Seth Rogen And People Joking / Goofing Around Inside A Building And A Fictional WordPress About Page-Like Shortcode

I slept pretty well last night, but I forgot all of my dreams for some reason except for some of my last dream.

The dream took place inside a large fictional one-story building that had dark reddish/orangeish/brownish/yellowish colored carpeted floors with various hallways and rooms, and I do not remember there being any windows inside the building.

I can not remember most of the dream and so it is very unclear but I remember walking down a hallway, and I went inside a room where several women seemed to be working; and each of them seemed to have a certain job, and maybe I bought a drink/frozen treat/or something like that from them.

I had to use the bathroom and so I asked the women for directions, they gave me directions to the bathroom and I walked down the hallway to another room to use the bathroom, and inside the bathroom was a male sports coach with whitish colored skin with short medium colored hair; and this coach had some balls and other sporting equipment, and he was a playful/comedic person and so he was in the bathroom joking/goofing around with people.

At some point several people and the coach followed me out of the bathroom and they were joking/goofing around, we came across other people who were joking/goofing like the actor Seth Rogen and some of his friends, and they all joined together to party and joke/goof around; and eventually we went inside the room where the women from earlier worked, but most of them were more serious/professional (especially the woman in charge).

Seth Rogen and his friends, the sports coach, some other people, and some of the women started to party and joke/goof around once the woman in charge walked away; and I remember Mr. Rogen and other playing pranks on each other, and at some point Mr. Rogen started playing some music as loud as it would go.

The music was so loud that I could barely walk and we could not figure out how to turn the music off at first, it was Mr. Rogen’s prank on us, and so it took us a while to turn the loud music off; and after we turned it off Mr. Rogen came out of hiding to smile and laugh at us, and the partying and joking/goofing around continued until the woman in charge returned.

Most of the women got back to work and I remember a man walking into the room needing help with his blog, he needed help with a fictional WordPress Shortcode that started with the letter S but I can not remember what it was called exactly, and this fictional shortcode was probably for making an About Page-like page that made some empty lines with various categories/headings where you could enter your own custom text; and I remember one of the women, a man, and maybe I tried to help the man, but eventually I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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