A Library Music Class With B.B. King & A Former Job & A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Inspired Dream

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night that had at least three parts to it with the first part taking place at a public library, the second part involved a fictional job/former job that I had (probably inspired by Flynn’s comment from yesterday 😉 ), and the third part seemed to be inspired by the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

The first part of the dream started during the day at a fictional nice one-story public library in a fictional place and I signed up for a probably over-priced music class at the library for learning to play musical instruments and I even bought an over-priced musical instrument for the music class, but I can not remember which/what musical instrument I bought.

There was a nice female librarian with whitish colored skin with short-medium length curly blondish/brownish colored hair who wore glasses who started the music class (another female librarian with whitish colored skin helped her with the class as well) and she seemed excited about the music class like she had wanted to create this music class for years, I think that there were a few quick time jumps in the dream showing the other people in the music class (kids and adults) and I at the music class on different days, but we were not really learning how to play our musical instruments.

Instead of learning to play our musical instruments the female librarian probably used our money/the libraries money to pay famous music artists to briefly come talk to us and to play some music for us briefly and we also learned a bit about music history instead of how to make music, and one day the guest speaker was the music artist B.B. King who briefly told us a bit about his life/music/et cetera and he briefly played some music for us on his electric steel string guitar; and he was pretty nice until his paid time was about up, and he stopped to say very mean things to some kids as we all sat there listening to him.

I am not sure if he knew these kids or not but either way his personality changed and he was very mean to them and he said some very terrible things to the kids, and then he started saying inappropriate and sexist things to one or more women trying to get them to have sex with him as we all sat there listening to him waiting for him to finish the music class as he ignored us; and so the main female librarian ended the class by thanking B.B. King and she gave him his money, and then he left.

People in my class were angry about not learning to play their musical instruments, how expensive the music class was, how expensive the musical instruments were, how the main librarian was wasting money on famous music artists, B.B. King’s behavior at the end of the music class, et cetera; and so many of them started arguing with the main librarian about the situation as I listened and/or I joined the conversation, but eventually I left the library to another building that was small and that was connected to or near the library.

The second part of the dream involved the other building that was small and near or connected to the library and I had a fictional job there but I can not remember what kind of job it was and at some point I no longer had this/that/a job and another company opened an electronics store in the building where my job used to be, and one day I went back to the building to visit the new electronics store; and I saw a male worker with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair in a box fade-like hairstyle who wore glasses and who wore a blueish colored work tennis shirt with khaki pants who was re-packaging used electronics on the floor.

There were a few other workers there in a back room and the manager who was a man with whitish colored skin with short medium-colored hair wearing a long sleeve button shirt with dress pants called the male worker to the back room, and so the male worker left everything on the floor and he went to the back room leaving me alone in the main area.

There were re-packaged used gaming consoles on the floor (Playstation 2s, GameCubes, Xbox 360s, et cetera), used video/graphics cards, other used electronics, packaging materials, et cetera on the floor in the way and so I quickly moved them out-of-the-way so that I/no one would accidentally step on them and/or fall on them; and I continued looking around the store for something to possibly buy while waiting for a worker to come back into the main area so that I could ask them a question, but that is all that I can remember of the second part of the dream.

The third part of the dream was inspired by the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth and it took place during the day in a field that was probably in the same fictional city where the library and electronics store were in, and there were at least two rival factions fighting each other in a turn-based combat system like on the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth; and my family and I were on vacation renting a RV in a small RV park in the field that was next to the RV of the owners of the RVs and the RV park.

One of the rival factions was very violent and they liked attacking people and so my family joined the other faction for our own safety, but people in both factions kept disappearing each day like a secret third faction was kidnapping people or something like that; and so I helped convince both factions to stop fighting each other and to join forces to try to figure out how people kept disappearing because almost everyone in both factions had disappeared strangely.

Us survivors of both factions who joined forces had a meeting inside the RV that my family was renting and my family was there as well, during our meeting we talked about the disappearances, and I came up with a guess/hypothesis about what/who might/may be behind the disappearances; and I suspected that the owners of the RVs and the RV park and maybe their extended family might/may be behind the disappearances and the owners were a family of mostly obese women (maybe a grandmother, mother, daughters) with whitish colored skin with long medium-to-dark colored, but they probably had one or more men (grandfather, father, sons) in their family as well.

I noticed that the owners seemed to be spying on us, even during the meeting from their RV, and I noticed several other suspicious things about them that I can not remember; and I started to wonder if they were kidnapping and eating and/or sacrificing people and/or something like that, and I wondered how were they able to kidnap so many people so stealthily.

It seemed that people would go missing when they were alone long enough and so I suggested that we all stay together and avoid being alone when possible, and I started thinking/sharing a plan to try to catch the kidnappers in action so that we would know who was behind the disappearances; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 thoughts on “A Library Music Class With B.B. King & A Former Job & A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Inspired Dream

    • I thought that it was interesting/funny that I had another job related dream again, which is somewhat rare, after your comment from the day before yesterday. 😀

      I think that you are probably correct about that Flynn 😉 , and thank you for commenting/reblogging. 🙂

      -John Jr

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