One Group Suddenly Conquers The World?

Last night I had several dreams but I woke up suddenly several times and I had to go use the bathroom each time, and for some reason I kept forgetting my dreams except for a few parts of one dream that I can barely remember part of.

This dream is very unclear and I forgot most of the dream unfortunately, so the dream will not make much sense and it is lacking proper context, but I will try to type what I remember of the dream; and I will try to guess/figure out what I think happened.

The dream seemed to take place mostly inside or completely inside a large probably one-story building but maybe I got to see the outside one or more times, and I think that maybe it looked cloudy and gray outside in a strange way like a somewhat deep dream with a strange somewhat surreal look to it but I could be wrong.

It seems that a group / organization / political party / whatever suddenly rose up and it easily conquered the world/Earth using improved empire-building techniques learned from past and current empires like Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire, The United States Of America, et cetera; but this group learned from many of the mistakes of those empires, and they made even better empire building techniques.

I think that this group was an older group or based on an older group but I can not remember who this group was/what was their name, but I do remember thinking about Nazi Germany, The Nazi Party (The National Socialist German Worker’s Party), Germany, my online female contact NF from Germany, et cetera at some point in the dream; and so maybe this group was The Nazi Party reborn after many years of planning and learning from their past mistakes and the mistakes of other empires (especially the mistakes of The United States Of America), but I am not sure.

Whoever this group was they were very clever / sneaky / et cetera and they easily conquered the world quickly without that much violence or strong resistance or at least without destroying too much it seemed but I could be wrong and they were very good at using propaganda / the media / TV / internet / newspapers / books / et cetera to distract, control, manipulate, misinform, et cetera the world; and they seemed to have borrowed and improved heavily on propaganda/media manipulation/et cetera techniques used by The United States Of America, maybe parts of The US government/military/intelligence agency/et cetera were part of this group but I have no idea.

I was inside a building with other people, some of us were against this group who conquered the world but we were cautiously/quietly watching the situation trying to see what would happen next and trying to figure out what we could do to stop this group if anything, and this building seemed to be a holding place where they were processing and/or re-educating people as new citizens under this groups new empire/whatever; and so they were probably investigating each one of us one-at-a-time, creating new records on each of us, and then we probably had to be re-educated to learn the ways of this new empire so that we could become ideal citizens of this new empire/whatever.

The building had various hallways and rooms that I walked through with long carpets going down the middle of many of the hallways with some art work on some of the walls and wooden furniture in a few places and the building seemed to have no windows, and I remember quietly talking with various people who were also against this new group; and we were sharing information about what we had learned about this group so far.

There were some TV screens in the building constantly showing news programs in favor of the new group, and what really surprised me was that this group played many entertainment shows that had nothing to do with their group; but they knew that these entertainment shows were good at distracting people, and so this group had conquered the world and they were doing a good job distracting people and making it seem normal like almost nothing had changed.

That is why I think that the group did not destroy too much during their conquest and they did not seem to meet heavy resistance because the world seemed to be going on as usual except the propaganda and forms of distraction/control/manipulation/et cetera were better/more effective, and so there did not seem to be any large resistance movement against this group because they had convinced most of the world that things were okay/better now and so most people did not see a reason to rebel.

This impressed me (in a bad way) and I was very curious about the history of this group and I wondered how long could they continue to control/manipulate/et cetera the world before their empire/whatever collapses, but this also saddened me because they had most of the world under their control and only a few people like me were able to resist it and wanted to resist it; and so it was clear that trying to rebel was going to be almost impossible when there were only a few of us willing to rebel.

I think that maybe this group was a bit on the conservative/traditionalist/whatever side culturally/socially/politically/et cetera maybe but they tried not to change too many laws/rules/et cetera to avoid annoying too many people, so they were clever and willing to compromise on their beliefs to achieve their overall goals (the end justifies the means), and so it was hard figure out their true beliefs in many areas because they often compromised their true beliefs and so those true beliefs were often hidden and never revealed.

There were a few examples of some laws that they changed and wanted to change that made me think that their beliefs were more on the conservative side, but unfortunately I can not remember what those laws were or what their beliefs were in those situations.

I wish that I could remember more about this group and the people in the group, I know that their were women and men in this group and they probably wore uniforms (except for maybe new members/citizens) maybe but I am not sure about this or what they looked like, but I do remember a mean military-like woman/soldier/officer with whitish colored skin with long brownish/reddish colored hair giving commands/orders to us inside the building sometimes; and there were probably male and female guards/soldiers inside the building.

I wish that I could remember more of the dream, I just remember a few people and I trying to blend in to not be noticed while trying to figure out what we should do about the situation and to survive, and so it was a bit gloomy/depressing being in this situation watching the world being controlled by one group; and at some point I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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