A Class And Jimmy Swaggart And Gary Coleman | A Class And My Family Is Related To The Kennedy Family?

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Dream 1

My first dream took place inside of a cafeteria that was inside a nice somewhat narrow mall and I was in an elementary school/junior high school-like class that was talking place inside this cafeteria in the morning before it was open to the public, and there were only five of us students in the class sitting at a small table near the bathroom(s) with maybe a female teacher.

One of the students was my former classmate CC, the other student was my former classmate TS, and the last student was a young man/boy with whitish colored skin with short light-to-medium colored hair who looked younger than the rest of us; and at some point during our class I had to use the bathroom, but my former classmate TS suddenly wanted to use the bathroom as well and so I let her go first.

After my former classmate TS finished using the bathroom it was time for our class to move to another table in the middle of the cafeteria with maybe a new teacher who was the Christian minister Jimmy Swaggart, and because we had to move to a new table I was not able to use the bathroom; and I remember our class working with some reading books and reading/writing workbooks.

Mr. Swaggart would start reading us a sentence and then he would pick one of us to continue reading the sentence out-loud from our books, at some point Mr. Swaggart chose me but I/we could not find the sentence that he was reading in our books, but after a while I/we found the sentence and I started reading it out-loud; and eventually class was over, and we left our separate ways from the cafeteria to other parts of the mall.

I walked inside of a grocery store/general store that was inside the mall near the cafeteria, I remember a large crowd of people looking at something near the shelves that were near the cash registers, but I walked past them to the produce section; and then at some point I left the grocery store/general store to walk around the mall, and then I came across my brother GC and my mom.

I still had to use the bathroom and so did my brother GC so we walked toward the bathrooms, my brother GC went inside the bathroom first as I hesitated as I saw a security guard who looked like the actor Gary Coleman talking to a man near the bathroom telling the man to go inside the bathroom because the police wanted to speak with him or something strange like that, and then I was about to walk into the bathroom but the same security guard stopped me as well; and he told me the same thing that he had told the other man, to go inside the bathroom because the police wanted to speak with me, and I thought that this sounded strange/suspicious.

I started to question the security guard expressing my confusion/disbelief/suspicions/et cetera, I did not trust the security guard really and I started to worry about my brother GC because he was already inside the bathroom, but I woke up.

Either during the dream when I was walking around the mall or right after I woke up I remember hearing the song Diskonoise by Los Chicros playing:

Dream 2

The second dream possibly took place inside the same mall as the first dream but I am not sure and I was inside a small narrow restaurant/hotel that had dark orangeish/brownish/reddish colored carpet with long brownish colored rectangular tables with some smaller circular tables around them, and at the back of the room was a small counter with a computer and cash register near a somewhat dark stairway that led to the hotel rooms.

The restaurant/hotel was owned by a woman with medium brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair wearing maybe a less colorful traditional Indian-style dress/outfit who I think was from India, and two men/brothers with light brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing tennis shirts and blue jeans who were probably the sons of the woman; and the restaurant was not open yet because it was still earlier in the morning.

I was inside the restaurant/hotel for a class that was to be taught by the woman who was one of the owners and some of my former classmates were there for the class as well sitting at the long rectangular brownish colored tables, and slowly more of my former classmates were arriving for the class.

Each table had a sheet of paper on it that had maybe a circular Sanskrit/Indian-like design that might/may have had a grid with four squares, and one or more of those grids would have a symbol and/or word that represented something that might/may have had something to do with Indian Astrology/culture/religion/et cetera.

Those symbols gave meaning to each table and so I tried to find a table with symbols that hopefully represented balance and/or diversity/variety because I wanted to sit at a table that aligned with me/my personality/goals/beliefs/et cetera better, and so I sat at the only table that had a symbol/symbols in all four squares of the grid; and sitting at this table was my former classmates TS and CC from the first dream, and one or more former female classmate of mine who(m) I can not remember.

I remember talking with some of my classmates until all of our class arrived and for some unknown reason(s) everyone at my table moved to one or more tables, and some of my other former classmates switched tables as well; and some of my other former classmates who were in the class included my former classmates MT, BH, LB, BH, et cetera.

I walked around until I found another table to sit at, I decided to sit at the table that had the most diverse group of people, and then our teacher started the class; and I think that the class was about Indian culture, but I am not sure.

Eventually the class was over and I briefly talked with some of my former classmates and the teacher until all of my former classmates left and people started to come inside the restaurant to eat because it was time for the restaurant to open, but then I realized that my high school class ring was missing and so I searched for it; but I could not find it, and so I went to the counter to ask the two sons/brothers if they had seen my ring.

They asked me for my name and they asked me to describe my ring, I did, and they looked up my name/information on their computer because they had me on record because I was a student in their mother’s class; and I guess they did this to verify who I was, then they unlocked a drawer behind them, and they gave me my ring.

