Trying To Recover An Alien Spaceship Underground In A Prison With Special Forces Soldiers | Aliens And Poor Humans Trying To Rebel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in what seemed to be a fictional version of the city of L and the dream started with me being with a serious older man who never smiled who had medium-dark brownish colored skin with short blackish/grayish/whitish colored hair who wore a suit and who seemed like maybe a secret government agent, a very well-trained group of men who seemed to be special forces soldiers wearing special forces-style helmets with elbow and knee pads with medium body armor with assault rifles and equipment packs with a variety of tools for various situations, and maybe a few other people (maybe our neighbor Mr. RD, maybe some kids, maybe a female entity / Goddess / alien who acted like a little girl).

I am not sure what my role was in all of this exactly and I had no weapons or armor but it seemed like I was helping them like I was an adviser, and their mission was to sneak into a prison to get a certain prisoner and maybe someone else and to try to find and recover a missing alien spaceship that was taken and hidden by a scientist (an old man with whitish colored skin with medium-to-long length whitish/grayish colored hair) who used to work with the alien spaceship.

The dream jumped to some of the prisoners inside a cafeteria and all the prisoners in this area were women, the dream focused on one of the female prisoners who was probably the character Ava Crowder from the TV show Justified and she was talking to a friend inside of the cafeteria trying to figure out a way to survive not being killed in prison by some of the other female prisoners who wanted her dead, and she probably mentioned the scientist because she knew him.

I am guessing that Ava was one of the people who the special forces soldiers and the secret government agent were trying to get out of the prison probably hoping that she can help them find the scientist and/or the alien spaceship, but then the dream jumped back to me being with the special forces soldiers and the secret government agent.

The special forces team was very skilled and they got us inside the prison without being seen/heard, they split up into several different teams entering various secret underground locations of the prison, and they worked together so well that it was amazing/beautiful to see as I watched/listened to them from some monitors that one of the special forces soldiers had on his backpack and as I watched the small group of special forces soldiers escorting the secret government agent and I.

The secret government agent was leading the operation and I was with his small team, we entered a dark underground room with a tunnel entrance on the left and one of the right, and the room was empty like it had not been used in years; and this was the room where the scientist and the alien spaceship used to be.

Somehow years ago the government/whoever got/find/came across/whatever a living alien and the alien’s spaceship, they brought the alien spaceship to this underground location so that one or more scientist could do research on the alien spaceship, but I am not sure where they took the alien; but I assumed that the alien was still living, and probably being held prisoner/whatever in another underground location somewhere.

One day something happened and maybe the scientist and/or one of the scientist disappeared and the alien spaceship was gone as well, and so the government/whoever was probably still looking for him and the alien spaceship; but it is possible that they found the scientist and he died without revealing the location of the alien spaceship, but I am not sure if the scientist was living or dead or captured or not.

We decided to use the room that we were in as a temporary headquarters to hide while the rest of the special forces teams sneaked around completing their mission to get one of the prisoners and maybe one or more people, the secret government agent and I walked to the back of the room up a ramp that went above both tunnel entrances as a safer hiding spot as we watched/listened to the monitors showing the progress of the special forces teams, and the secret government agent also communicated with them giving them orders.

The secret government told me a bit about the story of the alien, the alien spaceship, the scientist, and maybe a female entity/Goddess/alien who acted like a little girl who possibly was with us at this point and/or we found her later but my memory is too unclear and this part of the dream is too unclear for me to make sense of it.

I just remember figuring out that the scientist hid the alien spaceship under the floor of this room under some wooden crate-like boxes, we moved the crate-like boxes, and some of the special forces soldiers probably used their tools to cut into the hard concrete floor until they made an opening and we probably found the alien spaceship; and I think that I remember the female entity/Goddess/alien being with us and she was very cheerful/goofy/child-like.

