Female Prisoners In My Parent’s Yard & An Entity Who Looks Like Ben Foster With Magic & Bill Nighy / Viktor As A Vampire Lord & The Deadmarch & Baby Sitha Sil?

Underworld Rise of The Lycans

I had several dreams last night but my sleep / dreams got interrupted several times, I had to wake up early to go somewhere, and I was not able to start typing part of the only dream that I barely remember part of until nighttime.

So I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, which was a somewhat confusing dream that might have been symbolic in several parts of the dream.

I remember walking to my parent’s yard from my parent’s street on a strange somewhat dark day with an unnatural color/filter effect/affect to the entire environment similar to the Underworld films but probably not as dark.

I entered the yard near the basketball goals seeing what seemed to be two female prisoners fighting and some men and women who seemed to be prison guards stopped the fight.

The female prisoner who started the fight was a large slightly obese woman with medium brownish colored skin with blackish-color hair and everyone (female prisoners, prison guards, and several other people/entities) in the yard was/were moved near the window where the air conditioner for the dining room should be.

The prison guards and the female prisoners did a ceremony/ritual/test/whatever for the woman who started the fight to see if she would choose to join them and follow the rules/whatever, or would she refuse.

A somewhat over-fat female prison guard with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair sat in a chair as the others stood around her facing the female prisoner who started the fight, and a needle-like object was handed to the female prisoner.

She was supposed to pin it on something (maybe a calendar) on the outside wall of the house behind the female prison guard if she wanted to join them and follow the rules/whatever, or she could use the needle-like object to try to attack the female prison guard if she refused to join them.

The female prisoner paused to decide what to do, but then the dream started to get weird.

The dream started to slowly change slightly without me noticing, and I saw some non-humans (several werewolves, some vampires, and maybe one or more other humanoid entities) in the yard near us by the swings.

I noticed a blueish colored plastic container without a lid that was larger than a short laundry basket sitting under the window on the ground against the house behind the female prisoners and prison guards with a bit of liquid in it covered with a reddish colored blanket that seemed to be covering something.

Behind the female prisoner was a humanoid entity wearing dark blueish and/or blackish colored outfit with a hood blocking most of his face with darkness (but sometimes you could see his face) who looked like the actor Ben Foster, but I do not think that he was human even though he looked human, it seemed that no one noticed him and the other non-humans, and they probably did not notice me, and the entity who looked like Mr. Foster had magic/powers, and he seemed like he was about to do something negative/bad.

He made a negative/evil smile, and he touched the female prisoner on the back of her head with his finger casting a spell on her, it seemed that briefly caused her face/skin to change, and it went back to normal like he had implanted something into her brain/mind that would activate later to cause her to do something negative/bad but oddly no one noticed this but me, and this seemed to cause the woman to briefly get confused; but I can remember what choice she made with the needle-like object because my memory is too unclear.

I am not sure where the female prisoners or prisoner guards went, but I remember seeing mostly werewolves, vampires, et cetera at this point; and on the other side of the window I saw the vampire lord over this area sitting down in darkness who looked like the actor Bill Nighy in his role as Viktor from the Underworld films except that he was less warrior-like, and he wore a dark blueish and/or blackish colored outfit with a strange somewhat flat mage-like head-covering that was a bit like a flat turban-like head-covering and the outfit and head-covering had a few other colors on it too in small patterns with bright colors like yellow.

The few werewolves in the yard seemed to be protecting the yard and/or something near the window, the few vampires were doing various things inside and outside (some of them were probably guards), and I am not sure if the other entities were human or not or what they were; and I remember watching and listening to what was going on, and I remember listening to some of the guards talking about how the king of vampires was close to sending the Deadmarch (I assume that the Deadmarch are elite guards/soldiers/assassins/et cetera of the king of vampires).

The guards explained that the daughter of the king of vampires was married to the vampire lord who looked like Viktor and that they were having marriage problems or something like that, the situation was getting so serious that for some reason the king of vampires feared that the vampire lord might harm his wife/the daughter of the king of vampires, and he feared that a war between him and the vampire lord was possible, and so he was close to sending the Deadmarch to bring his daughter back to him and having them kill the vampire lord and his army if necessary.

The king of vampires was cautious and worried that the vampire lord might kill his daughter and/or declare war if he sent the Deadmarch too close to his territory, and so he decided to keep the Deadmarch away and on alert for now hoping to peacefully resolve the situation if possible to avoid war among the vampire lords.

The vampire lord was sitting in the darkness behind the window, his eyes glowed, so you could see them in the darkness, and you could see his face when he would lean forward sometimes closer to the window.

I heard him arguing with his wife / the king of vampires daughter about the situation.

He was very angry, he was ranting about how he was tired of the king of vampires, and it seemed that he was close to declaring war on the king of vampires.

The entity who looked like Mr. Foster was outside the window near the swings with the werewolves, smiling as he listened to the vampire lord and his wife arguing.

It seemed that maybe he was behind the situation between the vampire lord and the king of vampires, trying to start a war among the vampires, maybe.

So maybe he was a werewolf in human form hoping to weaken the vampires so that the werewolves could attack them later when they are weak, but that is a wild guess.

I started to notice that the werewolves seemed to patrol the area near the window mostly, and I was very curious about the blueish plastic container.

It seemed that they might be protecting it, and so I walked over to it to look at it closely.

I did not see anything moving under the reddish colored blanket, and I did not hear anything.

It seemed that maybe a small humanoid or baby might be under the blanket, but I did not look under the blanket because I was afraid of what I might see.

The wife of the vampire lord got tired of arguing with her husband & she came outside, she also had glowing eyes and long blackish colored hair, she was wearing Vampire Royal Armor from The Elders Scrolls V: Dawnguard DLC for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and she walked to the blueish plastic container as the werewolves moved closer to protect her.

She lifted the reddish colored blanket that had  a bit of water under it.

She lifted a baby boy who I think might have had ash-grayish colored skin like a Dunmer / Dark Elf from The Elder Scrolls video games, with short blackish colored hair.

She started to talked to the baby as she walked around near the swings holding the baby.

She called the baby Sitha Sil & she was telling him how great & powerful he was / would be, how he was destined for greatness, maybe how he would one day rule the world and/or unite the world, et cetera.

I started to wonder if this was a fictional origin story of Sotha Sil from The Elder Scrolls video games, and I continued listening to the wife of the vampire lord talking to baby Sitha Sil.

I also thought about the situation, trying to guess what would happen next, but I got awakened; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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