A Country/World That Is About To Collapse + Sebastian Stan And A Water Park Boat Race + My Brother GC At A Hospital = ?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for some of my last dream, I had more dreams but I can not remember them, and even my last dream is unclear in some important areas and the dream probably took place over several days/weeks/maybe months.

The dream took place in a fictional place/world during the day where it seemed that the country that I lived in and maybe the entire planet was possibly going to go through a collapse (economic, social, et cetera) and maybe a major disaster of some kind for most people in the country or on the planet except for maybe some people who were rich, and in this dream I had memories of this dream like it was a past dream that I had forgotten that I was dreaming about again; but this time the dream was slightly different, but I still knew or thought that I knew what would happen during some parts of the dream.

In the dream I was in an area with a lot of people who were poor/lower-class/low-income and most of us seemed to not have jobs anymore and maybe we were somewhat working/living together to survive, and so most of the people (adults and children) hung out in the parking lot of a shopping center or they joined a religious cult who were living outside in a large field of grass where I lived in a one-story apartment building with other people who were poor as well.

In my memories of my past dream of this place I knew that the religious cult would keep growing and getting desperate as their prayers were not answered/whatever, and I knew that eventually the religious cult would go crazy; and they would start killing people, and they would take over our apartment building and the entire poor area where we lived.

The situation in the dream was bad for many people and slowly more and more people joined the religious cult looking for hope/salvation/et cetera, the religious cult lived outside in the field trying to live a natural lifestyle, and they would pray/meditate/chant/sing/bow/do rituals/et cetera all day; and it was sad seeing how desperate the people in the religious cult were, and knowing that no deity/deities/aliens/whoever were going to come save them/us probably.

The one-story apartment building where I lived in the field was a rectangular shaped building with many small sunken apartment rooms which were really just small bedrooms on the left and right side of the building, and the middle area had all the shared areas except for one area near my apartment where bedridden old people lived so that people could take care of them more easily.

I remember talking to one of the old people who were bedridden several times during the dream, he was an old man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and he slightly reminded me of the actor Morgan Freeman, and I would also talk to a somewhat older man with dark brownish colored skin who wore a dark bluish colored baseball hat/cap who helped take care of the old bedridden man.

Both of these men were nice and joyful people who made things more positive, even though things were getting worse in the country or world, it seemed that many of us living in the apartment building were pretty happy considering that we were also poor but we tried to help each other survive; but the religious cult and many other people who were not working together were not so happy or stable.

At some point I remember walking to a store or somewhere like that in the shopping center to get something, I started walking back across the parking to carrying the groceries or whatever I was carrying, and I remember seeing many people hanging out in the parking lot somewhat having a good time because they had nothing else to do and it was better than being depressed; and some of them would greet me and stop me to shake my hand because they knew me because I lived in this area, and then I started walking across the field to my apartment.

The religious cult had grown very large and they were very close to my apartment having a ritual being led by a man somewhat how I imagine an Aztec priest being dressed but he was barely clothed, I forgot to mention that the cult barely wore any clothes and they used things in the environment to decorate/clothe themselves (feathers, leaves, dirt/mud, flower, et cetera), and the cult looked very unstable now that it seemed clear that their deity/deities/whoever were not going to save them/us; and so I felt that they would soon go crazy and start killing people, and take over our apartment.

I tried to walk through the large crowd of people in the cult because they were blocking the entrance to my apartment, I remember kids falling over as I walked by and some people thought that I was knocking them over, and so they got angry at me; and I apologized even though I had not knocked them over, but they still were angry and so I went inside my apartment to avoid them.

I might/may have warned the older man and the somewhat older man and some of the others that the cult was probably going to attack us soon, and so we should prepare to fight and/or run soon; and I walked to a new area of the apartment that was not there before, it was my grandfather’s house, and I walked into the kitchen to put up whatever I was carrying from the store/wherever.

Inside the kitchen was my aunt DE and my aunt SE watching several unknown people cook a big pot of sloppy joe-looking food or chilli for chili dogs, I greeted them and I probably warned them about the cult, and then I went to the middle bedroom of my grandfather’s house which was somehow my apartment room now even though earlier in the dream my apartment room was a small sunken bedroom near the open area for bedridden old people.

I laid down on the bed to think about the situation and my past memories of my previous dream of this place, I was trying to figure out if it was possible for us to successfully defend against the cult because they out-numbered us by a lot, and I hoped that maybe there was way for me to stop the cult from going crazy.

The next thing that I remember is seeing a scene in another part of the city where people who were rich and maybe middle class lived, things seemed normal there and nice like everything was fine in the country or world, and a TMZ-like broadcast/group/whatever was showing a video clip that someone sent them of the actor Sebastian Stan buying what seemed to be a new boat for his boyfriend (in this dream he had a boyfriend who was tall and somewhat thin man who wore an olive-green military cap with maybe a whitish colored shirt with golden-colored designs and he wore cargo shorts.

The TMZ-like group were guessing that Mr. Stan was replacing his boyfriend’s old boat that he bought him, I saw some men pulling the old boat away and I saw them bringing in the new small boat that was maybe a teal greenish color, and they alleged that Mr. Stan had paid little to no taxes for it or something like that; and so they were trying to make a scandal out of the situation because I guess taxes were important now that the country or world was collapsing/whatever.

Mr. Stan and his boyfriend lived in a small multi-story whitish colored house/apartment with yellowish colored trim that had a balcony (they were on the balcony during the video), and their house/apartment was next to water on the side where the balcony was; and this water was like a river that went through the city literally next to a main road, and so they literally lived next to this river and the main road.

The people filming the video were passing by on a yellowish colored submarine-like boat in a special race that the water park in the city was having, they made some negative comments about Mr. Stan like they did not like him and they gave the video footage to the TMZ-like group hoping to harm Mr. Stan’s reputation and to make some money even though they were already rich, and then the dream followed them on their boat race.

All the boats in the race were yellowish submarine-like boats, the only difference between the boats was a special part that each team would choose for their boat that connected to the engine I think, and their were rumors that one of the people in the boat race was cheating; and this person was an allegedly physically handicapped woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was from The United Kingdom Of Great Britain (The UK).

The rumor was that she had a special part that was not even available to the other teams that was made for her, and that the BBC had helped her cover this up to help her win the race; and so their was a video clip of a journalist questioning the woman about this, she denied this and she said that the special part was to help her because she was physically handicap, but it seemed that she was lying and she did not comment on the part about the BBC helping her cover this up.

The dream returned to the race and I was seeing/experiencing the race like I was on one of the boats, at some point the boats would reach an area where their boats would be shot through the air over a deep drop into a larger body of water that was in the water park, and this was fun/amazing and I could feel the sense of falling out of the air/sky and the impact when we hit the water; but this seemed very dangerous to me.

The race continued in the larger body of water but next I remember being in another part of the city, I was on the upper floor of a multi-story hospital with my brother GC, and my brother GC was there to have a procedure or test done; and so he had to change into a hospital gown, and he had to lay on a hospital bed as we waited for the nurses/doctors.

I remember talking to my brother GC until a male nurse with whitish colored skin wearing a teal greenish and/or blueish colored operating cap and gloves and face/nose/mouth guard came to push my brother GC and his hospital bed to the operating room, and then my brother GC started to look afraid/nervous; and then I became afraid/nervous for my brother GC because I never seen him look that afraid before, and so I asked him if he wanted me to go with him into the operating room.

I think that my brother GC said that would not be necessary, but I am not sure because I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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