A Transitioning Dream With A Possible False Waking & Sleep Paralysis | Almost Renting A House

Dream 1

My first dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was inside a small medical-like clinic on the side of a highway that had forests on both sides of the highway, and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit room with brownish colored carpet signing-in at a mostly metal school teachers-like desk with a female worker sitting behind it; and then I was told by the female worker to move to another small/narrow room to wait on the nurse and/or doctor I guess.

While I was waiting in the other room the dream transitioned without me noticing it and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit kitchen-like room similar to the other room that I was in a moment ago but this new kitchen-like room seemed to be inside of a fictional house where my parents’ lived and we were moving around in the kitchen doing various things, and I remember my dad asking me if I had talked with a certain woman whose name I can not remember and whose name I did not recognize.

I remember telling my dad that I did not know who that woman was and that I had not talked with her, my dad told me that he had told me to call her in the past, and I think that he wanted me to talk with her because she wanted to talk with me about getting a job; but I got annoyed because it seemed like it would be a waste of my time and that I would just end up sharing personal information about myself/past jobs/jobs I am looking for/et cetera, and that I would probably not really get help finding a job as usual.

This really annoyed me and my dad and I said a few things back and forth to each other until I stopped talking because I was so annoyed, but then the dream transitioned again without me noticing; and this time I was inside of a dimly lit restaurant-like place where there were some other people who were talking, eating, drinking, et cetera while waiting for a competition that probably had something to do with gaming/a video game/or something like that.

There were three women handling the signing-up process and who seemed to be helping organize the competition and one of the women had yellowish colored skin with long straight blackish colored hair, the second woman had whitish colored skin with long hair, but I can not remember what the third woman looked like; and I remember sitting down at a table or bar, and a boy with whitish colored skin with short hair in a bowl-style haircut sat next to me and he started talking to me.

We talked for a while and then I walked over to the three women to sign-up for the competition, I remember hearing the boy talking to his parents’ and/or someone else, and for some unknown/strange reason he referred to me as: “The Black Police Man”; even though I am not Black (I do not believe in Race, and I believe we living Humans are one Species; read the AAA Statement On Race:, my skin is not a blackish color, I do not identify with any ethnic group, and I am not a police officer and so I wondered why did the boy refer to me as The Black Police Man? (Maybe it was because of something I was wearing?)

After signing-up for the competition I started asking about the competition as we waited for it to start but the dream transitioned again without me noticing it, and now I was outside during a nice day in the field outside of my parent’s fence near their garden with my brother GC and a few of my other brothers; and there were other people walking, talking, and playing in the field also.

I saw some strange Transformer/alien-like spaceships flying in the sky and I showed them to my brothers, we watched them flying in the sky slowly in amazement, but then we noticed some similar but larger enemy spaceships in the sky as well; and I think the spaceships started fighting, and explosions sent debris flying down toward the field.

People started running, screaming, and taking cover in the field and my brothers and I took cover in the field shielding our heads from the debris; and I remember showing my brothers how to take cover in a way that would reduce our chances of getting hit and/or seriously injured, but I am not sure if what happened next was real or a false awakening and/or both.

I remember suddenly waking up in what was either the real world or what I thought was the real world and I heard my brother GC making a somewhat loud noise/sound/yell in his sleep from across the room as he slept in his bed, maybe this is what woke me up, but my body was paralyzed like normal sleep paralysis and I recognized this as sleep paralysis because it has happened to me several times before; and I tried to stay calm, but I heard my brother GC mumbling/talking in his sleep briefly in what sounded like an unknown language and I started to get a bit creeped out/freaked out because it seemed unusual and it probably reminded me of the scene from the TV show Being Human (UK version) when the dead woman’s body lying on the ground kept saying: “He will rise” in a scary/evil voice and when I get sleep paralysis I always feel strong feelings of fear for no clear reason and my senses are heightened and I usually sense a presence in the room.

I still was doing a pretty good job trying to stay calm until I started to see maybe a small shadowy figure or small figure who was probably shape-shifting and moving/teleporting/flying around/across the room from near the door by my brother GC’s bed, I reminded myself that this was sleep paralysis and that hallucinations can happen, but the feelings of fear and the feeling of a presence in the room still effected/affected me but not as strongly as usual.

