Diarrhea | Grace Randolph Inside A Walmart-Like Store & Signing Up For Something Military-Like?

I went to bed too late, I woke up too early, feeling like I ate some improperly cooked food that gave me diarrhea.

I also could not remember any of my dreams, and I felt like even a fart would be dangerous.

Not only that, but I could not use the bathroom because several other people were in line to use the bathroom.

I felt that it would take a while before it was my turn to use the bathroom.

So I made the mistake of getting back in bed to wait to use the bathroom while trying to remember my dreams.

I accidentally went to sleep, and all I am going to say about that is that I will not be making that mistake again today.

So here I am awake feeling tired and sick et cetera with diarrhea and not able to go back to sleep because of the diarrhea that I probably got from improperly cooked food from yesterday.

I did remember part of the end of the only dream that I remember from last night that I had after I accidentally went back to sleep.

I think that the dream took place during the day and something happened that involved my uncle CE that I can not remember.

At some point, I was inside a Walmart-like store near the entrance at a small stadium-style seating area with probably metal bleachers/benches that was near the cash register areas.

An event was taking place where there were journalists / et cetera.

I think that it had something to do with movies, TV, media / entertainment, games, et cetera like a small convention with creators of media / entertainment / et cetera related content talking about their new projects / et cetera, probably.

I remember sitting in the sitting area talking with an unknown woman who I may / might have known.

I can not remember who she was or what she looked like while we watched / listened to a few presentations / lectures / whatever, and at some point there was a break or something like that.

A woman sitting behind us started talking with us, and the woman was Grace Randolph from the YouTube Channel BeyondTheTrailer.

Grace started telling us about some things at the event that interested her, and she told us that she was about to interview some creators / et cetera.

The woman and Grace started talking, and at some point Grace walked off to start her interviews.

I am not sure where the woman went, but I ended up walking off to a table or booth near the sitting area where several women were.

I ended signing up for or starting the sign-up process for something that may / might have been military-like that involved a job / training / education / et cetera, but I can remember what it was for or about.

I just remember a nice over-fat / obese woman with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair walking up to me warning/asking me not to sign up unless I am ready to be a soldier or like a soldier.

She was either directly talking about the military or using it as a comparison/example.

She asked me was I ready to be a soldier, and she asked me why was I signing up.

Not only that, but she gave me a pleasant compliment like maybe she was interested in me, maybe.

I think that I told her that I was not ready to work as a soldier and / or that I did not want to work as a soldier; and that I was only signing up or starting the sign-up process because I needed a job.

I required / wanted some training, I required / wanted some education, I required money, et cetera.

Likewise, I thanked her for her compliment and I replied to her compliment, but I can not remember what she told me.

I started wondering if I should cancel / stop the signing up process after listening to the woman.

So I started talking to the woman and another woman or several women who were working at the table / booth who were handling the sign-up process, but I got awakened to the real world by diarrhea. 😦

The end,

  • John Jr

3 replies on “Diarrhea | Grace Randolph Inside A Walmart-Like Store & Signing Up For Something Military-Like?”

I think that the diarrhea is almost defeated now and I slept very well last night, too well actually because I only woke up only once during the night and I had two long/detailed dreams that I can barely remember part of now because of sleeping so well after not getting enough sleep the night before 😀 , and even though we both sometimes dream about jobs and money I am glad that I do not dream about them much. 😉

Dreams of working/work are usually not so bad and I do some work in real life and in dreams that I enjoy (as do most people, depending on how you define work, most of our work is of the unpaid kind that we do for basic survival/to help others/that we like to do/et cetera), but jobs and money are a different story/thing/experience/et cetera for me in the real world and in dreams usually and are often not positive experiences in the dream and/or in the real world due to various reasons even if the job in the dream was positive (but mostly in the real world it is the lack of a job or jobs (especially for someone like me), the lack of job variety, the bad job conditions, the bad job pay and lack of benefits, the terrible job and money/economic system (which is unbalanced, unfair, out-dated, inefficient, inhuman, illogical, et cetera), et cetera are some of the main problems that I have with jobs and money and our economic system).

Thank you for commenting on and reblogging my post Flynn, and welcome back. 🙂

-John Jr


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