A Mountain Complex & Dating A Scarlett Johansson-Like Woman? | My Dad Trying To Go Outside Wearing Only Underwear

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of my first dream but I know that there was more to this dream where several people and I explored a mountain complex that probably had zombie-like threats inside of it that we had to fight as we explored the mountain complex, but my memory of this dream is unclear because the end of the dream had very strong positive emotions until the very end of the dream when I accidentally woke myself up because of very strong negative emotions; and this caused me to forget the beginning and the middle of the dream, and parts of the end of the dream.

I am not sure what happened to the people who were exploring the mountain complex with me but eventually we stopped exploring the mountain complex and I assume that we went our separate ways at some point without exploring all the mountain complex probably because we wanted to take a break and it was a bit dangerous, and late in the evening or during the night I went to a hotel-like place near the mountains where the mountain complex was; and my family and some other people my family knew were staying at the hotel-like place with me, and I remember spending some time with them.

One of the people with us at the hotel-like place was a boy with whitish colored skin with short blondish/brownish colored hair who was either the brother of someone my family knew or he was my fictional brother, and he wanted me to take him on a helicopter ride (I guess earlier in the dream the people who explored part of the mountain complex and I must have used a helicopter) to explore the area near the mountain complex; but I thought that it was a bit dangerous, but eventually he convinced me to take him.

The boy and I walked outside to a helicopter and we flew to the bottom of the mountains to explore near the mountain complex after briefly flying in the helicopter for fun, I remember explaining my earlier adventure of this place to the boy as we explored and we were having fun, and I took the boy to the secret entrance of the mountain complex; but a group of people who knew me and who I knew approached us, they must have been some of the people who had explored part of the mountain complex with me earlier in the dream, and they asked me to help them explore some of the mountain complex again.

At first I refused because it was a bit dangerous and because I had the boy with me but they convinced me to help them, but first I flew the boy back to the hotel-like place using the helicopter so that he would be safe with my family and the other people with my family; and then I returned to the secret entrance of the mountain complex to help the group of people.

Some of the people in the group were some of my former classmates like my former classmate RB, my former classmate RM, several other former classmates of mine, and several unknown men and women; and I remember us entering the secret entrance of the mountain complex, which was a small hidden door/passage at the bottom of the mountain, and we went to search for mêlée weapons that we had left/hidden inside the mountain complex earlier in the dream.

I remember finding a small wooden baseball bat, some wooden and metal sticks, and some large brownish/tannish colored hard cardboard-like paper rolls that we used as weapons; and then we quietly sneaked around the complex through the safer areas that we had mostly cleared earlier in the dream, but maybe we fought a few zombie-like threats but I can not remember.

After passing through  various small/narrow passages we reached a large open room that was a semi-indoor/outdoor-like place that we had partly reached earlier in the dream, and I remember being approached by a woman who knew me and I knew her and she looked/sounded like the actress Scarlett Johansson with blondish colored hair but I am not sure if it was her or just a woman like her; but either way I will call her Scarlett, and I think that she was the same dream character from this past dream of mine or similar to her because she was very familiar to me:


Scarlett seemed to be either my girlfriend or my wife and the other people seemed to know this already so maybe Scarlett was with us earlier in the dream but I am not sure, and it seemed that most of the other people wondered how was a man like me dating or married to Scarlett; and once Scarlett showed up in the dream it became very positive, and I felt very positive and happy to see her.

Scarlett and I were both very happy to see each other and we probably hugged/maybe kissed/et cetera and we stayed close to each other holding hands/arms, and I remember us walking/talking and we walked with the others to some truck beds/the back of some truck-like things that were above the ground in an area with the yard and slightly fictional version of the abandoned house by my parent’s house by the chicken cage by the large tree.

We got into the back of the truck-like beds to relax and talk to be safer from zombie-like threats because they would not be able to reach us, and I remember us talking and Scarlett and I were focused on each other mostly; and our connection/attraction/love/relationship/et cetera was so strong that it was magical/amazing/et cetera in ways that are hard to describe, and we were so comfortable around each other and we knew each other very well.

The positive feelings between us were so strong that I am almost surprised that I did not accidentally wake up, at some point I remember a mean man in our group making sexist comments about women, and so Scarlett and him got into an argument; but Scarlett was smiling having fun during the argument at first but the man knew how to make people mad, and eventually he said the right things to make Scarlett angry and she stood up to go challenge him to a fight or something but I stopped her and I got her to calm down.

We then ignored the man and we went back to focusing on each other again holding each other, maybe kissing, she probably sat in my lap, et cetera but there were other people with us so we could not do too much; and so we wanted to be alone together, but then we started to hear a strange voice that sound like a ghost of a little girl or something and it was a bit creepy.

My former classmate RB responded to the voice like he knew her and he said that she lived in the house/apartment-like area near the truck-like beds, and so he told us to follow him inside the house/apartment-like area; and we cautiously followed him inside, and it was like a house/apartment that connected to some hallways that went further inside the mountain complex.

We did not see a ghost or a little girl but we did see a very old woman sitting on a couch in a small living room who may/might have been blind who had whitish colored skin and she was wearing a banana but I am not sure if she was the person who had that creepy ghost-like voice of a little girl, for some reason everyone separated again for some unknown reason(s), and Scarlett and I left together to find somewhere where we could be alone and/or to go on a date first.