I tried to move and talk but I could not as expected but I briefly  fought to move and talk because the figure was coming toward me but I still could not move or talk and so I stopped trying to move, and then the figure shapeshifted into a small shiny ivory/whitish colored statue-like humanoid creäture similar to the creäture sitting on the woman’s body in the image that is at the top of this post of the painting called The Nightmare; and it was right in front of my face staring at me in the/my eyes with a neutral negative facial expression, and this was pretty freaky/scary/creepy but surprisingly I did a good job staying calm.

I reminded myself that this was probably just a hallucination because of sleep paralysis and I tried to give myself courage as the creäture and I stared at each other face-to-face, I decided to close my eyes and take a deep breath, and when I opened my eyes I either woke up to the real world or I was able to move because I really was awake and the creäture was gone.

This seemed real and like past sleep paralysis situations that I have had but it is possible that this was a false awakening dream with sleep paralysis, and it is possible that it was both; but I am not sure which of those is correct, either way this was possibly the calmest that I have ever been during sleep paralysis, surprisingly.

Dream 2

The second dream started during the day in a fictional place at maybe a fictional college-like campus that possibly seemed a bit higher above ground than normal but I could be wrong, and I was either going back to college or wanting to go back to college; and I remember my former classmate MT being in the dream at the college-like campus and I think that he was married or dating or about to marry or about to date a woman, but something happened in the courtyard as I was walking out of a college-like building that reminded me of the K Hall at M College in the city of LC.

I remember hearing a crash and an explosion as people were walking in the courtyard as I walked out of the building, and I saw either a crashed helicopter or a crash 18-wheeler / semi-trailer truck on fire in the courtyard; and people stared in shock as some emergency services-like workers ran to the crash trying to find survivors to pull them away from the fire, and they probably tried to put out the fire (I think that they put most of the fire out).

I am not sure what happened exactly but later in the dream not far from the college-like campus I found a two-story house that looked like maybe a modern apartment building that was for rent or sale in a quiet neighborhood, I went to check it out and I found out that you could spend the night inside of it to see if you were interested in renting/buying it or not, and so I went to get the key from whoever owned the building but I am not sure if I had to pay or not because I can not remember this part of the dream either.

Eventually I had the key to the house and I was seriously thinking about renting or buying it, I have no idea why I thought that I could afford it, and I even moved some of my stuff inside the house oddly; and I spent the night inside the house, and I remember having a good time.

I woke up the next morning and I finally gained some common sense, I realized that I could not afford to rent or buy the house no matter how low the price was and that I did not even have a job, and so I somewhat panicked a bit; and I started trying to pack my stuff before the owner came for the key and to see if I wanted to rent or buy it or not, and I called my mom to come see the house before I leave.

My mom came to view the house as I was still packing/trying to move my stuff and so I stopped to give her a tour of the house, but then a somewhat over-fat/obese woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair who looked a bit like my former co-worker Mrs. S walked inside the house saying that she had come to pick up the key; and I told her that I was just showing my mom around and I gave her the key telling her that I liked the house but I was not going to be able to rent or buy it, and she left with the key to let me continue showing my mom around the house.

I finished showing my mom around the house and she left, I continued packing/moving my stuff, but then a man who looked slightly like the radio host Alex Jones entered the house to view it to decide if he wanted to rent or buy it or not; and we talked for a while, and we ended up talking about computer stuff at some point.

The man told me about some computer problems that he was having with his laptop and he showed me his laptop, and I remember trying to help him with his computer problems and I noticed that he did not have any anti-malware software installed; and I recommended that he install at least one anti-malware program like Microsoft Security Essentials, and maybe Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

He showed me a piece of paper where someone else had recommended a few anti-malware programs like Avira Antivirus, Bitdefender, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, et cetera; and I told him a bit about each program, but he did not seem interested in trying any of them even though his computer was probably infected with malware.

Eventually I packed/moved all of my stuff out of the house and I remember riding in the man’s old dark reddish colored single cab truck with him trying to fix his laptop problems as he drove me back to the city of D, and I remember installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free on his computer  and I started a quick scan trying to see if any malware was on his computer.

I wanted to install Microsoft Security Essentials on his laptop as well but he still was not interested, I only temporarily installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free to search for and remove malware from his computer, but I hoped that this would encourage him to let me keep it installed and that he would let me install Microsoft Security Essentials for him.

We reached the gas station in the city of D across from Mr. K’s Martial Arts Dojo and the man dropped me off and I thanked him for the ride, the malware scan was not finished yet, and so I suggested that he keep it installed and that he let me install Microsoft Security Essentials for him before he leaves; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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