Being In A Movie | Semi-Immortals?

Dream 1

I am still sick, I over-slept, and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one or two dreams (I am not sure if it was one dream or two dreams, and so I will separate them as two dreams); and in the first dream I remember getting a job working with a movie that was being made, but I can not remember most of this dream or the second dream.

I remember us starting to film the movie in the city of D during the day on the street down my parent’s street where my uncle WC lives to my surprise, I was a helper with the film crew at first, but they asked me to be in one of the movie scenes that we were filming; and so I got to act/be in one of the scenes of the movie.

In the scene there was a male main character who was supposed to be babysitting a boy and a girl who both had dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, they were playing in the street in front of my uncle WC’s house, and my character was helping the male main character watch the kids; and the male main character asked me to watch the kids while he left to go do something, and so I started watching the kids.

I remember playing with the kids and trying to teach them how to safely play in and out of the street et cetera, I remember having fun and it did not seem like we were in a movie scene because I was not acting, but I can not remember what happened next exactly.

Either the dream continued or the dream ended with me waking up, and then maybe I went back to sleep and I had another dream.

Dream 2

The second dream could be part of the first dream but I am not sure, it was a very interested and detailed dream, but unfortunately I forgot most of the dream; and so it does not make much sense now, but I will try to guess what happened.

I remember being in a neighborhood during the day almost like where the first dream ended or maybe it was the same neighborhood but a slightly fictional version of it, maybe the kids and/or some kids and/or some people were with me outside, and something happened that I can not remember where I entered a one-story house in the neighborhood; and inside this house was a somewhat older man who was bald with yellowish/light brownish colored skin who looked and dressed like maybe a Buddhist monk with orangeish/yellowish colored monk robes.

There was a somewhat deep hole dug through/in the floor of his house that went underground like he had dug it himself with a shovel, and the monk was in the hole on his knees crying heavily as he held what seemed to be a dead man with whitish colored skin who had some clear bags of liquid tied on his head and a few parts of his body; and I was confused and shocked and saddened by what I saw, and the monk explained the situation to me.

Unfortunately I can not remember what he said exactly but I think that the monk said that he had finally found the dead body of his friend or boyfriend/husband/lover/whoever who had either killed himself or was killed many years ago, and the monk explained that they were basically what I will call Semi-Immortals who I guess could live forever but they could be killed; but if they die they can be brought back to life with a special liquid, which was probably the same liquid that first made them Semi-Immortal, but I can not remember if that was true or not.

The monk was excited but also saddened about finally finding his friend/lover because it seemed that maybe his friend/lover had wanted to die, so he probably dug his own grave and killed himself hoping to never be found by the monk, and so he probably would not be happy about being brought to life again; but that is a wild guess.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a windowless multi-story building and it seemed that I was looking for something and/or someone like maybe the monk and/or another Semi-Immortal had sent me to this building, and there were people on the upper floors; and I remember exploring the building trying to find someone and/or something before the building closed for the day/night.

I remember going to and from one of the lower floors and one of the upper floors many times in the dream, I clearly remember a large open empty carpeted room on a lower floor that had a stairway at the end of the room on the left side of the room and I went into this room many times and I used the stairway many times because usually no one else used this room, and somehow I accidentally activated maybe an advanced hologram/whatever on the stairway that would share information about some of the Semi-Immortals with me.

The hologram/whatever seemed to only activate for Semi-Immortals (but I could be wrong) and so maybe I was or became a Semi-Immortal too but I am not sure, I just know that each time that I activated the hologram/whatever I would be told/shown information about a certain Semi-Immortal and/or general information/history about Semi-Immortals, and so I was slowly learning more about the Semi-Immortals during the dream.

At some point the building closed but I did not find whatever I was looking for or trying to do so I started sneaking around the building without leaving the building, and I remember a male security guard/worker with whitish colored skin with short hair hearing me walking or something; and so he ran toward the stairway where I was hiding, and I ran an upper floor hoping that he would not see me.

The upper floor that I went to the most had narrow hallways with various doors separating each hallway, so you had to open and/or unlock many doors as you explored this floor, and so I tried to close and/or lock doors to slow down the security guard; and I do not think that he ever saw me, but he probably heard or sensed that maybe I was there/an intruder.

I remember hiding until the security guard passed me and eventually it seemed that he gave up his search assuming that he was mistaken about there being an intruder in the building, and then I was able to continue exploring the building; but I was more cautious/sneaky this time, and I was more nervous about getting caught.

I remember trying to talk to the hologram/whatever several times to learn more and maybe a female and/or male Semi-Immortal came to talk with me or something like that, I think that the female Semi-Immortal had detected the activation of the hologram/whatever, and so she had come to investigate; and I explained what had happened, and she explained some things to me about Semi-Immortals/et cetera but I can not remember what was said unfortunately.

I know that this was a detailed and very interesting and very confusing dream but I can not remember most of it, and so it does not make much sense; and that is all that I can remember, and that is all that I can guess what happened during the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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