A Tennis Tournament? | I Am Semi-Pregnant? | Aidan Waite’s Wife Orders A Vampire Attack On The White House?

Dream 1

The first dream and the second dream may/might actually be part of the same dream, but I am not sure, so I am separating them as two separate dreams, I can not remember most of either dream, and so they do not make much sense without the missing parts, but I know that the first dream started during a nice sunny day in a small fictional place/neighborhood where I think a professional tennis tournament was taking place.

I think that I probably was in the tennis tournament and/or I watched part of it, sometimes I have brief dreams of tennis tournaments, but I usually can not remember most of what happens during these dreams, and all that I can remember of this dream is that I remember seeing and/or talking to and/or playing against and/or playing with several female tennis players including maybe Martina Hingis, but I am not sure; and at some point in the dream I started to leave the tournament (probably because I lost early in the tournament because I am not a professional tennis player, and in these type of dreams I usually lose early in the tournament 😀 ), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is super unclear and very confusing because I can not remember most of the dream, so it does not make much sense, but I remember going to a fictional medical clinic in a fictional place during the day that was maybe near the neighborhood where the tennis tournament was in the first dream, but I am not sure; and my parents’ were there as well, and I was there to see my former doctor Dr. TD.

After Dr. TD finished checking me and/or doing a procedure on me he told me that he had found something unusual and this is where things get very unclear/confusing/strange/creepy/interesting/amazing/et cetera, I think that Dr. TD told me that maybe he found blockage from old/maybe hardened sperm that possibly blocked sperm from escaping and somehow the sperm started the fertilization process to start trying to develop a fetus but without an egg to fertilize probably because I am a man with only male reproductive organs (as far as I know, but Dr. TD was probably going to have some tests done to try to figure out what happened and how it happened exactly and to make sure that I really was male and had no hidden female reproductive organs), and so he found a growth of tissue inside me that possibly was the early stages of the fertilization process and so it seemed that maybe my body was trying to grow a fetus of either a male or female clone of myself or of something else or it was just a clump of tissue because there was no egg to fertilize but we/he were not sure.

Dr. TD referred to it as Unnatural, and he said it in a way like it was strongly against his Christian beliefs like it was an Abomination, and maybe he had removed it without telling me or getting my permission first, but I can not remember if this is correct or not because maybe it was still inside me because it would take surgery to remove it probably; and I remember feeling a lot of various emotions and many thoughts were going through my mind, and I was very confused/shocked about the entire situation.

Dr. TD moved to his next patients (probably my parents’) and I went outside to the steps in front of the medical clinic to think about the situation as I waited for my parents’ to finish so that I could talk with them about the situation, and I was very confused about the entire situation; and I wondered if this meant that I was semi-pregnant or pregnant, and I wondered how could this even be possible.

I wondered how could the fertilization process start inside a man, how could it start inside a man with only male reproductive organs as far as I know, how could it start inside a man who never had sex, could it actually develop into a fetus, would this fetus be a male or female clone of me, would this fetus even be human, would it just be tumor-like tissue, was some group of humans/aliens/entities using me as an experiment, should I allow it to continue growing, who I survive giving birth, how would I afford to take care of it (in the dream I did not have a job, that is why I think that this dream was separate from the first dream, because in that dream I played tennis trying to win at a tournament to make some money it seemed), how would I take care of it alone and work, how would the World react to the news, et cetera.

I remember lifting my T-shirt because I felt a strange blockage and swelling/bloated/et cetera feeling(s) around my stomach/groin/et cetera, to my surprise my stomach/et cetera looked swollen with a bit of fluid and/or fat and/or something else, and it was a bit scary because I never saw my stomach/et cetera look that swollen/fat/flabby/et cetera before; and I touched it and I could feel my skin, fat, muscle, et cetera and everything felt realistic even the blockage/swelling/bloated/et cetera feeling(s).

My parents’ walked outside, and I started talking with them about the situation, maybe Dr. TD was going to run some of the tests on me once he finished seeing the rest of his patients for the day, but I am not sure, and as we talked I started to feel like maybe I would let it continue to grow because I started to feel that maybe it would develop into a fetus; and my wild guess was that maybe it would become a male or female clone of me somehow, and my wild guess was that it would become a female whether it was a clone of me or a non-human or not.

I was not sure what would happen, but I felt that I needed to start learning all that I can about taking care of a baby, raising kids, et cetera to prepare myself and practice the skills that I learned when I helped my parent’s take care of my younger brothers back when I was younger; and my mind was going through so many possibilities about what I needed to do to prepare myself to become a father, et cetera.

