A Class & Jimmy Swaggart & Gary Coleman | A Class & My Family Is Related To The Kennedy Family?

Dream 1

My first dream took place inside of a cafeteria that was inside a nice somewhat narrow mall and I was in an elementary school/junior high school-like class that was talking place inside this cafeteria in the morning before it was open to the public, and there were only five of us students in the class sitting at a small table near the bathroom(s) with maybe a female teacher.

One of the students was my former classmate CC, the other student was my former classmate TS, and the last student was a young man/boy with whitish colored skin with short light-to-medium colored hair who looked younger than the rest of us; and at some point during our class I had to use the bathroom, but my former classmate TS suddenly wanted to use the bathroom as well and so I let her go first.