An Under The Skin Trailer Inspired Dream?

File:Under the Skin poster.png

I barely remember part of one or two strange dream fragments that I had last night and I woke up feeling strange and feeling how I felt in the dream and like I had over-slept with feelings of tiredness/feeling drained/et cetera even though I did not over-sleep, and the dream seemed to be inspired by the trailer for the film Under The Skin which I saw the trailer for last night several times before going to sleep:

This film trailer (it seems more like a teaser trailer to me) for the film Under The Skin caught my attention for some reason(s) like the trailers for Prometheus and Inception, and it somewhat reminds me of those two trailers/films as well; and there is something about the Under The Skin trailer and the Prometheus trailer that I can not describe exactly, maybe they remind me of a dream or something like that, but who knows.

Dream 1

Anyway, I think that my dream took place in a dark/dimly lit large fictional house/building that was somewhat like my grandfather’s house but larger and windowless with fictional rooms/areas, and I was there with my family and some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family and some fictional people and maybe Scarlett Johansson‘s character from the film Under The Skin was in the house/building somewhere but I am not sure.

The entire dream and house had a strange feeling/look/atmosphere/et cetera to it, like the trailer for the film Under The Skin, and it was always dark/dimly lit for some reason and there were probably sounds/noises/maybe even music from the Under The Skin trailer to make this dream even more strange/creepy/et cetera; and it almost seemed like we were trapped and/or stuck and/or hiding inside this house/building.

In the dream probably most of the dream characters and I felt strange in ways that I can not describe other than some of the feelings of tiredness and being drained that we felt, it was like maybe the house/building and/or something in it and/or the dream itself was effecting/affecting us in strange ways through the strange atmosphere of the dream and/or something in the dream itself, and people in the dream even started to act strange over-time.

Some of the fictional people in the dream were kids who I did not know and a few adults and maybe Mrs. Johansson’s character was among them or hiding in the house/building effecting/affecting/manipulating us, the rest of the people were family members of mine, and I remember many of us being together in groups and even sleeping together in groups like we were afraid to be alone or something like that and so we had to stay together for protection.

Many strange things happened inside the house/building that I can not remember and maybe several people went missing, and eventually some people started to act so strange that we divided into several groups; and there was some conflict between various people, I remember trying to keep the peace during these conflicts, and maybe I would sometimes hear strange sounds/voices from the Under The Skin trailer during some of these conflicts like the part in the trailer where you hear a female voice and/or sound saying and/or singing something.

During one part of the dream I left a room of kids after putting them into bed and making sure they were safe, and I waked to a large room where a large group of adults and I spent a lot of our time; but then we heard what sounded like a kid (maybe a girl) screaming a loud terrible cat-like scream like she was being attacked/killed, and my mom and some of the other adults and I ran in a panic to find where the noise was coming from in the house/building.

We heard the sounds moving through the house like it was a moving conflict/struggle and we heard the sounds of a struggle as they hit walls/knocked things over/et cetera, and I was terrified for the safety of the kid(s); and so I was panicking and running around the house trying to find the kid(s) and I was very afraid but I was also in a fight-to-the-death-mode because it sounded like something/someone was killing one of the kids, and I was willing to fight to the death to protect the kid(s).

We found my cousin DE and my aunt JE, both of them are son and mother, and they were fighting each other to our surprise/confusion; and they were acting crazy and talking crazy and making strange sounds, and some adults were trying to breakup the fight but they were too weak and so I ran in and I broke up the fight.

We asked them what was going on and why were they fighting, they both explained the situation and they seemed very angry at each other, and I suspected that something was negatively effecting/affecting all of us in the house/building; and that over-time thing would probably get worse, and I knew that I felt strange but I was not sure what was happening to me/us but that is all that I can remember of this strange and interesting dream unfortunately.

Dream 2

The second dream might be a continuation of the first dream but I am not sure, and I only can remember part of the end of this dream; and it took place during the day in the city of D, and I was driving around in an automobile with my mom looking for my dad who was missing it seemed.

I still felt strange and like I felt in the first dream, maybe we finally escaped the house/building but I am not sure, but maybe the negative effects/affects of the house/building had changed my dad; and maybe he went missing after we escaped the house, but that is a wild guess.

We drove to the street where my aunt GC used to live and we parked, I remember someone standing outside in their yard staring at us constantly in a very strange way and I still felt very strange, but I got out of the automobile and I walked to house of the mom of my former classmate LT; and I knocked on the door hoping that she would answer the door so that I could ask her if she had seen my dad, maybe he was supposed to do some yard work and/or painting and/or give an estimate on some work in this area before he went missing, but that is a wild guess too.

At first no one was answering the door and the person in the other yard kept staring at me/us strangely, and maybe eventually that person walked over to me us; and maybe I talked with the person and maybe they told me that LT’s mom was in jail or gone, but I can not remember.

I just know that we still did not know where my dad was and we were starting to worry about him even more, and we continued the search for my dad; but I woke up feeling strange and how I felt in both dreams (if this was a separate dream).

The end,

-John Jr

2 thoughts on “An Under The Skin Trailer Inspired Dream?

  1. I have to thank you for sharing that trailer, and will let you know if it seems to pop up in my dreams as well. Would it be fair to say that a sense of anxiety is a common thread between your two dreams? If so, and if it were me, I’d want to examine where I’m feeling anxiety in my waking life, and look for parallels. But then, that’s kind of a pet project of mine right now, and your honoring of the dream could look very different :) As always, thank you for sharing, and happy dreaming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Shammsj, and thank you. :)

      Yes, that is a possibility Shammsj, and anxiety is a problem in my waking life (social anxiety disorder and various other issues in my life that need to improving, and a current financial issue that I am trying to have resolved). ;)

      When I think about it, you are probably right Shammsj :) , because that financial issue is the current main thing bothering me right now; and it is annoying, draining, et cetera and I do not even feel like wasting my time trying to deal with it but I have no choice because it would leave me in debt over several mistakes that the government made.


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