I woke up in the real world to voice record my first two dreams (and a muscle in my left forearm felt strange/sore) and I remember thinking about the second dream as I tried to go back to sleep, but I was having a hard time trying to sleep as I thought about the many possibilities if something like that was/were to really happen to me, and I even had the female baby name Lenora come to my mind and for comedic/creative purposes I joined it with my first name John to make a new first name Johnora as a possible female baby name if something like that/this were/was to really happen to me 😀 ; and eventually I went back to sleep, and I had my third/last dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place during the day at a fictional school on a fictional version of Eastside further down from my former uncle DW’s house, and I was at the school for some unknown reason(s) talking with my dad briefly, but he left, and I walked around the outside of the school thinking about memories from when I was a kid in school and I missed my childhood; and so I walked around thinking along a sidewalk and a jogging/exercise catwalk that crossed the playground, and I remember wanting to get some exercise.

There were students and teachers having class inside the school and I saw a few teachers walking outside on their lunch breaks, at some point I was walking toward the street to leave when I saw my former classmate AJ walking up the street with a few of his fictional siblings and some of his friends and maybe my former classmate MT, and so I walked to them to greet them and walk up the street with them.

We walked and talked about the past as my former classmate AJ’s young siblings ran around us playing and talking with us, my former classmate MT or someone mentioned seeing my cousin ME, but he said his first name wrong, and so I explained to him how to say it; but the dream switched back to the school, and I was no longer the main character of the dream, and the vampire Aidan Waite from the TV show Being Human (North American) and a fictional version of his vampire wife (Suzanna Waite) were talking as they stood on the sidewalk of the school.

It seemed that they had recently met again after not seeing each other in/for about 200 years and this fictional version of Aidan’s wife was older than his real wife and him, and she looked different, but she did have whitish colored skin and long brownish colored hair, but she seemed to have more traditional/old-style beliefs than his real wife and him, and she even wore an old-style dress from when she used to be human about 200 years ago.

Aidan was introducing her to his new life as the leader of the vampires or a group of vampires, and he took her inside a fictional version of The White House that was connected to or near the school to meet some of the vampires in his group inside a room along a long nice hallway with a reddish colored carpet inside The White House, Aidan and his or the vampires seemed to have a peace agreement/treaty with The United States Of America where both sides left each other alone and so there was peace, and there was a time jump in the dream where I assume Aidan and his wife and some of the vampires may/might have had sex in this room with the door open, but I am not sure.

After the time jump the vampires were laying/sitting around like they had just fed/drank blood and had sex, and several of the vampires were seductively feeding on/drinking blood from various parts of Aidan’s wife’s body, but she seemed disgusted by it like it was against her beliefs; but the other vampires seemed to enjoy her blood because she is an older vampire than them, and so I guess that her blood is more powerful than normal.

Aidan sat/lay there watching with a smile like he was enjoying himself, but his wife told him how she found this to be disgusting and that he should be ashamed of himself for engaging in such acts, she also seemed to find it painful, and so she told the other vampires to stop feeding from her; and so they stopped feeding from her, and she continued reminding Aidan about their old ways/beliefs and how he seemed to not be following them anymore.

As they were talking the fictional United States (US) President, who looked somewhat like a younger Jimmy Carter with whitish/grayish colored hair, and his Secret Service agents walked past the open door to/of their room down the hallway on their way to another room where the US President was going to give a speech in front of journalists and some other people.

The US President walked to the podium in the other room as his Secret Service agents took their positions to secure the room as the journalists/people sat in chairs, and he started his speech, but suddenly some vampires ran very fast from the crowd of people toward the US President to attack him; and the Secret Service agents ran to stop them and to secure the US President, and the US President started running.

People started running and screaming as the vampires attacked them, I assume that they were biting them to turn them into vampires, but I am not sure, and I am not sure if they bit the US President or not because there were too many people running around screaming and getting attacked; and Aidan and the others heard the screaming from their room with the open door, and Aidan instantly recognized it as a vampire attack.

Suddenly Secret Service agents and maybe the US President and many other people ran down the hallway screaming past their room with the open door as vampires continued chasing and attacking them, and so a shocked/confused/angry Aidan ran into the hallway to stop one of the vampires; and he stopped a female vampire with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair who had blood dripping from her mouth and blood all over her clothes, and he asked her who gave the order to attack the US President and The White House because he had not ordered any attack because they had a peace agreement/treaty with the US Government.

The female vampire smiled, and she said that Aidan’s wife had ordered the attack, Aidan stood there shocked, and his anger grew, and he ran back into the room angry to confront/face his wife; and he asked her if she had ordered the attack, and she said yes.

Aidan yelled that she had no idea what she had done, and he reminded her that humans out-number them greatly, that the USA is the current strongest empire in the world, that they had a peace agreement/treaty with the US Government/humans, that things had been peaceful, et cetera; but now this attack would probably start a war between vampires and humans, and he asked her why did she order the attack.

Aidan assumed that his wife wanted to turn the US President, the Secret Service, the entire US Government, et cetera into vampires as part of a plan to have vampires take over the World/Earth; but I woke up before his wife answered his question.

The end,

  • John Jr

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