A School Protest With André 3000 And Diarrhea | Eminem Working With A Small Business

Dream 1

The first dream is a bit unclear but I remember being inside of a fictional high school that was combined with a Walmart/mall-like store and I was a student, my former classmate MT was in one of my classes, and eventually our class went inside the Walmart/mall-like area to several areas like an eye doctor’s office and a restaurant; and at some point I realized that some or most or all of my clothing was missing, and I was either missing a shirt or most of my clothing except for my underwear or I was naked.

I asked my former classmate MT if he had seen my clothes and he told me that he remembered seeing some of my clothing in the eye doctor’s office, and so I walked to the eye doctor’s office to get my clothes; and I remember some of my female schoolmates and other people staring at me as I walked around without a shirt or most of my clothes or naked, and I remember having more muscles and muscle tone than I have in real life.

I think that I found my shirt in the eye doctor’s office but some of my clothing was still missing, and so I continued looking for the rest of my clothes and eventually I went to a classroom to look for my clothes; and there was a class taking place in the classroom and my former classmate RB was in the class, and for some reason he kept staring at me angrily like he wanted to fight me.

I said hello to my former classmate RB but he angrily said something to me about something that I allegedly did to him in the past and he was angry about it and he wanted revenge, but I had no idea what he was talking about and I told him this; but he still was angry at me and he told me that I should be ashamed of myself, and I asked him if he had seen any of my missing clothing but he did not respond.

He then got in my face like he wanted to fight me and I tried to calm him down but it was not working, and eventually I started to get angry and we came close to fighting; but I walked away to avoid having to hurt him, and maybe eventually I found my clothes.

I remember a female voice over an intercom system mentioning that the school was going to vote on something and eventually we voted, and the something won that involved lining up or something like that; and at the end of the school day we all were walking down a hallway to leave outside, but a mean Stephanie McMahon-like woman who may/might have been the principal stopped us and she had some teachers/administrators/whoever with her.

She said something to us like: “So, you want to line up/you voted for lining up, well I will show you lining up, EVERYONE GET INTO TWO LINES NOW!”

We all stood in two separate lines down the hallway and she then told us that from now on that before being able to leave school each day that we had to line up like this and wait, and then one-at-a-time we would have to shake the hand of the person in the other line next to us and we would have to say and/or do nice things to each other and/or something like that until she and/or the teachers/administrators say that we can leave the school.

This is not what we had voted on/for but she was angry that we had won the vote, and so she was going to punish the entire school by making the line up/lining up into something that we hated; and she smiled at us with a negative smile, she had us wait for a long time, and then she had us begin being tested one-at-a-time to see if we could leave the school or not.

I remember everyone being angry/annoyed about the situation, oddly some of us students were adults and some of us were young people and teenagers, and the music artist André 3000 was one of the adults students and I was an adult student as well; and he wanted to start a school protest once we got outside.

When it was my turn to be tested the person next to me in the other line was a nice happy young woman or female teenager with whitish color skin with long blondish colored hair and I think that she could not talk because of a handicap of some kind, and I remember us smiling at each other as we greeted each other with a handshake and she had a very cheerful smile; and I said something positive about her, and the principal and the teachers/administrators let us go outside.

The young woman or teenager grabbed my hand and she ran outside holding my hand smiling and acting like a little girl (maybe she was a little girl or with her handicap she acted like a little girl), she led me to an automobile in the parking lot that had someone inside of it, and I assumed that it was one of her parent’s there to pick her up from school.

She was excited to be outside and she wanted me to see her parent I guess, I said a few kind things to her and I waved at her parent, and then I said goodbye to her; and she smiled at me and she ran to the automobile to get inside, and then she waved at me smiling happily as they drove away like an excited little girl.

It was a very nice day outside but many students were angry and André 3000 started leading a protest against the school outside in the parking lot, I sat in the parking lot watching and trying to decide if I should join the protest or not, and somehow people started getting sick with diarrhea like it was spreading very quickly strangely.

I started to smell diarrhea (I was able to smell it in the dream oddly, unfortunately) and I looked down to see that I was sitting in diarrhea because I had it now too, it went through my underwear and pants which was disgusting, and I slowly stood up trying to figure out how I was going to clean up the mess and clean my clothes and myself.

I also felt sick to my stomach but I got awakened in the real world because someone turned up the heater too high, in the real world I felt sick like I did in the dream and I felt like I really had diarrhea, but fortunately I did not use the bathroom on myself in the real world.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear and it started during the day in a fictional city at a fictional school or college I think, and I think that I was inside the school or college; and during the dream I remember hearing people talk about being approached by people who knew personal information about them, and they would offer to help them with certain problems for a fee/certain price.

Each of them mentioned being approached by one person, this person would claim to work for a certain local small business, and they would somehow know some personal information about the person like they had investigated them; and then they would mention a problem that the person was having, usually medical/insurance/bill related problems I think, and they would offer to help them for a fee/certain price.

At some point when I was leaving the school or college with some other people walking down a sidewalk in the neighborhood of the school on a nice sunny day we were approached by the music artist Eminem who knew some personal information about a man in our group and he knew about a certain problem that he was having, and Eminem offered to help the man for a fee; and I decided to question Eminem because it seemed that he worked for the same local small business whose workers had approached people the entire dream.

Eminem told me that he did work for that small business and that he knew the owner of that small business personally, and he shared some information about the company with me; and I remember him saying that each employee of the small business were trained as investigators first, and they also would get basic training in various other areas.

Eminem then explained some of the personal life history of the owner of the small business who was a man with dark brownish color skin with short blackish colored hair who wore sunglasses and he somewhat reminded me of a rough/tougher version of the character Jazz from the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and as Eminem told me parts of the owner’s life story I was able to see those moments in the owner’s life.

I remember seeing the owner when he was a boy in a poor/rough neighborhood of the city, he had a rough life and he was an angry boy who almost never smiled and he often looked like he wanted to kill someone, and I remember seeing the owner as a boy outside walking down a sidewalk looking angry as other kids played and adults did various illegal activities on the streets; and a fight or something happened between some adults, and the owner saw and/or did something that day that changed his life forever.

Whatever happened eventually led the owner down a path to start his own small business to make money legally and to maybe help his community at the same time, and that is how his small business got started; and now he was slowly expanding his small business and training more workers from his community.

Eminem told me that the owner was no longer as angry as he used to be as a boy, he told me that the owner was a good man with a legitimate business and that the man cared about his community, and at some point Eminem walked away; and I remember thinking about the things that he told me, and I wanted to continue to investigate the owner and his small business.

I hoped to talk to the owner in person, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr