Staying At A Hotel With LJ & Riding On A Subway Train With Steve Stifler & Boyd Crowder Gets Saved By Daryl Crowe Jr

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, somehow I forgot my other dreams during the night, and my last dream started with my family and some of my former classmates like my former classmate LJ and a group of unknown people and I moving into a large hotel-like suite that was underground next to a quiet subway station; and it seemed that we were on a group trip like we were in a community/church/social/whatever group or something like that, and we were in a fictional place.

The hotel-like suite had many bedrooms for us to share and various public shared spaces and bathrooms, I remember everyone picking their bedrooms and moving in their stuff, and I remember talking with people like my former classmate LJ and my family; but I can not remember most of this part of the dream except that the hotel-like suite had a slightly yellowish colored glow/look/color to it (the walls, lighting, et cetera) and maybe a 1960s modernist/whatever-like style.

At some point some of us decided to go to the subway station that was outside of our hotel-like suite and it was very quiet with only a few other people waiting to get on the subway train and some of those people included Steve Stifler from the American Pie films, and Boyd Crowder and Daryl Crowe Jr from the TV show Justified; and the subway train arrived and the driver of the train was a mean/angry/un-kind/et cetera tall man who had dark-brownish/blackish colored skin with maybe a blackish colored Islāmic/Middle Eastern/Asian-like/whatever hat/cap/whatever (maybe a round but flat top, almost like a can of food cut in half maybe) and maybe he had blackish colored plastic framed glasses.

We got on the subway train and we sat down as we watched/listened to Stifler being annoying to everyone, the train driver being mean to everyone, Boyd and Daryl talking seriously about an outdoor meeting that they were about to have with some people or something like that, et cetera; and at some point something happened that I can not remember where maybe the train driver stopped the train without reaching our destinations and maybe he made almost everyone leave the train (including me), but Boyd and Daryl stayed on the train.

After this point I was no longer in the dream it seems but I was able to see what was happening to Boyd and Daryl in the dream, the train driver probably was bribed by them to drop them off alone at an outdoor destination, and then the train driver left or I did not see him anymore; and Boyd and Daryl were now standing at another train station outside in the middle of no-where next to some tan-colored mountains that looked like dirt/rocks, and they were supposed to meet someone on the mountains.

There was a bathroom at the train station and Daryl told Boyd that he was going to use the bathroom and he walked inside the bathroom, shortly after Daryl walked into the bathroom two men walked over to Boyd to lead him to the meeting place on the mountain, but Boyd thought that this was suspicious and he wanted to wait for Daryl to finish using the bathroom and there was a brief argument; but they convinced Boyd to go with them, but Boyd still was suspicious and he felt vulnerable without having Daryl around in case this was a set up/trap.

When they got to the meeting place the two men both pulled out pistols and they were going to kill Boyd, and so Boyd assumed that Daryl had set him up because the two men arrived conveniently after Daryl went to the bathroom; but Daryl had heard Boyd arguing with two men while he was in the bathroom and he rushed to get outside but they were gone, and so Daryl ran to find them.

Daryl got to the meeting place in time to shoot and kill both of the men right before they could shoot and kill Boyd, but Boyd still was not sure if Daryl had set him up or not; and so Boyd pointed his pistol at Daryl, and both of them had a standoff arguing about the situation until Boyd finally decided that Daryl had nothing to do with the set up/trap.

Boyd apologized to Daryl and they both started talking about the situation trying to figure out what was going on, and what to do next; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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