Trying To Help Some Orphans

I am still sick and I woke up during the night hot and sweating for no clear reason for the third night in a row, I did not voice record my dreams before going back to sleep, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream.

The dream started in my parent’s house I think but my memory it too unclear, my family and I were there, and eventually three siblings came to my parent’s house; and the three siblings were a boy, a girl, and a young man.

The three siblings claimed to be orphans, they said that their single mother got sick and died, and that the three of them have tried to survive on their own; and so we let them inside the house to help them temporarily until we could find them a new family/home, and so we let them temporarily live with us even though we do not have enough room at our house.

Eventually three more sibling came to our house also claiming to be orphans and we temporarily let them come inside our house as well, and eventually we realized that someone was stealing stuff from us; and we found out that it was one or more of the alleged orphans, and we found out that three of the siblings were not really orphans and they were the ones who stole from us.

The three false orphans told us that they had a mom and dad, but that their parent’s were not home very much and that their parent’s did not really take care of them very well or at all; and that their father was physically/mentally/emotionally/socially abusive.

At some point the mother of the three false orphans came to the house when we found her and invited her over to our house to talk to her, hoping to encourage her to get help and to better take care of her children, and to report her abusive husband to the police and to leave him if he continued abusing them; and we offered to help them with this.

Eventually her husband (he was a tall mean somewhat strong man with dark brownish colored skin with short curly blackish colored hair I think but I could be wrong) came to the house and we talked to him too but then he started threatening his family and he probably even hit them telling them to come home, and I became super angry and I warned him to not hit them and he ran up to me like he wanted to fight because he was bigger than me; and I grabbed him by his neck and slammed him into the wall choking him while warning him/telling him what he was going to do next and what he was not going to do next, and I probably even threatened to kill him if he continued abusing his family (I was that angry).

I stopped choking him so that he would not lose consciousness and I put him in a Full Nelson Hold / Lock, I asked him if he was going to follow my rules and I warned him that if he did not that next time I was not going to be so nice, and I warned him that if he kills or seriously injuries anyone in his family that I would kill him; and I told him the if he ran that I would hunt him down and kill him, and so running was not an option for him.

Eventually he agreed to my rules but I still did not believe him, I warned him again, and I let him know that I would be watching/listening; and then we probably called for professional help for the family, and for the orphans but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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