Trying To Sell Pornographic Images To The United States Government That Belong To The Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Un?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was yet another dream (three nights in a row) that was inspired by the video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth, in the dream there were South Park-style animated dream characters fighting each other in turn-based-style combat like in the video game, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear and confusing and somewhat unlike me, all that I can remember is that someone else and/or I somehow came across a collection of pornographic images from/on a computer or storage device that supposedly belonged to The Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Un, but I have no idea how we/I knew that the images supposedly belonged to him.

We/I decided to approach/contact The United States Government so that we/I could try to sell the pornographic images to them because we/I needed the money, we/I felt that The United States Government would be interested in buying them for a large amount of money, and we/I assumed that The United States Government would probably use the pornographic images to discredit Kim Jong-Un in hopes of causing a change of government in North Korea.

We/I probably hoped that this would lead to a positive non-violent change that would hopefully end the Korean War or we/I hoped that it would at least improve the living conditions/situation(s) for the people of North Korea, but our/my main concern was money it seemed/probably.

Eventually we/I went to/was invited to an unknown multi-story United States intelligence-like building in the USA to meet with some United States government agents/intelligence agents I think who wore black colored suits with white colored dress shirts with black colored sunglasses and I know one of the agents had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair, and they took me to a small dimly lit interrogation room that had a one-way/two-way mirror on one of the walls.

I brought only a few of the pornographic images on a USB flash drive and some proof that they probably belonged to Kim Jong-Un with me, for my safety in case the United States Government decided to betray me/et cetera, and I presented the images and the proof/information to them; and they questioned me until they eventually believed me.

I told the agents that I wanted enough money that I would not have to work again for the rest of my life and that I wanted lifetime protection in a secure neighborhood/facility because I was afraid that someone might try to murder me, the agents said that they would accept my offer, but only if I went on a secret mission inside North Korea to gain access to one of Kim Jong-Un’s underground safe houses to find absolute proof that the pornographic images really belonged to Kim Jong-Un and I had to find this proof and bring it back to them.

They wanted to make sure that Kim Jong-Un could not deny that the pornographic images were his before they release them to the public/whoever, so even though our/my proof was good they wanted more, and so I would have to go on their dangerous secret mission inside North Korea and succeed if I wanted to get the money/protection.

So I agreed to the secret mission/deal and I was taken to North Korea to infiltrate one or more of Kim Jong-Un’s underground safe-houses by sneaking through a cult that was allowed inside the above-ground areas of some of Kim Jong-Un’s underground safe-houses, and this cult had kids and adults in it and there were some North Korean intelligence agents among them and/or watching them and so I had to be very cautious not to be noticed by them.

The cult was just a normal group of people/citizens (I am not sure if they worshiped Kim Jong-Un or not or what they believed exactly) who I cautiously interacted with/listened to/watched hoping to learn where some of Kim Jong-Un’s hidden safe-houses were and how I could gain access to them, eventually I learned where one of his hidden safe-houses were, and I followed some of the cult members outside as they walked to it; and it was daytime outside and we were in what looked like my parent’s yard, and one of the hidden safe-houses was under the house across the street that looked like our neighbor Mr. RD’s house/yard.

One of the cult members was a boy who was an orphan and he looked and he somewhat reminded me of my cousin JE, the orphan and the other kids in the cult went inside the above-ground part of the hidden safe-house, and the adults in the cult left somewhere briefly; and I stood under the car-port talking with the orphan and some of the other kids waiting for a chance to enter the house, and I actually enjoyed talking with the kids.

I decided to wait for the adults to return to see if I could enter the house with them and I hoped that I would find the entrance to the underground parts of the safe-house so that I could get the proof and escape to my extraction point to be taken to the USA so that I could get my money/protection that I was promised before the North Korean intelligence agents figure out what I was trying to do, but I woke up.

Well it is time for me to go get one of my dying teeth extracted/removed finally and I will get the other tooth extracted/removed on another day 😦 , I am finally getting it done Flynn. 😀

The end,

-John Jr

2 responses to “Trying To Sell Pornographic Images To The United States Government That Belong To The Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Un?”

  1. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    Good luck with the tooth, John Jr! I’ll “pray” for you/your recovery.

    “I wanted enough money that I would not have to work again for the rest of my life and that I wanted lifetime protection in a secure neighborhood/facility because I was afraid that someone might try to murder me”

    Yeah, I’d like both request fulfilled somehow/someway for that kind of effort. But I don’t think Little Kimmy is into “that” sort of immoral activity and do believe he might be a “better” Supreme Leader if he ended the Korean War in a positive non-violent. I happen to like those tear-jerking Korean movies (with English sub-titles, of course).

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    • The dental/tooth extraction went well and painless, now I am still in the bleeding process/stage with only a bit of pain (no pain medicine is even needed so far 😉 ) and so things are pretty good, and now I have only one tooth left to get extracted next month; thank you Flynn. 🙂

      I told my brother GC about this dream and he asked me if I would really do something like that in real life, and that was a very good question. 😀

      I definitely would not do the secret mission part 😀 , but would I try to sell those images to a government if I came across them in real life?

      I am not the type of person to do something like that usually/normally, but with my current situation I am not so sure; and I have not taken the time to think about it/that/this since I have been busy today with getting my tooth extracted, but I wonder if I would do it or not in real life as well. 😉

      You could be correct about Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Un not engaging in that activity (I have nothing against it either way, unless his wife has a problem with it), and I would also like to see him/North Korea and South Korea and the USA et cetera finally end the Korean War in a positive and non-violent way. 😉

      I wonder how many Korean (South Korean) films have I seen (English dubbed/voiced and/or English subtitles of course 😉 ), I can only think of three at this time that I know I have seen, but I have probably seen more without knowing that they were Korean films ;):

      The Host:

      Wonderful Days/Sky Blue:

      2009: Lost Memories:

      Thank you Flynn. 🙂

      -John Jr


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