A Man Trying To Start Community Centers | Trying To Stop Rapes

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream but I barely remember a few parts of my first dream which started inside on an upper floor of a fictional dimly lit multi-story building that had medium-to-dark color carpeted floors and narrow hallways, and I was there with other people; but I can not remember what happened during most of this part of the dream.

Eventually I went outside of the building and it was day time outside and I was in a fictional place that felt high like this area was higher in the air than normal, I walked to a sidewalk next to a small road where there were businesses that you could window shop from the sidewalk, and I over-heard a conversation between a man with dark brownish colored skin who was bald and who wore glasses as he talked to a man with whitish colored skin with medium length blondish colored hair and a man with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair in a fade-like hairstyle.