3-14-2014 | Denzel Washington Teaching A Class And Going Inside A French Children’s Book | Going Inside A French Area Of My Mind With My Class?

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I had several dreams last night and I remembered part of three dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I only barely remember part of two of the three dreams; and both dreams seemed to possibly show that maybe my mind/brain is probably trying to create a little section in my mind/brain for the French language and things associated with French because I have been barely studying a bit of French almost every day on for several months:

Dream 1

The first dream started in a classroom where I was a student (it was also my birthday and I brought a cake, and I put it in the classroom refrigerator) and some of my former classmates like my former female classmate CC was there along with some fictional classmates, the actor Denzel Washington was our teacher and I think that our class was an English class, and I remember Mr. Washington being a somewhat serious/traditional-type teacher who would become more relaxed if you follow his rules/do your work/et cetera.

Mr. Washington did roll call, he went over the lesson plan for the day, he did a lecture, he had us do some assignments, and then he relaxed and let us do our own activities as long as it involved Language(s); and my activity was reading a French children’s book, and when I would open the book I would step inside the book into another dimension/dream world and when I would close the book I would still be sitting in the classroom.

I opened and closed the book several times amazed by this and then I went inside the world of the book to explore it, and it was a small magical area that was a dark purplish/maybe dark blueish color like it was evening or night; and there was a strong but gentle wind blowing that seemed to be blowing for dramatic effect/affect, and the area was a shopping area with a street with two sidewalks on both sides with businesses that you could window shop.

There were people walking around and everyone was only speaking French, only French words were written on the businesses, maybe French background music was playing, and there was a positive feeling/mood to the area/world; and it was amazing/magical even though it was only a small area, but at some point it was time for class to end.

As I was putting up my stuff to leave the class I was surprised by Mr. Washington who was holding my birthday cake that I put in the refrigerator earlier and the rest of my class was with him, they smiled at me and they started singing Happy Birthday while walking outside, and I followed them smiling/laughing still surprised that they knew about my birthday and that they decided to surprise me.

We walked outside the building/classroom and it was a nice sunny day outside as my class/teacher continued singing Happy Birthday to me, I was so happy/surprised that I became so emotional that I wanted to cry, and so I tried to stop myself from crying; but the pressure of trying to stop crying was too strong, and I started to cry without tears and I made loud noises of pressure being released and I leaned forward because the pressure was too strong from me to stand up straight because I still was trying to stop myself from crying.

My former classmate CC and/or another female classmate patted me on the shoulder while telling me to let it out and that it was okay to cry, she also asked me if I was okay, and I tried to tell her that I was so happy that it made me want to cry but I could barely talk because I was still trying to stop myself from crying; and this part of the dream was very realistic and emotional for me, it felt so real and strong, and eventually I regained control.

I thanked everyone and I told them how much this meant for me, that this was probably the best birthday surprise that I have ever had, and then we stopped to cut the cake and eat it; and I thanked my former classmate CC and/or another female classmate and Mr. Washington, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear but I know that I was in another class again and my former male classmate WG was one of my classmates in the class, and I think that we did something strange where our class was taking turns going inside part of the mind/brain of each student as part of a learning experience.

I guess that I was the first student because my class and I went inside part of my mind/brain together into a small area of my mind/brain where some things associated with French were stored, and I remember this area having a narrow school-like hallway with at least one hallway connected to the left side of it; and in this part of my mind we walked around looking/listening to the various things associated with French.

I remember there being some people speaking French in a loop (any actions in the part of my mind played in a loop where they kept repeating) where they would have a conversation and it would repeat from the beginning once the conversation ended, there probably was French music that would play and repeat, there were objects (food, drinks, furniture, clothes, et cetera) associated with French, and other things associated with French; and this area seemed to be a work in progress because it was a small barely filled area, and it seemed that my mind was just starting to build this area like maybe my mind is finally taking the French language more seriously now and is trying to store it in my long-term memory.

I walked around with my class/teacher (we had a female teacher with whitish colored skin with long hair) showing them around this part of my mind and explaining things to them, at some point the teacher let everyone separate to explore this part of my mind, and my former classmate WG called me over to short hallway on the left side of the long hallway.

My former classmate WG had stood at the end of this hallway staring at something and he made some sexual comments about a woman, and on this short hallway on the left was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin wearing French-style clothing with a French-style trench coat-like coat with a French-style hat and high heel shoes; and she would walk to some glass doors at the other end of the short hallway, and she would walk out of the glass doors but then the scene would repeat again in a constant loop.

I can not remember if the woman could see us or not, I think that maybe she could see us and maybe I smiled and I waved at her and I said: Bonjour Madame! ; and maybe she smiled and waved back at me and maybe she said Bonjour to me as well, but I can not remember.

So my former classmate WG kept watching the woman repeating the same thing over and over, I was annoyed by his sexual comments he made about the woman and about how he kept staring at her, and I told him so and I told him to leave the woman alone; but he did not care, and he told me to look at her butt.

I refused and I warned him again but he told me to look because something interesting/strange would happen each time she reached the glass doors, I glanced and I noticed something that was different than/from before, and I noticed that her trench coat-like coat changed to where the back part that covered her butt was super short now and you could see her legs like she had no pants/dress/skirt anymore; and when she would reach the glass doors a wind would blow causing the back of her trench coat-like coat to move up in the air to where you could see her reddish colored underwear.

Before her trench coat-like coat was longer and she had pants or a dress/skirt but somehow that changed, I told my former classmate WG to leave this area and stop looking at the woman because that was not appropriate, and then I considered walking toward the woman to let her know about the wardrobe malfunction that kept happening to her; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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