A Strange Storm & A Woman Trying To Seduce Randy Orton / Me Using A Genjutsu?

I somewhat remember part of my last dream from last night and I forgot my other dreams that I had during the night, and my last dream took place during a gray cloudy day in a fictional place that seemed to be in a fictional L-like city near a double highway/interstate with some grass/land in the middle separating both sides of the highway; and a serious strange storm (maybe a hurricane) was supposed to be coming, and so many people were seeking shelter in buildings/stores near the highway.

Some of the stores and public buildings along both sides of the highway were allowing people to take shelter in their buildings and I remembering being inside a sturdy large one-story building/business that sold baby supplies and that provided medical services for babies, and this business was allowing people to bring their babies temporarily for some free baby supplies (food, medicine, water, clothes, et cetera) and free medical services; but you could not use the business for shelter, and so everyone but the employees had to leave.