4-17-2014 | Dream Fragments | Zombies In W Park | Rioting/Looting At A College Shopping Center

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I did/do not feel like typing my dreams today, I came close to closing my blog indefinitely today, I did not jog today to rest my toes because I probably injured them jogging yesterday, I hardly did any strength training or burpees today because of an injury from strength training yesterday, et cetera but I am going to type my dreams anyway; and so expect me to type it lazily and expect even more errors because of the font and font size bug in the visual editor for the Hemingway Rewritten theme ( which has made it very hard for me to make posts/pages since this theme was released and it has not been fixed yet, it is killing my eyes and it is making me make more mistakes and I miss more mistakes because I can barely read/see the text. 😦

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the first dream and I remember walking in a slightly fictional version of W Park during the day, I came across a group of women with brownish colored skin who knew me and I knew them, and one of them was a woman with light brownish colored skin with dark brownish colored hair who somewhat looked a bit like my cousin CE and she was a fictional family member of mine.

She invited me to have lunch with her family outside at a picnic table near W Park and so I walked with her to the picnic table where her daughter and son and her husband were and her husband was my uncle ME, she cooked some fried chicken for us, and the fried chicken was a beautiful brownish color on the outside and the inside was a beautiful whitish color; and the fried chicken was very nice and moist, we ate and talked, and at some point I thanked them and I said goodbye.

I walked back to W Park and I came across my brother GC, something happened at W Park where somehow zombies got released and they started attacking people at W Park, and so my brother GC and I ran until we reached my grandfather’s yard which was nearby oddly; and we closed the gate and we reinforced the fence/gate with wooden beams, fortunately no zombies followed us, but I woke up and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I barely remember part of the second dream which took place during the day in a fictional city at or near a fictional college campus, I think that the dream started with me as a student at the college and my former classmates JC/DH/MT/JB/et cetera were there as well probably, but the dream probably jumped in time years later after I did not finish college.

It seemed that now I was exploring in and around the college campus because it had been years since I last visited the college after leaving college without finishing years ago and there was an outdoor market area, a college dorm with an outdoor café, a few stores, and a small shopping center where other low-income/lower-class people/students seemed to shop at mostly.

I remember exploring the dorm and then as I was walking out of the dorm past the outdoor café in front of the entrance of the dorm I noticed a man who seemed to be my former classmate JC sitting at the café with an attractive woman, my former classmate JC had his facial hair evenly trimmed and it looked like things were going well for him in life, but he did not see or notice me; and I decided to keep walking without saying anything even though I somewhat wanted to because it had been many years since we last talked or saw each other.

Eventually I went to the small shopping center and I came across my family except for my brother CC, there were many other lower-class people there as well, and at some point I remember having my desktop computer and some of my other stuff setup inside one of the buildings oddly; and I briefly left somewhere with my family, and then we came back to get my stuff but people were rioting/looting at the small shopping center even though things were peaceful before we left.

We ran to find my stuff to pack it up before someone steals it and before the police arrive, my computer and other stuff was/were over the floor, and maybe some of my stuff was missing/stolen; and I remember a very tall and large man walking around scaring off the people rioting/looting, he seemed to be the security for the small shopping center, and so we rushed to pack up my stuff.

I decided to tell the large man what we were doing so that he would know that we were not looting, he told us to hurry because the police were probably coming, and so we quickly packed my stuff; but before we could drive away we heard what sounded like a baby crying in the alley of one of the buildings, and so we went to investigate but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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Well, when/if you do decide to close your blog indefinitely, you’ll be terribly missed and at least let us know somehow/way. As for “burpees”, I’ve never heard of that word and had to look up that definition, which appears to apply to “inmates”! It’s good that your exercising. And yes you have typo-errors!

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Thanks, yeah, If that ever happens I plan on making a final post announcing it probably.

It is a strange word (, and here is the type of burpees that I do throughout the day:

Thank you Flynn, I will try to remember to proofread this post, and fix those errors.

Is the font different and smaller in the Visual Editor for you as well when using the Hemingway Rewritten theme Flynn?

-John Jr


I can’t do “burpees”! At least while you still can, keep up the good work-out!

As for the Hemingway Rewritten theme, I’ve not noticed the font size because I’ve been using my WordPress app for Android and I’m currently trying a different theme.

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Interesting, maybe you could start with the basic version, thanks Flynn.

I thought so, you were/are lucky because it is very annoying because the font is not very readable and it is super small, and good luck with trying some new themes.

I will probably start trying new themes again soon if this bug is not fixed soon, because it has been three weeks since I reported it and since a staff member passed it on to the developers.

Thank you for replying Flynn.

-John Jr


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