Déjà Vu Of Walking Through A Forest And Then W Park Across The Twenty Fourteen Theme?

I got awakened out of my dream by my alarm clock early, I went to bed late last night and so I only got almost four hours of sleep, and so I barely remember part of my last dream; but if I get a chance to go back to sleep later maybe I will have a chance to have one or more dreams, but for now I will type what I barely remember of my last dream.

My memory is unclear now that my alarm clock woke me from the dream suddenly, but I think that the dream started during a gray almost foggy somewhat surreal-like day in a fictional place; and the dream followed a man who was somewhat like my former bus driver Mr. RH, maybe a woman with whitish colored skin, maybe several other people, and I.

The dream is confusing and it seemed that maybe I was myself but I was also somewhat Mr. RH and/or I could see/hear/sense/et cetera things from his point-of-view, and the dream may/might have started when Mr. RH and the others were kids showing some moments from his/their lives; but eventually the dream moved to them as adults, and Mr. RH was late middle-aged or older.

At some point I remember Mr. RH, maybe a woman, and I walking through a fictional but familiar forest that was probably in the dream earlier when they were kids; and maybe we came across a few threats like one or more wolves and/or other wild non-human animals, but we did not have to fight it/them and no one got hurt.

I remember us walking and talking and I remember there being thoughts/flashbacks/et cetera of past memories of each of us, it was a nice and relaxing and thoughtful walk through the woods, but I kept remember there being feelings of déjà vu like we had done this before years ago or earlier in the dream..

There was a lot of internal thoughts / flashbacks / et cetera between us that I remember being able to see/hear/sense but I can not remember them enough to type what they were unfortunately, but I do know that some of the flashbacks were of Mr. RH and the others playing together when they were kids and Mr. RH’s dad would sometimes be there watching and/or playing with and/or teaching them things.

At some point we reached a slightly fictional version of W Park in the city of D, and we reached a fictional area almost near the road that has a field/open land with a house at the edge of the forest.

The fictional area had a small pond with some tree logs and some other objects that you could cross, and oddly I think that two of the objects were parts of the WordPress theme Twenty Fourteen; and as we were crossing one part of the Twenty Fourteen theme Mr. RH/I sensed that this was familiar/that it happened before/that we knew something but we could not remember what exactly/et cetera.

Eventually Mr. RH/I remembered that we had crossed the Twenty Fourteen theme before and/or that we knew the layout of the theme and/or something like that, we remembered what area we were crossing; and we used that knowledge to cross this object, and then we reached the second object which was the menu area of the Twenty Fourteen theme.

We remembered that the menu/object was adaptive/whatever and so we knew that it would move with us as we walked across it, and we used this knowledge to successfully walk across it to the land near the road; and we were a bit excited and this helped bring back old memories from the past, and so we walked back and forth across the objects on the pond for fun but I got awakened by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr

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