Talking With Grace Randolph | Watching Some Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) Online Video Game Reviews

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well last night and I several dreams but I forgot most of them after waking up a few times to use the bathroom and because I slept pretty well, but I do barely remember part of two or more dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream or two dreams are very unclear but I remember the dream or dreams taking place during a nice day, and I think that some of my family and I drove to another city that might have been a fictional city in a somewhat fictional version of T but I am not sure; and at some point I remember driving through a downtown-like area with some nice tall buildings, but I can not remember anything else except for one part of the dream.

I remember being somewhere, maybe inside a building and somehow I met Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer, and we had a conversation and maybe we even had lunch but I am not sure; and I clearly remember Grace sitting or standing near me smiling as she stared at me and she told me something like:

“You know what I like about you?”, “Well, two of the main things that I like about you are your smile and your honesty, and because of those two things I do not have to waste my time wondering if you are being honest with me or not; and your great smile just makes things even better.”.

I was surprised by this and I smiled and I laughed and I thanked Grace for the compliment(s), and I made a few jokes; and we continued our conversation, but that is all that I can remember unfortunately.

Dream 2

The second dream took place inside of my grandfather’s house in the family room during the night but it seemed that maybe my cousin TE, my cousin ME, and my cousin AE lived in this part of the house like this part of my grandfather’s house was their house now maybe; and I remember sitting at the dinning room table with them eating, drinking, talking, et cetera.

At some point they went to sleep at the table oddly and I started watching YouTube videos on my laptop, and I remember visiting the AngryJoeShow YouTube channel; and I noticed some new videos on Angry Joe’s (Joe Vargas) channel that had not been emailed to me for some unknown reason(s), and so I started watching the videos which were reviews of some online video games.

The first video was a review of The Elder Scrolls Online Beta but I can not remember the names of the other three or so online video games, but at some point I got interrupted by either someone knocking on the door to the house or this person walked into the family room somehow; and the person was young man with light brownish colored skin with short brownish/blackish colored hair, and he looked like a combination of C (a boy who used to live on Eastside and my school bus back when I was still in public school) and my cousin ME.

The young man knew me and it seemed that I recognized him as maybe a family member who I have not seen since he was a boy, he needed help and somewhere to stay at least for the night, but I wanted to ask my cousin TE and her family for permission first but they were sleep; and so I decided to let the young man stay for now, I was not sure if I could trust him to be in the house alone while everyone else was sleeping, and so I decided to stay the night to watch him until my cousin TE and her family wakes up the next day to talk with them about the situation but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr