A Video Game-Like Dream At A Mansion | A Youth Event At A Christian Megachurch & A Bit Of French

Last night I got in bed a bit later than I wanted to after watching a YouTube video someone shared with me:

Instead of dreaming most of the night instead it seemed that my brain/mind spent most of the night thinking/semi-daydreaming about that video, history, religion, science, et cetera like it was comparing information and trying to look for any information that seemed make sense/be factual/be possible/et cetera and/or that could be helpful et cetera; and I got awakened several times because I supposedly was snoring, so someone kept kicking my bed to wake me up every time I snored (I am told that I snore sometimes during the night almost every night), and so I did not dream until the last hour before I woke up early because I had to go do something.

Dream 1

The first dream started like a video game where I was inside of a multi-story mansion sneaking around running from, hiding from, and fighting various threats (maybe bats, rats, ghosts, zombies, et cetera); and I remember having a sneak/stealth indicator (letting me know if enemies could see/hear/sense me or not) like on the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and my stealth attacks would do extra damage, and at some point I remember being in the entrance lobby of mansion where I found a few other people who joined me but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place outside of the mansion I think during the day in a school courtyard-like area that also had an indoor/outdoor area/building, this part of the dream was not video game-like, and I remember sitting on the concrete floor of the courtyard as my classmates did various things in the courtyard; and at some point my former classmates EM and maybe TD sat down next to me to talk with me.

My former classmate EM seemed attracted to me and she kept staring at me and smiling and my former classmate TD probably was doing the same thing, and at some point I probably walked off after talking with them.

Dream 2

The second dream is a bit unclear but I think that it started during the day and someone took my brothers GC and KD and TD and I to a Christian megachurch (similar to Lakewood Church) for a youth event or something like that, even though we did not want to go, and it was a huge church with a lot of people; and most of the young people in the event were kids, but some were young adults and the adults watched from the crowd.

I remember watching the event from the side of the stage for some unknown reason(s), the megachurch in the dream supposedly used to have the music artist Justin Bieber as a member of the church when he was a kid, and in the dream they even showed video clips on large screens on the stage showing him singing at the church when he was a boy.

At the end of the event the pastor of the church stood on the stage and he had each young person in the event walk to the podium with him and he would lay hands on them  and pray for them and/or something like that, and then each young person would hold a popsicle stick with a paper face on it (that each young person probably made like an arts & craft project) in front of their faces representing that they were born again I guess.

After the event we all went outside and all the young people took a group picture holding their popsicle sticks with paper faces in front of their faces representing that they were all born again now I guess, and I remember hearing a boy with whitish colored skin with short medium-dark colored hair with a bowl-like hairstyle/haircut speaking English with a heavy Parisian French accent; and I think that I heard his parent’s speaking French, and I got excited and I probably practiced some of my French skills by trying to talk with them.

At some point my brothers and I left with my former classmate RM in an old 1980s-like style sports car, and my former classmate RM wanted to visit a French library that I think was supposed to be in a fictional version of the city of L; and so we went along, and I wanted to see the French library to and I wanted to practice my French skills with people who could speak French.

I sat in the back seat of the car as we drove down a fictional highway during the day, at some point my former classmate accidentally drove into a small parking lot on the right side of the highway with some small airplanes in it, and we left quickly because at first we thought that it was a military base but it was not; and then something strange happened where I could no longer see out of the back windows because some frosted plastic was magically taped on the back windows, and it was exactly like how I did the windows in the living room of my parent’s house.

Not far from the parking lot with the small airplanes we found the French library on the right side of the highway, and it was a nice multi-story building with the name of the library written in French but I am not sure what it said; and we parked, we got out of the car, and I was the first person to enter the library because I was excited about the chance to practice my French skills.

I remember walking up some stairs but I started to feel tired and slow and a young married couple (husband and wife) in their late twenties with whitish colored skin were walking behind me holding their baby, I was slowing them down with my slow and tired walk, and then I heard them speaking French; and I turned around in excitement but still tired/slow/feeling strange, and I apologized to them in French by saying: “Pardon, Madame et Monsieur!”.

My mind started to go blank like I was getting a bit nervous and I needed a moment to try to think about French words/phrases that I know, also I was still feeling tired/slow/strange/et cetera, and then I started speaking in English with the married couple apologizing for walking so slow as they tried to carry their baby.

They spoke to me in English telling me that it was not a problem and that there was no need to apologize and that the slower speed gave them more time to play with their baby as they walked up the stairs behind me, and then we briefly said a few things in French to each other; and I said goodbye to them in French, and I walked back down the stairs to talk with my brothers and my former classmate RM.

I told them that I was feeling tired/slow/strange for some unknown reason(s) and I told them about my conversation with the married couple, I was even more excited about having this chance to finally practice French with people who spoke French in person, and I wanted to explore the very nice library but I got awakened in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

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