My words can not properly describe how amazing this dream was during the parts where Scarlett and I were together, it was the type of dream that you do not want to wake up from and/or that you wish that you could re-visit and/or that you could save in video form et cetera, and we were both so happy and connected that it was scary (almost like she was part of me or she was a female version of me or she was just the perfect match for me or something like that); but I wish that I could properly describe our moments together in this dream because they were amazing/magical, definitely the most amazing positive connection/feelings/et cetera that I have had with a dream character or anyone in real life in a long time.

I remember Scarlett climbing on my back and I carried her around on my back with my hands under her butt to help support her weight and she had her head/chin on my shoulder so her head was next to mine, this felt realistic and I could feel her weight/her clothes/her butt/et cetera, and I even walked slower because of the extra weight; and we had fun as I carried her down a narrow passage to another part of the mountain complex, and eventually we were inside a Walmart-like store that was brightly lit with various people shopping and glancing at us having fun as I carried Scarlett through the store toward the entrance.

Somehow I knew that I had my automobile parked outside near the front of the store in a grassy area of the parking lot, when we reached the area near the cash registers Scarlett climbed off of my back because her neck was started to hurt/cramp because my shoulder bones were too sharp or something like that, and we joked around making fun of the situation and of my bone structure; and I remember Scarlett saying/joking that I was stronger and more muscular than I look, and that my bones are very hard/sharp especially in my shoulders and I said/joked that I probably got it from my dad because he has an even stronger/larger/harder/sharper and stranger bone structure than I do.

We held hands/arms and we walked outside the store but it was day time now, I saw a man with light brownish colored skin with puffy/wild blackish/brownish colored hair get out of the driver seat of my automobile like he saw us coming, and we went to see what he was doing to my automobile; and there was another man standing near him who looked somewhat like him but with short hair, and sitting in an old small whitish colored car near them was an obese man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair with a bald spot and a receding hairline watching.

The man with the puffy hair backed up as I walked over to check my door and I saw that the locks were unlocked, I asked him if my automobile had been unlocked, and he said yes but I thought that was strange because I almost always lock my doors; and then I noticed that the inside of my automobile had been cleaned/polished so it was shiny and clean, I asked the man with the puffy hair if he had cleaned the inside of my automobile, and he said yes and I thanked him awkwardly.

He looked a bit nervous/suspicious and he asked me how much was I selling my automobile for, I told him that I was not selling it, and he asked me how much would I sell it for if I was going to sell it; but I told him that I would have to research what it is worth first, and then he asked me to open the hood of my automobile so that he could see the condition of the engine.

I thought that this was an odd request but I did it anyway even though I was still confused/suspicious about the situation, he started to look under the hood, but then I realized that the engine was running even though I did not start the engine; and there was no key in the ignition, and so that meant that the man and/or the other men with him had somehow started my engine without a key and so I assumed that they were trying to steal my automobile to probably sell it to the man in the car.

My confusion/suspicion started to grow and I asked the man how did he start my engine without a key but he did not answer my question, and he asked me if my automobile had any serious problems like he was trying to distract me and like he was trying to make sure that it would drive without him having to worrying about it breaking down; and I told him that I had a Check Engine Light on, but that my automobile was still working good enough.

I then asked him what was he had done inside of my automobile but he did not answer my question and he started to look nervously at the other man/men like they were afraid that I would figure out that they were about to try to steal my automobile, and then my body started to go into fight or flight mode and I started to get very strong negative feelings and some fear for the safety of Scarlett.

I looked at the men and in their eyes I saw that they were about to attack us soon and I looked back at Scarlett trying to figure out what to do and how to warn and protect her because I was about to have to defend against possibly three men, and I wanted her to be further away where they could not hurt her; and I started trying to predict what the men might do and how I should deal with the situation, and my feelings started to overwhelm me as I rushed to visualize various scenarios and solutions to the situation.

I am not sure if this was one of my visualizations or if this is what happened, either way I remember looking at Scarlett and she also seemed to know that we were about to be attacked and robbed, and I signaled for her to start slowly moving to the passenger side of the automobile; and then the man with the puffy hair and the man near him started attacking me like they wanted to push me out-of-the-way to steal my automobile, but I grabbed them yelling for Scarlett to run or to get inside my automobile and lock the doors.

I was not sure if Scarlett would listen to me or not, I feared that she would try to help me fight the men because she was probably pretty tough and she had probably fought with us against zombie-like threats earlier in the dream, and so this feeling of uncertainty and fear about her safety got so strong that I accidentally woke myself up from the dream; and I was immediately disappointed because I did not want to wake from such an amazing dream, I felt that we would defeat and/or escape the men, and then Scarlett and I would continue on our date and/or continue to find somewhere we could be alone.

I tried to go back to sleep hoping to continue the dream but I could not, so I got out of bed to voice record the dream, and then I went back to sleep.

Dream 2

I only remember part of the end of my second dream, the dream took place inside my parent’s house during the night, and I was in the living room; and my dad walked into the living room wearing only men’s bikini style underwear/whatever, and he was going to walk outside for some reason but I saw an automobile light coming from the field that lit up part of our yard by the back door that my dad was about to go out of.

This caused my dad to stop and complain because the light from the automobile would allow someone to see him in his underwear if he walked outside, and so he stood at the door waiting for the person to turn off their automobile and their lights; and it seemed that the automobile was parked by our neighbor’s storage building near my parent’s garden in the field and so it was probably one of our neighbor’s returning home, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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