammates tried to help her up.

Her teammate tried to help her up too fast causing her to fall to the court again, we then told her to help her slowly and this worked, and so both our teams and our coaches left the court to take a break further inside my grandfather’s house; and I went to use the bathroom inside a fictional bathroom inside a larger version of the middle bedroom, but this fictional bathroom had no door or stall and so it lacked privacy.

I remember trying to figure out a way to improve the privacy of the bathroom before using it but I got interrupted by a woman who either my cousin CE or a fake version of my cousin CE or a woman who was similar to her, and I told her about the lack of privacy in the bathroom; but she probably did not think that it was much of a problem, I probably decided to find another bathroom, but I decided to walk and talk with the woman first but I got awakened by people making noise.

The end,

-John Jr