A Survival Game And A Tennis Tournament And Rumors About The Poisoning / Assassination Of King Joffrey?

I somewhat remember part of one long and detailed dream from last night that had a somewhat hard to describe feeling/environment to it that was a bit negative-neutral and it/things felt a bit slower and I had more time to think that normal, and I think that the dream started with what I will call a survival game (it was real but it was designed like a game).

I was with a group of people/survivors (kids, adults, old people) and we had to survive levels of something that was like a survival game where we would enter a level in a small area/room where we could find some weapons/ammunition/supplies/et cetera and/or where we could come up with a survival plan, and then we would enter the level having to survive traps and various threats; and finally we would have a boss battle against one or more bosses, and the survivors would move to the next level together.

In the dream some of us survived a few levels probably and I recognized some of the levels from past dreams so I was able to use that knowledge to our advantage, with one level being an underground level in a dimly lit area from a past dream, and the last level that I remember started with us on a floating wooden platform on water during the day.

I knew that there would some mousetraps and a rat was on the platform so I told everyone to not move until the rat triggered the mousetraps, the rat triggered the mousetraps like I predicted based on my memories of a past forgotten dream or fictional memories, and then we walked to a boat or several boats that we probably used to reach land.

There was a multi-story building near the shore that we walked to and the next game level took place there on an upper floor, we survivors walked to an upper floor to the room/area where we could find weapons/ammunition/et cetera, and I recognized this level from a past dream or fictional memory; and I knew that there would be many traps and rats that would attack us.

I remember finding many guns (mostly revolvers, even one with a rifle stock, but there were a few automatic and semi-automatic guns as well) and some mêlée weapons like knives/et cetera in a metal shelf with several drawers, and I remember watching as the others picked their weapons / ammunition.

I remember feeling some sadness along with the other hard to describe negative-neutral feeling(s) as I watched little kid (girls and boys) getting guns / ammunition / mêlée weapons/et cetera because everyone had to fight for survival, there was something sad about seeing those little kids with deadly weapons and knowing that they would have to use them, and that some of them would probably die; but I wanted to prevent anyone from dying.

I was one of the last people to start picking my weapons/ammunition and while I was doing this I started warning/telling everyone what to expect of this level because I survived this level before in the past, and I started sharing my survival plans with everyone.

I recommended that everyone use automatic and semi-automatic weapons when possible along with backup mêlée weapons because we were going to be attacked by many rats, I also gave some other tips/advice that I can not remember, and I gave a speech of encouragement; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place at what seemed to be a professional tennis tournament that was taking place underground and I was in the tournament, and I seemed to be doing pretty good because I remember playing against the tennis player Roger Federer and I remember him getting very angry/frustrated like maybe I was winning and/or giving him a hard time; but I can not remember if I won or not.

The next thing that I remember is being dressed up in probably mostly whitish colored dress clothes and I was leaving the tennis tournament along with everyone else like the tournament was over and I was pretty happy like I did pretty good, and we walked to an underground field with a hill that led to an opening that led above ground and so you could see light from the sun coming from the opening.

I saw my former male coworker Mr. LS with some old morbidly and super obese/fat former entertainment wrestlers/maybe soldiers/athletes who were so obese/fat that they had to use golf-cart-like vehicles to move around, and Mr. L was trying to help push their golf-cart-like vehicles up the hill to the exit/entrance because they were so heavy that their golf-cart-like vehicles were not strong enough to go up the hill.

I started helping push them up the hill along with my former co-worker Mr. LS but something happened that I can not remember where they became angry with me like maybe I abandoned them when maybe some journalists came trying to take photographs of me trying to help them and/or something like that but I can not remember what really happened, and I remember them calling me a Sellout for some unknown reason(s).

I walked out of the exit/entrance above ground and it was daytime outside and it seemed that we were in a slightly fictional version of the city of D behind the old FB Church building next to the street, and I walked to the field next to the BP School Board Maintenance Shop where my dad works.

And I entered a cave-like / underground area with stadium-style seating where I guess maybe a tennis tournament party/celebration was taking place, and there were many rich people (fashion designers, models, celebrities, probably some athletes, et cetera) there dressed up in fancy and sometimes wacky fashion designs.

When I entered many people stopped to stare and me and whisper admiring me like I was famous but they had mistaken me for someone else who was famous, and once they realized their mistake most of them went back to what they were doing; but some of the people recognized me as one of the tennis players from the tennis tournament.

I felt good in my nice whitish colored dress clothes, they were some of the fanciest/sharpest/et cetera clothes that I probably have ever worn, and I guess that I saw my reflection somewhere because I remember seeing that I looked good and that made me feel pretty confident.

As I began to walk up to find a seat I saw a newspaper or magazine on one of the first benches that had a photograph of me on the front cover/page with a headline/text above it in large print that said maybe my name and: “Sellout?”.

I was shocked/surprised and saddened to see that, I wondered how and why was this in the newspapers and/or magazines, how was it there already, and did it have anything to do with how my former co-worker Mr. LS and the morbidly/super obese people called me Sellout before I left the other underground area.

Once again like the end of the first part of the dream the hard to describe feelings and the negative-neutral feeling(s) stood out again and I sat down feeling a bit sad as I thought deeply trying to figure out why my former co-worker Mr. LS and the others were angry with me, and why they called me a Sellout.

While I was thinking deeply with things still feeling a bit slower than normal a short woman with whitish colored skin with curly long brownish colored hair who looked like or who was my former classmate AV walked into the room and she saw me sitting up in the seating area alone, and she came to sit next to me like she knew me and like she probably liked me; but I was so focused on my thoughts that I did not pay attention to her even as she sat next to me so closely that our sides were touching, and she was looking directly at me as I stared in front of me deep in thought.

Without me noticing all the outfits/hairstyles/et cetera of people in the room (probably including mine) probably changed to those from the TV show Game Of Thrones and it seemed that we were now in the TV show Game Of Thrones, and the underground seating area was now above ground in the field in the aftermath of the Purple Wedding when King Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned/assassinated.

It seemed that we were guests at the wedding feast who were now being held in this seating area as the guards/et cetera tried to deal with the situation/assassination, I saw one or more of the Kingsguard (maybe even Jaime Lannister) guarding our area, and I remember seeing a girl with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair who was dressed as a lower class boy who either was like or who was Arya Stark sneaking around the seating area.

The girl seemed happy that King Joffrey was dead and she acted like she was part of the assassination and/or she hoped that she had been, either I followed her as she sneaked through the seating area or I somehow saw/heard/felt some things from her point-of-view, and she reached a woman with whitish colored skin wearing a lower class dress and a head-covering in the seating area who was either her mom or someone she knew.

The girl told the woman who she knew who helped assassinate/poison King Joffrey or she heard rumors of who helped, she also wished that it had been her to kill him, and she pointed to and stared at a woman and another girl with whitish colored skin wearing upper class clothing with head-coverings who were standing together on the ground near the seating area.

The woman and girl were mother and daughter, they stood there staring with evil grins like they were involved with the assassination/poisoning, and the girl in the seating area told the woman that the mother and daughter had been paid by a rich person to help poison/assassinate King Joffrey or she heard rumors about it.

The girl said that the mother and daughter were poor servants before but shortly before and/or after the poisoning/assassination of King Joffrey they magically got a nice house, and upper class clothing which she alleged was a result of them getting paid for helping with the poisoning/assassination.

The mother and daughter saw the girl and the woman looking at them and so they stared back with their evil grins like they were saying, yes we did it, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr

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