I was happy/excited and I thanked them and I gave them a handshake, I said goodbye, and then I walked out of their restaurant/hotel to walk through the hallway to walk around the rest of the mall; and I went to one or more stores inside the mall, one was a small Goodwill-like clothing store, and then I walked outside the mall to the parking lot to find my automobile.

It was a nice day outside and I seemed to be in a fictional version of the city of LC, it seemed that I was hoping to find a job and a place to stay in the city of LC so that I could hopefully finish college and continue going to the class inside the mall, and I decided to go talk to a man who I called Mr. Kennedy.

Somehow I knew Mr. Kennedy and I wanted to ask him if he knew of any job openings in the city, and I wanted to ask him if my family was related to the Kennedy family because for some reason I felt that maybe my family was somehow related to the Kennedy family; and so I drove to a somewhat fictional version of the shopping center parking lot across the street from where the Dollar Cinema used to be, I parked and I got out of my automobile, and I came across my former classmate JC.

My former classmate JC was going to watch a film soon at a small fictional cinema in the shopping center between Kmart and Kroger, I told him that I would meet him at the cinema later to watch the film as well, and he walked off; and I walked across the street to Mr. Kennedy’s house, which was where the Dollar Cinema used to be, and his house looked like the Dollar Cinema had been converted into a nice modern concrete-like and glass multi-story house and the original concrete steps of the cinema were still there and they led to the porch/entrance of the house.

I walked up the stairs to the porch area to the door and I could see into the house because most of the walls were made of glass, I saw Mr. Kennedy’s wife playing with their one or two young kids, and Mr. Kennedy’s wife and kid(s) had whitish colored skin with maybe orangeish/brownish/blondish colored hair; and Mrs. Kennedy came to the door to greet me, I told her that I was there to talk to Mr. Kennedy, and she went to get Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy walked downstairs from an upper floor and he greeted me, we both knew each other somehow but I can not remember how, but I know that I seen/met before either in the dream and/or another dream and/or real life and/or in false memories because I had some past memories of him and he was familiar to me; and Mr. Kennedy had whitish colored skin with short somewhat maybe light blackish colored hair that might have grayed a bit and/or mixed with one or more colors, and his face was familiar to me and maybe he looked slightly like my second English teacher in college but I am not sure.

We probably walked outside on the porch to talk and we started with some small talk about the past and what was happening currently in our lives, and then I asked Mr. Kennedy if my family was related to the Kennedy family; and so he asked me what were the last names for my mom and dad’s family, I told him, but their last names were not familiar to him.

He then asked me for the last names of my grandparent’s families and when I mentioned the last name of my grandmother DE’s family, the J family, he recognized that last name; and he said that the J family was related to the Kennedy family, and so I/my family was probably related to the Kennedy family.

He asked me some more information about my family and he explained a bit about how our families were related, and then I told him that I was looking for a job in the city and I asked him if he knew of any job opening; but he did not, but he told me that he would ask around for me and that he would let me know if he finds some job opening.

Our conversation got interrupted by a male former classmate of mine who I can not remember who rudely interrupted us when he walked over as he noticed us talking from a distance, and he probably asked me if I would drive him somewhere in the city and drop him off there; and I said okay, I thanked Mr. Kennedy and I said goodbye, and I started to walk away with my former classmate to drop him off quickly so that I could get to the cinema on time to watch a film with my former classmate JC.

My former classmate mentioned that Mr. Kennedy sold T-shirts and he told me that he wanted to go back to buy one quickly, he walked back to Mr. Kennedy’s house, and I continued walking to my automobile; and then my former classmate returned with two neon yellow/green T-shirts with some words on the front of them that he said that he bought from Mr. Kennedy, and I drove him somewhere and I dropped him off.

I drove back to the parking lot across the street from Mr. Kennedy’s house and I parked and I started walking toward the cinema, but I heard Mr. Kennedy call my name from across the street; and so I walked over to his house to see what he wanted, and he told me that someone stole two of his T-shirts that he sales.

He described the two T-shirts and they were the T-shirts that my former classmate said that he had bought from Mr. Kennedy, but my former classmate had lied and he had actually stole the T-shirts from Mr. Kennedy; and so I told Mr. Kennedy that it was probably my former classmate who stole them, I apologized, and I paid him $12-$15 for the T-shirts.

I was angry at my former classmate for stealing the T-shirts from Mr. Kennedy and I told Mr. Kennedy that I would try to get the T-shirts back to him even though I just paid him for them, but he told me that was not necessary; but I still wanted to get the T-shirts back for him, I apologized again and I said goodbye because the film/movie was going to start soon, and I started walking toward the cinema but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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