A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Inspired Dream? | Exploring & The Ninja Turtles Going Through Portals?

I slept so well/solidly/deeply last night that I only woke up once during the night, and I had two very long and detailed dreams that I can barely remember part of now, unfortunately.

Dream 1

I think that my first dream was partly inspired by the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth and last night before going to sleep I finished watching all the YouTube videos of TrendKiLLv01 playing this game that he has made so far.

Trendkill South Park

My dream probably was not animated, and it probably did not have any characters from South Park, I know that some of my former classmates were in the dream with me like my former classmates BH/BH/and several others, and I think that we were on an adventure and where we sometimes fought threats in a turn-based-style like in the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth; but that is all that I can remember of this dream because my memory is too unclear/incomplete.

Dream 2

I can not remember most of the second/last dream and my memory of it is also unclear/incomplete, but I do know that it took place inside a windowless fictional multi-story building that had orangeish/brownish/reddish colored carpet.

I was exploring the inside of the building and there were other people inside the building as well, some of them were exploring as well like most of this building was designed for you to explore it or something like that, and I might/may have come across a few of my former classmates during the dream, but I am not sure.

I think that something strange might/may have happened several times where I saw the Ninja Turtles appear inside the building through one or more portals, it seemed that they were playing around with some technology or ability that could create portals, and they would only appear briefly, and then they would leave again through one or more portals as they argued as they tried to figure out how to properly control the portals.

Eventually I explored most of the building and I found a small cinema room that was one of the last areas to find, but there were a few areas that I missed, and so I joined a man and a woman with whitish colored skin who were also exploring the building; and we worked together to help each other find all the areas that we had missed.

We probably found all the areas that we all had missed except for the last area/the small cinema room that the man and woman had not seen yet, and so I took them to the small cinema room where a few other people were sitting down watching trailers/commercials waiting on maybe a film to start; and I remember us watching some of the trailers/commercials, but I can not remember what they were about exactly.

I think that one or more of the commercials were about the building and maybe the company who owns it and maybe exploring the building was part of a competition as well, but I can not remember, and at some point we went to the first floor of the building which was a Walmart-like store; but the woman, the man, and I went our separate ways, or we shopped separately.

I remember walking past other shoppers and employees until I reach a sporting goods-like section of the store, the Ninja Turtles briefly appeared through one or more portals again still arguing/trying to figure out how to control the portal(s), but then they left through the portal(s) again; and I woke up shortly after this as I was still shopping and thinking.

The end,

  • John Jr

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