3-7-2014 | Dream Fragment | My Brother GC And I Fight Terminators And A Scientist?

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I did not get much sleep last night (almost 4 hours) and I had to wake up early and I got awakened from a dream suddenly by my alarm clock, and so I woke up not being able to remember my dreams; and so I stayed in bed trying to remember my dreams for about thirty minutes, I remember maybe semi-daydreaming/semi-dreaming/semi-thinking about how I could not remember my dreams and about a few other things that I can not remember, and at some point I remembered part of a dream and/or I had a dream.

I barely remember part of that dream from last night and the dream took place during the night inside of a multi-story building where my brother GC and I were living with a somewhat large group of people, and most of us had our own beds in a large warehouse/store-like room with a tall ceiling on the first floor of the building.

The first floor was a large mostly open room but there were some semi-walls and dividers et cetera to help give people more privacy and to help mark the boundaries of some of the rooms, and there were living areas stacked on top of each other forming several semi-stories/floors.

Almost everyone was sleeping in their beds but my brother GC and I left to explore other floors of the building for some unknown reason(s) I think, this part of the dream was a bit video game-like, and I remember my brother GC and I having various weapons such as: assault rifles, remote grenades/bombs, light machine guns, rocket launchers/RPGs, maybe some mêlée weapons, et cetera.