John Jr’s Pillow Dies The Year John Jr Was Born – The Year 2014 | My Brother GC Buys A White Tiger From A Zoo

John Jr’s Pillow Dies The Year John Jr Was Born – The Year 2014

I woke up this morning and as I was making my bed I noticed pieces of pillow filler and/or decayed materials on my bed, I thought that the pillow filler was coming from my memory foam pillow, but it was coming from a new large tear in my oldest pillow that was made for me by my dead grandmother DE in the year that I was born.

I took my pillow to my mom for suggestions on repairing it but my mom suggested that I finally let it go, it has been re-sewn many times over the years and it has lost all of its feathers and most of its filler, and my mom thought that I should also get rid of it for health reasons because of allergens/et cetera.

And so I decided to finally let my pillow die, and I let my mom decide what to do with it.

There has only been a few times in my life that I have not slept with/on that pillow, sometimes I would even wondered if it somehow helped me with my dream recall/dreams/et cetera, and so I am curious about how not having my oldest pillow will effect/affect my sleep/dreams/dream recall.

When I was a kid there was a time when I thought that closing my eyes and/or covering my face with my pillow would prevent people/scary things/et cetera from being able to see me, and so sometimes when I was afraid that something scary/et cetera was in the house at night while I was in bed I would cover my face with my pillow and I would even sleep that way sometimes (amazingly I did not suffocate 😀 ).

I also remember how sometimes feathers from my pillow would poke me through the pillow case and they were sharp and sometimes I would lose feathers from my pillow, and my mom would have to re-sew/fix my pillow occasionally over the years.

As my pillow lost more filler over the years I would also use my pillow to cover my ears to help block out sounds and I would use my pillow to help block out light while I tried to sleep because my pillow could bend around my head easily because of the lost of some of the filler, and over time all the feathers in my pillow were lost.

My pillow served me well over the years, and it was a gift from my grandmother that kept on giving; and I am thankful that my grandmother made it for me.

Dream 1

I think that my first dream took place during the day in the city of D and I think that during one part of the dream I was talking with my former male classmate JP, we have not seen each other since we graduated from high school years ago, and so we probably talked about our lives since we graduated; but I could be wrong.

Later in the dream I think that I went to my former uncle DW’s house and I probably talked with him, and one of the first things that I probably asked him was what should I call him now since/because he is no longer my uncle (my aunt JE and him divorced many years ago); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I barely remember part of the end of my second/last dream from last night which started during the evening or night in a fictional place where my mom, my brother GC, and I seemed to be maybe vacationing.

We were staying at a small one-story house with a fenced in yard with a privacy fence, so no one could see into the yard and we could not see out of the yard, and there was a small storage building in the yard as well; and we were going to spend the night at this place, and then we were going to leave back to the city of D the next morning.

I think that maybe my former male classmate DC, maybe my former male classmate SS, and maybe my male cousin ME came to visit with us and maybe spend the night with us as well; and my brother GC showed us a White Tiger that he bought for a very cheap price from a zoo in this city who wanted to get rid of it, and the tiger was inside a carrying cage inside the storage building.

We went inside the storage building to look at the tiger who was inside its carrying cage, my brother GC probably gave it some food and water, and I remember not agreeing with my brother GC having a tiger and I suggested that he give or sell the tiger to someone who could take it to a real/nice environment or to the wild or if that was not possible to another zoo because it was too dangerous and the tiger deserved to live in a natural or more natural environment.

My brother GC wanted to keep the tiger for a while to see how it goes, we left the storage building, and then we all hung out outside in the yard having a good time until it was time to go to sleep; and we went to sleep, and we woke up the next morning and we left back to the city of D.

We went to my parents’ house early in the morning when it was time for the school bus to come, for some unknown reason(s) we ran to try to catch the school bus at the bus stop in front of my grandfather’s house, but the bus driver did not see us and the bus driver drove the bus a bit further past my grandfather’s house and then it stopped; and then we got on the school bus, and my former bus driver Mrs. M was driving the bus.

The school bus had a strange design where only the front of the bus was normal/enclosed and the rest of the bus/most of the bus was open with no ceiling/walls like a convertible, I asked my former bus driver Mrs. M if we could ride the bus and she said yes, and so the others sat in the open part of the bus and I sat in the enclosed/closed part of the bus in the front where a girl with light brownish colored skin with long brownish colored hair was sitting along with maybe a few other kids.

My former bus driver Mrs. M told me that an older man with dark brownish colored skin wearing a blueish colored baseball hat sitting behind her was her husband and that he was also a bus driver to my surprise, I greeted him and they both switched places driving the bus and so he was driving the bus now, and I talked with my former bus driver Mrs. M.

My former bus driver Mrs. M invited me to have breakfast with her and her husband after they finish their bus route, I thanked her and I told her that I would think about it, and so I thought about it as I sat on the bus; and I remember thinking that it would probably be nice to have the chance to sit and talk with them, and maybe they could give me some helpful life advice and maybe even help me find a job.

I probably woke up before I could give her an answer.

Last night before I went to sleep I watched the movie called The Machine, it was a pretty good movie for a low-budget science fiction film set in a small area where not much happened, and it had a pretty good visual style and special effects/affects that went with it:

The end,

-John Jr

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