4-23-2014 | Dream Fragment | Graduating From College And Wolverine?

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I went to bed late last night again and I slept very well/solidly, and so I barely remember part of one or two dreams that were pretty long and detailed; but unfortunately I forgot most of the dream or dreams, and so they do not make much sense and my memory of them is probably flawed and so I will probably make mistakes about what really happened during the dream or dreams.

I remembering returning to college at maybe a fictional two-year college but I could be wrong, this time I was focused and I probably still lived at my parents’ house and so my parents’ probably helped support me with trying to focus on college this time, and maybe this college was in another city but I am not sure.

The dream had time jumps of me going to my college classes, doing homework, talking to some of my former classmates and fictional classmates, et cetera; and eventually I passed my first semester with straight As, and later in the dream I think that it was time for my college graduation which I think was going to take place in a fictional version of the city of D at the C Elementary School or near it but I could be wrong.

The dream slowed down during this part of the dream probably focusing on the details of preparing for the college graduation, talking to people, et cetera and many things happened during this part of the dream that I can not remember unfortunately; and maybe some people and I prevented an attack or something like that, but I can not remember.

I am not sure if we finished the college graduation or not because I can not remember most of the dream but I know that a lot of things happened that I can not remember and I know that this dream was more interesting than what I was able to describe, and either I had another dream or there was another time jump to a fictional somewhat large city with tall buildings; and it was night but this part of the dream is so unclear that I will probably make mistakes trying to type what I think happened, and so expect part of what I type to possibly be wrong.

There seemed to be two places/worlds/dimensions/et cetera with the city being one place and a blog (probably my blog) being the second place, so the first place was physical and the second place was digital, and I think that the superhero Wolverine and a thin man with whitish colored skin with short hair with maybe a super power where his body was like rubber (so he could survive many forms of attack(s)) each lived in/guarded/et cetera a page on the/my blog (maybe the/my About Page and Contact Page).

I think that Wolverine and the other man with superpowers kept leaving their blog pages to enter the world of the city for some reason(s) I can not remember, they both kept entering the top of one of the tall buildings that seemed to be controlled by maybe a mafia/gang who had some other people with superpowers guarding it, and so a very large/tall/strong bald man with whitish colored skin with superpowers would throw them from the top of the building each time that they would enter the building.

The strong man did not know that Wolverine and the other man also had superpowers and he also did not realize that they were the same two people who kept coming back to the building, and so he thought that they had died from the fall and that each time they were someone else; and Wolverine was able to survive the falls because of his adamantium bones/skeleton and his healing factor/accelerated healing and other man was able to survive because of his rubber body.

I remember the strong man putting Wolverine’s legs behind his arms/head/neck/back and throwing him from the building like a ball, which was pretty funny and impressive, and Wolverine hit the street below so hard that it made a hole in the street and so you could not see his body; but eventually Wolverine was able to straighten his body again and he climbed from the hole in the street, and the other man would bounce once his body would hit the street and he would land on his feet eventually.

Wolverine and the other man would return each time back to the/my blog to their pages on the/my blog briefly, maybe to make sure that their pages were still secure, and then they would return to the city to try to enter the top of the tall building again; and so they kept trying over and over again, but eventually I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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