A Video Game-Like Dream At A Mansion | A Youth Event At A Christian Megachurch & A Bit Of French

Last night I got in bed a bit later than I wanted to after watching a YouTube video someone shared with me:

Instead of dreaming most of the night instead it seemed that my brain/mind spent most of the night thinking/semi-daydreaming about that video, history, religion, science, et cetera like it was comparing information and trying to look for any information that seemed make sense/be factual/be possible/et cetera and/or that could be helpful et cetera; and I got awakened several times because I supposedly was snoring, so someone kept kicking my bed to wake me up every time I snored (I am told that I snore sometimes during the night almost every night), and so I did not dream until the last hour before I woke up early because I had to go do something.