Inside A School And A Cult Trying To Use Me For A Ritual?

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Unfortunately I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream, and when I woke up this morning I remembered an old animated film called The Adventures Of The American Rabbit:

The dream took place in a fictional place mostly inside a fictional school during a somewhat dark/maybe purplish colored evening, and even the inside of the school was probably somewhat dimly lit/darker and there were probably no windows.

I may/might have been a student at this school and there were other students there as well, my dad was at the school also, and my family lived in a fictional house/apartment at the school or near the school and so I saw the rest of my family during the dream as well.

I can only barely remember part of the end of the dream but I probably went to a few classes during the dream and I probably did some other things, and eventually I was in a classroom with stadium-style seating with other students and something strange happened where a male member of a cult with whitish colored skin who was bald or had very short hair and maybe several other cult members were after me.

The male cult member was after me because he/they needed me so that he/they could do some kind of negative/evil ritual/whatever to probably summon a negative/evil entity and/or something like that I think (I am not sure why they needed me or how they planned on using me for the ritual/whatever, but it seemed that there was something special about me), but I wanted no part of this ritual/whatever; and so I remember running and hiding around the school and outside the school from the cult members, and I even briefly hid at my parent’s house.

I warned my family about the situation telling them to go to a safe place and to stay away from me because I was afraid that the cult would kidnap them to try to get me to take part in their ritual/whatever, and I ran away from them hoping that they would be safe if they hid somewhere far away from me.

In the dream there was a woman who I think was from India (Indian) who was a schoolmate/classmate of mine and we had a relationship of some kind, and I remember going back to the classroom with stadium-style seating to talk with her about the situation but the male cult member and maybe some of the other cult members came to question my class to find out where I was hiding.

I hid in the classroom near the exit door as my classmates pretended to not know where I was and eventually the cult member(s) left the classroom to search somewhere else for me, and the woman and I got as many students as we could to get on school buses; and I drove them home safely as the woman did other things on the bus.

Most of the students on the school bus seemed to be from India even though the students at the school were from various places, and eventually we drove all the students on the bus to safety and it was a tiring experience for the woman but I enjoyed the experience and I was not tired.

I forgot to mention that the school bus was unusual, the school bus had circular seating down the middle of the school bus instead of seating on the left side and the right side of the school bus, and there was something else strange about the school bus that I can not remember.

Anyway, I remember the woman and I talking as we tried to drive the school bus somewhere where we could be safe from the cult, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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