Aquamarine Blue & The Men In Grey?

I slept through most of my dreams last night and I woke up a bit late, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of the dream took place during the day in a fictional place at a one-story house/building that was being changed from a film set that had been used by a BBC or BBC-like TV show like Being Human to a government office/building for what seemed to be a counter terrorism / counter intelligence / counter supernatural / counter superpowers /et cetera government agency similar to the Men In Grey / Department Of Domestic Defense from the BBC TV show Being Human.

I can not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream but I know that it involved the one-story house/building when it was still a film set for a BBC or BBC-like TV show and I was there until it closed, and I watched as the government agency cleaned out the building and started moving in their stuff; and this government agency and/or office was being ran by a serious/mean woman with whitish colored skin with maybe long hair that she had in a professional business-like style who wore maybe a grayish colored women’s suit top with a whitish colored dress shirt with maybe a grayish colored business skirt with high heels.

Even though the building was still being prepared she was already working on a serious investigation/case/situation/et cetera that possibly involved a huge conspiracy in/that reached even the high levels of government that might/may involve a possible attack on the government and/or something very serious that would effect/affect the government/country, and the leader of this government agency was working hard to figure out what was going on so that she could stop it.

Somehow I was allowed into the building as workers were still moving things in and out of the building, and as the leader of the government agency and her agents were working on the investigation; and so I got to hear and see what was going on, and the leader of the government agency got a tip/clue and the tip/clue was the words: Aquamarine Blue.

No one knew what it meant exactly, they assumed that it was a secret code possibly meant to activate a sleeper agent hidden in a high level government position if they heard or read the words Aquamarine Blue and/or that it was the name of the conspiracy/attack/plan/et cetera and/or that it was the name of a person/place/thing, and so the leader of the government agency out of desperation hesitantly decided to call a man with superpowers who had connections with a group of other people with superpowers who she assumed was behind the conspiracy.

The man arrived to the office with the ability to turn invisible and/or to teleport and/or to move/phase through objects like on the video game Infamous Second Son and he had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair with probably blueish colored eyes, the leader of the government agency and the man with superpowers knew each other, but not in a friendly way because they knew each other because the leader of the government agency had arrested him in the past; and now he was an informant for the government in their fight against a group of people with superpowers.

The man with superpowers seemed attracted to the leader of the government agency and he tried flirting with her as she questioned him for information about Aquamarine Blue, but she was not interested in him at all and she hated him; and the only reason that he was not in prison now was because they needed him as an informant for the government.

The man with superpowers did not know what Aquamarine Blue meant, but he said that he heard rumors that there was possibly a sleeper agent in a high level government position and that someone mentioned the Vice President; and the man with superpowers wanted to make a special deal with the leader of the government agency in exchange for giving her more information but she refused his deal, and so he turned invisible and/or teleported away without giving her more information.

The leader of the government agency was not sure if someone was spying on and/or trying to trick her agency or not, and she decided to send her agents to arrest and question the Vice President (who was an older man with blondish/grayish/whitish colored hair who was somewhat like maybe a British-like version of The Vice President Of The United States Joe Biden); and so they did and they showed and they mentioned the words Aquamarine Blue to the Vice President to see if this would activate him as a sleeper agent, but the Vice President seemed to know nothing about the situation and he did not seem to activate as a sleeper agent.

The Vice President seemed very clueless/forgetful/et cetera like someone had hypnotized him or something like that, and someone close to him in his office was missing; and so they assumed that this person was the sleeper agent (I think that the person was a woman), that somehow this person found out that they were coming to arrest the Vice President, and so they escaped to continue the conspiracy/plan/attack/whatever.

The leader of the government agency let her agents continue questioning the Vice President and they had some doctors check him, and she sent some of her agents to find the missing person assumed to be the sleeper agent; and she had a bad feeling that the situation was out-of-control and more serious and more complex than she had thought, and she feared what would happen next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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