A Dream Within A Dream About An Ancient Egyptian High Priest Who Gets His Job/Position Back? | The Children Of Cain?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during late in the afternoon or during the evening in a slightly fictional version of the field by the old C Plant/Factory/Warehouse not far from the D Post Office and I was trying to live in this field like I was homeless or something like that, and I had a bed and a few other objects near where the old brick structure in the field should be.

The old C Factory/Warehouse was being remodeled and it was going to become a factory again, so there were workers working on the building with heavy machinery, and I wondered if they were going to continue allowing me to live in the field or not once the factory opened again; and I wondered if I could get a job at the factory, and so I decided to start packing my stuff in case they forced me to leave.

Something strange happened where either I went to sleep in the dream and I had a dream within a dream or somehow a dream within a dream happened or something like that but I was not in this dream within a dream, and this dream within a dream took place in a desert where a taller than normal bald man with medium brownish colored skin was walking/limping through the desert looking beat-up/injured/tired/thirsty/hungry/sand-damaged/sun-damaged/broken/defeated/et cetera with torn clothing (he probably barely had any clothes on) and he looked somewhat like a slightly shorter version of God King Xerxes (Xerxes I Of Persia or Xerxes The Great) from the 300 movie.

The man seemed to be a former ancient Egyptian high priest who seemed to have been banished from his kingdom for some reason maybe, one rumor was that he had an illegal relationship with another man and maybe that was one of the reasons but I have no idea, and this dream took place in what seemed to be ancient Egypt when pharaohs still ruled and maybe a demi-god or god pharaoh was the current ruling pharaoh.

The former high priest was thinking to himself as he walked through the desert in an area that looked like a dessert version of the field that I was in earlier, at some point he stopped looking/acting defeated/broken after reminding himself of how powerful he (he really had powers, unlike most or all the other priests) was and he felt that he did not deserve to lose his high priest position/job and he felt that he did not deserve to be banished, and so he confidently walked/limped back to his kingdom.

He entered the pharaoh’s palace where the pharaoh’s large throne was in the middle of the palace against the back wall and against the left side of the wall were some small thrones where the new high priest (a bald man with medium brownish colored skin wearing a tall high priest hat with the other objects/parts of the ancient Egyptian outfit for the high priest) sat and a few other high ranked people (one of them was a slightly out-of-shape older man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair, another was an obese older man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair wearing a whitish colored ancient outfit/robes with a tall whitish colored hat, but I can not remember what the others looked like) sat, and there were some guards in the palace but they did not stop him.

The high ranked people were shocked/surprised to see the former high priest return and they yelled negative things at him and they told him that he was never supposed to return and they wanted him arrested/killed but I think that the pharaoh told the guards not to bother him and to let him speak, even in his weakened state/condition the former high priest felt that only the pharaoh and/or a large number of his guards might/may be a threat to him and so he was pretty confident, but he was a bit worried not knowing if he had enough energy/power left to defeat them all if he was attacked.

The former high priest walked over to the small thrones where the high ranked people sat and he stood in front of the new high priest, he told the new high priest to get out of his throne chair and to give him his high priest hat/outfit/et cetera back because he was taking his job/position back, but the new high priest and the others refused; and so the former high priest told them that he was going to count to ten, and then he would show the new high priest real power (because the new high priest did not have powers).

The new high priest still refused as the former high priest started the countdown but the others became very afraid begging the new high priest to give up, the new high priest still refused, and the others were so terrified that they physically forced the new high priest from his throne and they took his high priest outfit/hat/et cetera and they gave it back to the former high priest; and they officially announced that the former high priest was once again the high priest.

The high priest sat on his throne and he started smiling and joking with the others (who were still terrified), I am not sure if he was faking and had plans to kill them or if he was really being nice to them now, either way he was being nice to them now like maybe he realized that he was mean/ruthless before and that maybe he should treat them better this time; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was pretty interesting but I can not remember some parts of the dream and so it is a bit confusing, it seemed to be somewhat inspired by the movie Babylon A.D., and the dream was about a woman who somewhat like a combination of the character Aurora (played by the French actress Mélanie Thierry) from the film Babylon A.D and Olga Kay from YouTube (I think that she looked more like Aurora in the early parts of them dream, and maybe she slowly changed to look more like Olga Kay by the end of the dream; and so her character was Western European / Eastern European / Russian-like) who had The Children Of Cain (about maybe five children, whose father was Cain I assume even though the dream took place during our time period, and I assumed that it was Cain from the Christian/Jewish Bible who I assumed must be semi-immortal to have lived this long but that is a wild guess because the dream did not explain who Cain was and he was never shown).

The woman was a positive woman who liked to travel but her children/The Children Of Cain and maybe her were being hunted down by assassins being sent by probably a secret group whose mission seemed to be murdering all The Children Of Cain, maybe her children were the last living Children Of Cain but I am not sure, either way they had to keeping moving from country to country from assassins because this secret group seemed to be connected with/part of one or more intelligence agencies/governments/et cetera probably and so they had the resources to track them around the world.

The woman and her children/The Children Of Cain had a female family member or friend who traveled with them and an older male bodyguard with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair who may/might have spoken English with a Scottish accent but I can not remember, and during this dream I think that they were hiding somewhere in Africa maybe; and I was in the dream, but I am not sure what was role in this and I am not sure how I ended up helping them.

I remember walking around a market-like area with indoor and outdoor businesses and even a fair/carnival-like area where there were lots of people, at some point I stopped at a booth where a man with whitish colored skin with somewhat long blondish/brownish colored hair wearing a Hawaiian-style button shirt with a light brownish/tannish colored fedora-like hat was selling special cookies I think, and I asked him how much they were.

He started pretending that I had ordered the cookies and he wanted me to pay for them, I refused and I told him that I only asked how much were they, and he threatened to report me for not paying but he was just lying/bluffing; and so I told him so and I told him that I knew that he was trying to trick me into buying his cookies, and so I walked away.

I saw the woman walking around without her bodyguard which I thought was dangerous and so I probably told her to return back to their hiding spot, she told me that she got tired of hiding and so she left the hiding spot to explore briefly while leaving her female family member or friend to watch her children/The Children Of Cain, and she told me that she would return to the hiding spot soon; and I walked off to the hiding spot to check on her children/The Children Of Cain.

I walked away from the market area outside to and across the yard of a small shotgun-style whitish colored one-story church-like building, across a street, and to a small area with lower-class shack-like houses on grass; and the hiding spot was inside a dusty shack-like house, and I found the woman’s female family member or friend in a room watching The Children Of Cain as they slept but I did not see their bodyguard which shocked/angered/annoyed me because it was very dangerous to leave them unprotected like that.

I asked the woman’s female family member or friend if they were alone and she said yes, I asked her where their bodyguard was and she said that he went somewhere, and then woman returned to the shack-like house; but shortly after there was a knock at the door, and so I went to answer it thinking that it was their bodyguard.

Instead it was a man with whitish colored skin wearing a whitish colored button shirt and I asked him could I help him but he tried to shoot me with a silver-colored revolver, but I managed to stop him and I took his  revolver but I can not remember if I killed him or not; but another man with a revolver jumped out to shoot me but I shot and killed him, and I took his revolver.

More men with handguns came and I took cover and a shootout began, the second revolver I had did not work, but fortunately the bodyguard came running to help me as we both took cover guarding the entrance of the shack-like house; and I angrily asked him where was he, why did he leave them unprotected, and I told him how stupid/dangerous that was.

He told me that the area was clear before he left (he checked it himself) and that he had to go do something briefly (it must have been important), he reminded me that he is the only bodyguard and so there is no one else to help when he needs to go do something, he said that he told the woman not to leave the hiding spot while he was gone but obviously she did not listen, and then I realized that the assassins probably followed the woman back to the hiding spot.

The bodyguard knew that what he did was risky, he seemed to have a lot of experience and he took his job seriously, but he had to make a choice but either way he was not happy with himself or the situation; and so I stopped feeling angry toward him after hearing/realizing this, and we continued our shootout with the assassins until African soldiers or United Nation Peacekeepers in an armored vehicle with a machine gun arrived. (They all had dark brownish/blackish colored skin and they had light blueish colored helmets I think, but I could be wrong)

We all hid our guns and I leaned against a mailbox pretending to be fixing it while hiding my revolver against the mailbox, the soldiers or Peacekeepers slowly drove through looking serious/dangerous, but they kept going not realizing that it was us who had been having a shootout; and when they left the assassins left now that it was too dangerous for them to continue attacking us.

Now it was time for the woman, her children/The Children Of Cain, her female family member or friend, and the bodyguard to move to another country now that they had been discovered again by the assassins/the secret group; but they needed to decide which country to move to next, and for some reason the woman felt that maybe they would be safer in The United States Of America (The USA).

I remember standing outside on the grass outside the shack-like houses with the bodyguard talking as they tried to decide which country to go to next, across the street outside the church-like building were a group of women who started arguing with each other, and they started to fight each other.

One group of women were a group of four or five sisters with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who all were obese and strong except for one of the sisters who was thin and they all spoke English with a Southern/Country American accent, and to my surprise the thin sister fought more fiercely/better than her other sisters, and they all fought pretty brutally against the other group of women and they were winning the fight easily; and the bodyguard, and I walked over and we stopped the fight.

We separated the group of women bringing the sisters across the street with us, and I remember talking with them.

The dream jumped to the past showing the woman before she had The Children Of Cain and this seemed like flashbacks of a past forgotten dream that I never typed or remembered, the woman looked more like Olga Kay now but she looked more naturally attractive (no makeup/et cetera) and she had very large breasts oddly, and she was traveling around the world to different countries/continents.

In one flashback she was invited to India to meet the president/prime minister/whoever and his wife and she met them in person (she was a very positive and out-going person who liked to travel, and so she seemed to be somewhat well-known enough to get invited), in several flashbacks she traveled around parts of Europe, she traveled around parts of Africa, she traveled around parts of Asia, and she traveled around parts of North America; and part of her visit to The USA was shown with her dancing/partying inside a club during a semi-wet T-shirt-like party wearing a whitish colored A-Shirt with her large breasts/cleavage popping out to where you could even see blueish colored blood veins in her breasts/chest.

Most of the men/people dancing with/around her only cared about her breasts and they were probably throwing water/whatever to get a better look at her breasts until she realized this, and then she decided to leave the club; and many of the men/people kept yelling to her telling her that she had nice breasts while staring at her breasts, and they told her to stay but she left the club.

Besides that experience she had some positive experiences in North America and in The USA, and when she left she felt like returning again one day; and for some reason she felt safer in The USA, maybe Switzerland, and a few other countries and that is probably why she felt like returning to The USA again but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Off-topic thought: First, I think his relationship with another man is NOT illegal or a reason for banishment. I thought the “ancient Egyptians” would have been more “compassionate” since they built all those enormous architectural wonders, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza. Second, I think yelling negative things at him or wanting him arrested/killed is NOT nice. Third, he can take his throne back if he behaves nicer. Third, maybe the Cain family could move to USA (maybe Hawaii or Utah) and surprisingly I “thought” of Switzerland as a second choice before reading your last paragraph!

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Hello Flynn,

1. I also thought that this would have been acceptable in ancient Egyptian culture but in the dream it was not clear if that was one of the reasons or not, it was just a rumor, and maybe there was more to the situation than what I can remember and/or than what was revealed. 😉

2. Yeah, the other high ranking people seemed to hate him and they were afraid of him and they seemed to have wanted him to be replaced with someone else who(m) they could control/get along with because they seemed like the type of people who liked their positions of powers, and without him around it seemed that there was no one around to challenge them; also he had powers and the others did not, and so maybe they felt a bit jealous and like that he made them look weak when he was around.

3. I wish that I could remember/know what really led to his banishment and how he treated people before he was banished, and I still wonder if he was really being nice to them at the end or was he faking it; either way I do think that he was going to try to handle things better this time.

4. Wow! I am surprised that you thought of Switzerland even before you read it, well done Flynn, that is interesting/amazing/strange 🙂 ; I wonder how/why did Switzerland come to your mind?

Thank you for the comment and for the reblog Flynn :), you actually helped me remember that I forgot to add a part of the dream that happened after the shootout, thank you :D.

-John Jr


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