My Mom Gets Decapitated

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I only remember part of my last dream because it was a dream that repeated several times and during several of these repeats of the dream these parts of the dream were documented during the dream by me and/or someone else, and so my mind/brain did not try to remember those parts of the dream thinking that those parts of the dream had already been documented in the real world; and so now I can not remember most of this interesting dream unfortunately, and so it will not make much sense without those missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place in a fictional place during the day and I remember two strange men who were dressed up in maybe suits (there was something strange about them, and I could not read their facial expressions/minds really because they were very neutral/hard to read like maybe they were not really human or they lacked normal emotions/empathy), both with whitish colored skin with short hair with one of them having dark-colored hair and the other had blondish colored hair, and I think that the two men (and whoever was/were helping them) were trying to take over something (maybe a government, group, organization, country, company, the world, and/or something like that maybe).

During the dream I would have random short visions of the two men as they tried to carry out their plans, and so during the dream I kept trying to find them so that I could stop them; but I also continued going along with what else was happening in the dream as well.

Part of the dream took place at a one-story public housing-like area in a field that was like the fairground field across from PW Elementary School in the city of D, I probably talked with one or more people inside and outside of the public housing-like area, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Eventually I went to a fictional probably windowless multi-story building that possibly had a mall-like area on the first floor, maybe a hospital-like are on one floor, maybe business-like offices on another floor, and I remember being in a classroom with maybe brownish colored carpet on another upper floor with some of my former classmates like my former female classmate EB and fictional classmates.

While I was sitting in class at my desk I eventually noticed that somehow I was naked now so I asked my classmates if someone had some shorts that I could borrow until Monday (I guess the dream took place during a Friday which was the last day of school for the week), my former classmate EB told me that I could use her blueish colored PE (Physical Education) gym shorts, and so I thanked her and I put them on; and I told her that I would wash them and return them to her on Monday.

After class I was going to go look for my clothes but I had another vision of the two men who were trying to take over something the entire dream, the two men possibly were in the final/last stages of their plan (maybe the clean up and cover up stage or the take over stage), and the man with the dark-colored hair sent the man with the blondish colored hair to continue his part of the plan.

It seemed that maybe the two men were possibly in the same multi-story building where I was but I maybe they were on the floor with the business-like offices, but I am not sure; and then to my surprise my mom entered the hallway/lobby/area where the man with the dark-colored hair was standing, and she greeted him like she knew him.

My mom did not exactly look like my mom in real life and she wore maybe a grayish colored business skirt with a business suit top/whatever with a white dress shirt but somehow I knew that it was supposed to be my mom even though she looked a bit different, and the man with the dark-colored hair and my mom went to talk privately in a small room that maybe looked somewhat like an outdoor-like area even though it was inside a windowless room.

My mom leaned against a wooden pole/tree-like structure that was in the room like she was very relaxed and like she knew the man with the dark-colored hair very well, and maybe she was directly or indirectly helping them with their take over but I am not sure; and they started to talk, maybe about the take over, but I am not sure.

The man with the dark-colored hair was still unreadable to me even though it seemed that things were positive between them, but suddenly the man with the dark-colored hair swung his arm in a semi-open-hand hook like motion chopping my mom across the neck with his fingers/hand or something hidden in his hand like maybe a blade as my mom was still leaning against the wooden pole/tree-like structure; and my mom’s head was decapitated/chopped off in that one swing and her head fell to/on the probably brownish colored carpet.

The man with the dark-colored hair seemed to be killing certain people who knew about their take over plans probably and so he killed my mom, and then he walked out of the room and he closed the door; and the vision ended, and I was back in the classroom.

I was shocked about what happened to my mom and that my mom seemed to know one of the men like maybe she was helping them, and so I wanted to try to save her and to try to figure out if she was involved or not and I wanted to stop the two men; and so I either accidentally or directly restarted the dream so that I could try to save my mom this time.

In the repeat of the dream I came across my dad and I told him about my visions and I went to try to save my mom (but I am not sure if my dad joined me or not), but I failed to save my mom again the second time; and so the dream repeated again, but I failed again.

I am not sure how many times the dream repeated but I know that it repeated several times with me failing to save my mom in time several times (so I had to keep seeing her get decapitated, while failing to find her in time, because I had to try to figure out where they were), I am not sure if I ever saved my mom or not, but I think that I confronted the man with the dark-colored hair and maybe the man with the blondish colored hair during a few of the repeats after my mom was decapitated probably; but I think that they killed me several times during the repeats as I tried to stop their take over plans, and I probably was never able to save my mom or myself in any of the repeats of the dream.

I decided that I would at least keep repeating the dream until I could at least stop the two men from finishing their take over plans, even if it meant that my mom and I would die, but I woke up eventually after many failed repeats of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr