A Survival Game And A Tennis Tournament And Rumors About The Poisoning / Assassination Of King Joffrey?

I somewhat remember part of one long and detailed dream from last night that had a somewhat hard to describe feeling/environment to it that was a bit negative-neutral and it/things felt a bit slower and I had more time to think that normal, and I think that the dream started with what I will call a survival game (it was real but it was designed like a game).

I was with a group of people/survivors (kids, adults, old people) and we had to survive levels of something that was like a survival game where we would enter a level in a small area/room where we could find some weapons/ammunition/supplies/et cetera and/or where we could come up with a survival plan, and then we would enter the level having to survive traps and various threats; and finally we would have a boss battle against one or more bosses, and the survivors would move to the next level together.