A Strange Storm & A Woman Trying To Seduce Randy Orton / Me Using A Genjutsu?

I somewhat remember part of my last dream from last night and I forgot my other dreams that I had during the night, and my last dream took place during a gray cloudy day in a fictional place that seemed to be in a fictional L-like city near a double highway/interstate with some grass/land in the middle separating both sides of the highway; and a serious strange storm (maybe a hurricane) was supposed to be coming, and so many people were seeking shelter in buildings/stores near the highway.

Some of the stores and public buildings along both sides of the highway were allowing people to take shelter in their buildings and I remembering being inside a sturdy large one-story building/business that sold baby supplies and that provided medical services for babies, and this business was allowing people to bring their babies temporarily for some free baby supplies (food, medicine, water, clothes, et cetera) and free medical services; but you could not use the business for shelter, and so everyone but the employees had to leave.

I left the baby business/building with a group of people (maybe some of my family and/or some other people were in this group of people as well, but I can not remember), we wanted to stay in the baby business/building because it was the sturdiest building in the area, but only employees could stay; and so we went to another building not far away on the same side of the highway, the left side, and this building was a large one-story metal building that might have been a public shelter for emergencies but it was not sturdier than the baby business/building.

In this building there were a lot of people seeking shelter as well and the entertainment wrestler Randy Orton was among the group of people, and I remember standing near Mr. Orton and a woman (I am not sure if she was human or not, but she looked human) with whitish colored skin with long hair who had a short/small male follower with whitish colored skin and short dark-colored hair with maybe a receding hairline who seemed to be under the woman’s control maybe or he was just a dedicated follower of hers who did not talk much or at all.

At some point the woman started talked to Mr. Orton trying to flirt with him and seduce him but it was not working, and it seemed that she had powers and it seemed that she started using a genjutsu/illusion on Mr. Orton to try to seduce him; and somehow I temporarily either became Mr. Orton or I was able to experience what he was experiencing, and Mr. Orton/I and the woman and her male follower seemed to be on the front porch of the G House that my grandfather owns in the city of D.

So this place was the woman’s genjutsu/illusion that she had Mr. Orton/I trapped in, I think that Mr. Orton/I could not move much or at all, and the woman kept trying to seduce him/me; but he/I kept resisting, and so at some point the woman’s arms became long pinkish/peachish colored tentacle-like arms and she tried to wrap them around him/me.

I remembering telling myself that this was probably a genjutsu/illusion and that I need to try to see through it and break free of it so I closed my eyes, I told myself that this was a genjutsu and not real, I took a deep breath, I told myself that when I open my eyes I will see through this genjutsu and I will break free, and then I opened my eyes causing the genjutsu to partly break to where I could see that we really were still in the shelter; but then I only saw a still image of it with no movement but I could hear sounds/people talking, it was like I broke from the genjutsu too fast and so I would be temporarily blinded until my brain/body adjusts, and then I went blind completely and I only saw darkness.

I started to panic a bit but eventually my vision came back and the genjutsu was completely broken to where we were back in the shelter, and then I became myself again and Mr. Orton was himself again; but then the shelter started to rip apart like the storm was destroying the building, and pieces of the building and things from outside were flying through the air/sky because of the strong wind of the storm/whatever.

I was not sure if this was another genjutsu/illusion or real, people started running for their lives to the highway, and so I ran with them trying to avoid getting hit by flying debris; and I made it to the highway with the others including Mr. Orton and the woman and her male follower, and the woman was still angry that Mr. Orton/I broke from her genjutsu and that she had failed to seduce him/me.

The shelter got destroyed by the storm but then the storm moved on, for now at least, and so we stood by the highway still trying to recover from the shock; and Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer was either directly or indirectly (maybe her camera person was there physically, but Grace was communicating with people from an electronic device where you could see and hear her and she could see and hear you) interviewing people about the storm; and at some point Grace started interviewing Mr. Orton about the storm, and he told her the story about the woman using the genjutsu on him which sounded very unbelievable but he told it anyway.

After telling the story Mr. Orton continued talking about his experiences during the storm so far, his opinions on how the government was handling the situation, and his recommendations on how they should continue to handle the storm; and to my surprise and Grace’s surprise Mr. Orton sounded very intelligent, and it sounded like he had some good advice.

After the interview with Grace Mr. Orton and the rest of us had a brief meeting trying to decide what to do next because we needed a new shelter, and so we sent some people to the baby building/business to ask them if we could seek shelter in their building/business because our shelter got destroyed; but I woke up as the people left to complete this task.

The end,

  • John Jr

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