Getting Cursed At By Cate Blanchett | Thinking About Header Images For The Twenty Thirteen Theme

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream and my second dream because I woke up and I went back to sleep without voice recording my dreams because I am sick/getting sick, but I know that the first dream took place during the day at a public school and/or college (it was probably a combination of the two, but I can not remember).

I could be wrong but I think that the beginning of the dream starting inside the school area where maybe I was working/helping with the students and maybe some of my former classmates were working/helping there too or maybe we were students, but I can not remember.

Eventually maybe we went to the college area for a school/college assembly that everyone had to attend in a nice small auditorium building, and for some reason there were celebrities there as well like maybe the actor Brad Pitt, the actress Cate Blanchett, and various other actors/actresses/music artists/et cetera; but most of them tried to avoid being seen by blending in with the crowds, and most of them did not talk to anyone.

I can not remember most of the assembly but I know that we only had to stay for part of the assembly, I remember sitting down in an area with tables and chairs where no one was sitting in front or behind me at first, and I had some of my school/college stuff on the table like I was doing homework or something like that.

I remember seeing and talking to my former classmate DF several times in the dream and she was sitting at a table on the right side of me slightly further behind where I was sitting, and a few of my other former classmates were sitting in this area as well.

Eventually I decided to move to the empty table/chair behind where I was sitting to see if this was a better place to sit, I left my school/college stuff on the other table, but as I was testing the new table/chair the actress Cate Blanchett walked over to the table/chair where I had sat a few seconds ago.

Mrs. Blanchett looked like she did not want to be bothered and she had a negative-neutral facial expression, I probably tried to get her attention to let her know that I still had my college/school stuff on the other table, but she did not notice me and she sat in the chair where I had sat.

I heard Mrs. Blanchett complaining and cursing quietly out-loud to herself as she sat down noticing my stuff on the table and she was cursing about something else, I waited for a moment, and then I walked over to Mrs. Blanchett to quietly tell her that the stuff on the table was mine and that I was going to move it out of her way; and I told her that she did not have to move because I was going to continue sitting at the table behind her, and I apologized.

Mrs. Blanchett started cursing at me angrily but quietly and she stood up, I once again told her that she did not have to move but she was not listening because she was too annoyed/angry and focused on cursing at me, and she moved to another table; and so I sat down in the chair where my stuff was feeling a bit embarrassed after being cursed at in front of everyone, and I could still hear Mrs. Blanchett quietly cursing/complaining about/at me in the distance.

I remember briefly talking with my former classmate LJ about the situation, I remember the assembly having different quest speakers/presenters/singers/salesmen/et cetera, and at some point the mandatory parts of the assembly ended; and so many people started to leave, but I decided to stay a bit longer.

At some point the assembly relaxed and it became more like a quiet party and there were various music artists performing, and one of them performed the Jeff Buckley song Everybody Here Wants You:

It was a good performance but most people there had never heard of Jeff Buckley and so they did not know that it was one of his songs, and so I remember talking with a few people about Jeff Buckley; and eventually I left the assembly with some of my former classmates like DF.

I remember us walking and talking as we walked down the steps of the auditorium, and eventually we came across a group of our former classmates and we stopped to talk to them; and my former classmate MK walked into me by accident, she was not as skinny as she used to be and so she looked healthier now, and I was not sure if it was her or not at first.

I asked her if she was my former classmate MK and she said yes, she remembered who I was, and we smiled/laughed; and then we started talking, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I can not remember most of the second dream but I know that part of the dream involved me thinking about header images for the Twenty Thirteen theme, I focused on the default header images including some of the default header images that did not make it to the final version of the Twenty Thirteen theme, and various versions of the default header images that have different color schemes; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr