Charles Dance In Character As Tywin Lannister & Rose Leslie From Game Of Thrones Sings Part Of Silent Night During An Interview?

I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night; which took place at what seemed to be a fictional version of maybe SB High School that is on the side of the highway that leads to the city of LC.

I remember being inside the building in an open, almost gym-like room with some other people, including my former classmates TW and MJ.

There was talking, possibly we played some sports, et cetera.

At some point I noticed a large nasty possible spider bite or wound like a large pus / blood / et cetera filled sink on my left thigh and my former classmate TW noticed it as well.

My former classmate TW looked at the bite / wound, and then he popped it to try to get some pus out (which was nasty).

I told him that he should probably get some napkins or something, and so he walked off to get something to collect the pus with; and I found a spray bottle with some alcohol in it, and I sprayed some alcohol on the bite/wound.

I waited for my former classmate TW to return, but he never did.

So I walked out of the room and around the building until I reached the catwalk(s) outside to find him and / or to get some fresh air; during this time I noticed that the bite / wound was magically gone now.

Then the dream started showing that some people at the school were working on episodes of the TV show Game Of Thrones like I was watching a documentary about it.

The school had been one of the early film sets for the TV show Game Of Thrones.

So I was seeing video clips / scenes of this and parts of interviews.

One man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair, probably one of the creators of the show, told the story of how the actor Charles Dance was preparing for his character Tywin Lannister by staying in character on & off the film set one day.

I saw what happened that day as he told the story.

Charles Dance was walking around the school / film set dressed as his character Tywin Lannister and acting / talking like Tywin Lannister.

At some point he went outside for some fresh air and a man with whitish colored skin with short medium-to-dark-colored hair wearing a whitish colored T-shirt approached him asking for directions or something like that.

Charles Dance answered his question while still staying in character as Tywin Lannister, this confused the man, and he was wondered why was he speaking / acting / dressed like that.

The scene ended and the man being interviewed and the interviewer, an unknown man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, started laughing.

Then the dream went back to me, and I walked back inside the building.

Either I walked into another small gym-like room that was dimly lit or the dream jumped to a small dimly lit gym-like room where the actress Rose Leslie was being interviewed.

Probably the same male interviewer from earlier in the dream, but this time in front of a crowd who were sitting in bleachers / stadium-style seating.

The interview started with conversations about Rose Leslie’s life, the TV show Game Of Thrones, her character Ygritte, et cetera.

At some point, the interviewer said that he heard rumors that Rose Leslie could sing, and he asked her if this was true.

She answered that she would let the audience decide if that was true or not.

She started singing part of a song that I think was Silent Night, but I could be wrong.

Silent Night (Live At The Helix In Dublin, Ireland/2013)

I / Everyone was surprised by how well Rose Leslie could sing, she sang like a professional, eventually she stopped singing.

The audience gave her a round of applause, and then the interviewer said that the rumors were true.

He asked her if she wanted to star in a musical one day.

Rose Leslie said that staring in a musical would be nice and that she would do it.

Then she possibly hinted that she would have a singing scene in one of her TV shows soon, but she did not say which TV show.

It was assumed that she was talking about the TV show Game Of Thrones, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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