Some Of My Former Classmates Trying To Rob My Grandfather’s House | Wonderful Days (Sky Blue) Inspired Dream(s)

Dream 1

My memory of the first dream is unclear but it seemed that maybe a zombie situation and/or some kind of emergency situation was taking place in the city of D during the night, and I was at a fictional version of my grandfather’s house that was where my uncle WC’s house should be.

My family, maybe my grandfather, my uncle WC, my uncle CE, my aunt GC, and several other family members from both sides of my family were there with us as we were trying to survive together at my grandfather’s house.

Eventually we decided that it would be safer to leave the city and so almost everyone crowded into several automobiles to leave, my family had to leave me behind briefly so that they could take some of our family members to get their automobiles, and my uncle CE walked off to go secure his house and get more weapons/ammunition before leaving the city.

I decided to wait/hide outside on top of a wooden structure (it was like something that you would hang plants on and it provided some shade and some privacy) that covered the area near the front door and as I was waiting my former classmate CW, my former classmate MJ, and one or two of my other former classmates came sneaking toward the front door of my grandfather’s house talking about robbing it because they thought that everyone was gone because they did not see me hiding on the wooden structure above them.

I decided to greet them hoping to convince them to not rob my grandfather’s house, they were surprised to see me hiding above them, but they looked like they were considering attacking me; and so I mentioned that my uncle CE was probably coming back soon hoping that would scare them away because I wanted to handle the situation peacefully.

They stopped to decide if they should attack me or not but then my uncle CE returned asking them what they were doing, I decided to climb down and lie to my uncle CE telling him that they were walking down the street and they saw me and so they stopped to talk, and I did this because if my uncle CE knew the truth it would have probably led to violence and someone would have probably died and/or gotten seriously injured.

My former classmates were surprised that I lied to protect them even though they had planned to rob my grandfather’s house, they played along with my lie, and then I distracted my uncle CE by asking him about a wall that was in front of the yard next to my grandfather’s house where my female great-cousin(?) SH’s house should be.

My uncle CE had recently painted it and so I asked him about how he had painted it because I knew that he likes to brag/show-off/et cetera, so he happily explained how he had painted it/et cetera, and I remember touching the wall and I could feel the texture of the dry paint and the thickness.

Eventually my uncle CE got into his truck to leave the city, I then made my former classmates promise not to rob anyone and then they left as well, and then my family picked me up; and we left the city, and eventually I remember being in a fictional city that was like the city of A during the day.

Things seemed normal in this city and we drove to a fictional Chinese-style restaurant that had a drive-through window that I had memories of visiting before, and I wanted to get some breakfast items that had eggs, meats, bread, et cetera that I knew that they sold because of my past memories of this restaurant.

The front of the restaurant had a nice courtyard where you could eat outside and it was also where the drive through was oddly so a worker would walk up to your automobile to take your order, the restaurant was at least two-stories tall even though it only had one floor and it had an Asian-style painted in a blueish color and a few other colors, and a girl with yellowish colored skin with medium length straight shiny black colored hair walked to our window to take our order.

I asked about the breakfast items but the girl said that they were not available and that the woman who makes them was gone, I am not sure if she was gone for the morning or gone permanently, and so there were no breakfast items; and so we looked at their menu, and then another female worker who seemed to be the mother of the girl walked over to answer some of our questions about the menu.

Eventually we decided not to get anything at the restaurant and we thanked them and we said goodbye, and we decided to drive to the Golden Coral buffet restaurant but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was probably several dreams that were inspired by the South Korean animated movie Sky Blue (Wonderful Days) which my brother GC and I watched last night, but I will type it as one dream because I am not sure.

The dream was more focused on the main character Shua from the movie but I am not sure if I was him and/or myself and/or if I was even in the dream or not and/or if the dream was animated or not, and it focused on how many poor people in the wasteland (known as diggers in the movie) did not really like Shua because he used to live on Ecoban (the city where the rich/et cetera people live).

Another common theme of this dream or dreams was that I kept seeing/being shown/being reminded/et cetera to add the default header images for the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme to the Twenty Fourteen theme again, and so it was like my mind kept recommending that I do this.

The Twenty Thirteen header images kept showing up at various times during the dream or dreams, and sometimes I would even see them being added to the Twenty Fourteen theme; and this all happened in a way that smoothly went with the rest of the dream which was focused more on the character Shua.

The dream took place outside in the wastelands and even inside several buildings in the wastelands, and maybe part of the dream took place inside a hospital-like building in Ecoban or it was just a nice looking hospital in the wastelands but I am not sure; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Now I am once again using the Twenty Thirteen default header images in/on/for the Twenty Fourteen theme again as I use/test the Twenty Fourteen theme again as I try to search for new themes for my blog that do not have certain annoying bugs.

The end,

-John Jr

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