A Man Trying To Start Community Centers | Trying To Stop Rapes

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream but I barely remember a few parts of my first dream which started inside on an upper floor of a fictional dimly lit multi-story building that had medium-to-dark color carpeted floors and narrow hallways, and I was there with other people; but I can not remember what happened during most of this part of the dream.

Eventually I went outside of the building and it was day time outside and I was in a fictional place that felt high like this area was higher in the air than normal, I walked to a sidewalk next to a small road where there were businesses that you could window shop from the sidewalk, and I over-heard a conversation between a man with dark brownish colored skin who was bald and who wore glasses as he talked to a man with whitish colored skin with medium length blondish colored hair and a man with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair in a fade-like hairstyle.

The man with glasses told the other two men about how he was trying to buy some abandoned buildings in this area to turn them into community centers to provide some housing, education, health-care, and employment opportunities to people in need; but he was having a hard time trying to make this happen but he was not giving up, the other two men supported him, and I supported the idea as well.

The three men were waiting on a bus or some kind of transportation I think but I could be wrong and eventually they left when their transportation arrived probably, and I walked back to the multi-story building but I went on the first floor this time; and the first floor seemed to be a college or a school and I some some students, and at some point I got lost on the first floor and I could not find a way to the upper floors.

I remember walking down a hallway when I saw a large/tall woman with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair who wore glasses who looked like one or my former bus-mates/schoolmates who liked to read books and keep to herself and I once saw her reading Frank Herbert’s Dune book, and she walked past me to go out of a door on the right side of the hallway that led outside; and I heard her scream for help saying that a man was chasing her but I saw no one chasing her and I wondered if she was talking about me, and I wondered if she was having a mental breakdown and/or if she was just trying to get attention.

I kept walking down the hallway until I reached a dark room with two separate corners and I saw a male police officer standing in the room who had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair and he had a blackish colored police uniform, I told him that I was lost and I asked him for directions on how to get to the upper floors, and he gave me some directions and I thanked him; and I started walking away to follow his directions, but I came across a woman blocking my path maybe but I can not remember what happened.

Maybe she was acting sexually provocative and/or strange and/or something like that, maybe I went back to tell the police officer about the woman and I think he said that I hope that my daughter would not act/do something like that, and when I went back I think that I found out that the woman was his daughter; and I remember continuing to follow the police officers directions but I still was lost, and I started to wonder if the police officer and his daughter had played a prank on me but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream started nicely but then it changed to a serious topic, I was outside in a nice fictional field in a fictional place during the day with some of my former classmates and some unknown people (men and women), and we were having a good time playing sports like American Football; and I remember talking to my former classmate RG and we had a friendly grappling match to see who was stronger and who was the best grappler, and I won the grappling match.

After the grappling match I talked to a few people as people started to split into separate groups to do separate things, at some point I walked over to some trees near some bushes where some of the people were partying to music and drinking alcohol because it seemed that a group of male athletes were standing in a circle smiling/laughing like something was happening, and I saw that they were surrounding an unconscious woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was laying on the ground on her back unconscious and mostly clothed.

It seemed that maybe the group of men had drugged her drink or she got drunk and she lost consciousness and that they were taking turns raping her, she had underwear on but it was moved to the side, and she had what seemed to be semen in her mouth and on her face and on her chest/et cetera; and I angrily ran in the middle of the circle asking the men what was going on, the leader of the group was an athletic man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair wearing a letterman sports jacket of his sports team and he seemed to be a quarterback, and he told me that they were having some fun.

I told them that the woman was unconscious and so what they were doing was rape and that it was wrong and that I would not let this continue, I told them that I was going to have someone call the police and I told them to stay until the police arrive so that they could be arrested for rape, but the leader threatened me telling me that he/they were not going to let me do that; and then the leader attacked me, I knew that if I defeated the leader that the others would probably not attack me and that they would surrender to the police, and so I quickly defeated the leader.

I told them all to stand there until the police arrived and I told them to tell the police the truth, I yelled for other people in the field to call the police and for them to bring me some napkins and plastic bags, and I started wiping the semen out of the woman’s mouth and off her face/chest/et cetera to help clean her up and to help prevent her from choking and I put it all in plastic bags to give to the police as evidence; but as I was doing this the woman woke up, and I tried to explain what happened to her.

I explained the situation to her and I recommended that she have a rape kit done and samples taken from her mouth/face/chest/hair/et cetera when the police arrive and take her to the hospital, at some point the police arrived, and the men told them the truth; and they were all arrested for rape.

This situation bothered/disturbed/angered/annoyed me and my mind started trying/testing/dreaming various rape prevention scenarios or something like that, and I remember several of these short scenarios to prevent rape.

The first scenario involved another woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was at a college party where she got drugged and/or drunk, and a group of men were going to rape her; but I entered the party with a camera and I confronted them as they were about to start raping her, I had them on camera and I told them that I was not going to let them rape the woman, and I called the police.

I stood up to the group of men forcing them away from the woman, the group of men were going to jump/attack me, but the camera and my confidence/courage scared them; and so I successfully stopped the woman from being raped, and they got arrested by the police.

The second scenario involved the journalist Abby Martin who was at a bar with some friends and she either got drunk or drugged, at some point she was alone with either a male friend or an unknown man somewhere (maybe the bar or outside of it in an alley), and she lost consciousness and the man was going to rape her; but I walked over with a camera again telling the man to get away from her and that I was calling the police, he probably tried to run, but I tackled him and held him until the police arrived to arrest him.

The third scenario also involved the journalist Abby Martin and this time she was walking down a quiet sidewalk at night in a big city, and she was attacked by a man who seemed to be sent to rape her or who had directly targeted Abby; and I remember the man saying various things about Abby as he was trying to rape her, he seemed to be there to punish her for her political/et cetera beliefs/views/et cetera and/or something like that, and Abby was trying to fight back against the man but he had her pinned to the ground.

I walked over with my camera again and I told the man to let her go but he refused, and so I grabbed him by the neck and I threw him off of Abby; and I put him in a choke-hold until police arrived to arrest him.

There was one or two more scenarios that happened but I can not remember them, the last scenario was different from the others and I was not able to prevent one of the alleged rape, and in this scenario I stopped a somewhat strong man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair from raping a woman; and when the police arrested him he admitted to them that he had a son through incest with his sister (so his nephew was allegedly really his son), and this shocked and confused us because he admitted to this even though it had nothing to do with the rape he just attempted.

I went to the police station with the police because I was a witness to the attempted rape and I stopped it from happening, while I was there the police were interrogating/questioning the man who tried to rape the woman I saved, and they brought his sister to the police to question her about her brother’s claim that her son/his nephew was really his son through incest.

The sister told the police that three years ago (her son/his nephew was three years old now) her brother raped her, she did not want him to have to go to prison and so she did not report the rape, and later she found out that she was pregnant because of the rape; but she lied and kept it a secret so that her brother would not have to go to prison.

The brother admitted to the incest but he did not mention raping his sister, and so the police went to question the brother to see if his story conflicted with his sister’s story or not; and so if her story was true this would be the only scenario where I was not able to stop a rape because it happened three years ago, but I woke up before the police were finished questioning the brother about his sister’s story.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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