The secret government agent sent me and our neighbor Mr. RD (somehow he was there I guess) above-ground to get reinforcements because they were going to need to move the alien spaceship and the prisoner (probably Ava) and maybe one or more other people who they were getting out of the prison, and so they expected that they would probably end up having to fight the police as they tried to remove the alien spaceship and they needed something to move the alien spaceship with.

Mr. RD and I sneaked outside until we reached a neighborhood near the prison, Mr. RD crossed the street to a friend’s house to get some people/equipment to help with moving the alien spaceship and the others, but there was a police officer sitting in his police car watching us; and so Mr. RD crossed the street acting normally, and the police officer did not stop him to our surprise.

The police officer drove away and then I remember getting into a reddish colored sports car and I drove away very fast to probably get reinforcements and to update them about the situation, I probably planned on getting some weapons/armor for myself as well to help but I am not sure, but I drove too fast to a red light near the Walgreens and I almost flipped into the left lane trying to stop without a safety belt; and a police officer turned on his police lights/siren on this car, I assumed that he was going to come after me, and so I started to panic and I woke myself up into the real world hoping that it was only a dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream seemed to possibly be a continuation of the first dream but it took place years later, humanoid aliens lived among humans now, and I was with maybe the serious secret government agent again but now he was a military officer it seemed in charge of a military unit who seemed to focus on dealing with aliens; and I seemed to be a military officer working under him, and we wore urban combat military uniforms with berets but him and I had no armor or weapons again.

We once again were underground with a team of soldiers and our mission was to stop a possible alien takeover of maybe a mining facility where aliens and poor humans seemed to work, I remember us talking to the owner of the mining facility who was an obese man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair who seemed to be mean to his employees, and eventually I figured out the plan of the aliens who were going to try to take over the mining facility and I came up with a plan to stop them.

My serious commanding officer ordered the soldiers under us to follow my advice to stop the alien take over of mining facility, and they followed my advice and they quickly stopped the aliens and captured some of them; but some of them probably escaped.

I remember them interrogating one of the aliens who was somewhat large and who was maybe a yellowish color and he was shaped a bit weird (maybe a bit blocky/block-like), and the alien said that they only wanted to be treated fairly, to be paid fair wages, to have better working conditions, et cetera; and he explained how their boss treated them terribly, and how maybe the human controlled government/military treated them like threats.

I started to feel bad for him, the other aliens, and the poor humans and I felt that he was telling the truth; and I felt like maybe I was helping the wrong side, but I decided to try to learn more before making any conclusions.

I went home for the day and once again I was in a fictional version of the city of L during the day, and I went to a nice upper-lower-class neighborhood of small one-story houses where I lived with my family; and my mom was at our house waiting for my fictional young sister to come home from school on the school bus, but my fictional young sister did not get off her bus when it arrived.

My mom called her bus driver and after he finished his bus route he came to our house, the bus driver was one of my former bus drivers’ named Mr. W, and Mr. W told us that my fictional young sister had gotten on the wrong bus and that she would be home a bit later than normal and that she was okay; and then he talked with me about my life because he had not spoken with me since I was a kid.

Eventually Mr. W’s fictional older son came to talk with us as well and he told me about some of his business ideas and I shared some of my business ideas with him, and he liked one of my business ideas and he considered started a business based on my idea; and I told him to let me know if he starts the business because I would probably be interested in working with his business, and then we said goodbye.

I went to my room to take a nap (I remember seeing military posters on my wall showing various military ranks by their symbols and the color of their berets (one of the colors was a light blueish color almost like the United Nations color), and how to properly wear your uniform) I felt that maybe an alien and/or a poor human (it seemed that poor humans and the aliens lived together and worked together, and so some of them were working together to rebel) who escaped from the mining facility earlier in the dream might try to kill me, and so I expected to be attacked.

I was correct and a man with dark brownish colored skin with medium-length blackish colored hair tried to climb through my window to stab me with a knife as I laid in bed near the window, and I ended up stabbing him in his eye with his own knife and he died; and I called my commanding officer about the attack, and I warned him about more attacks and that maybe a large attack was coming.

My commander officer sent some soldiers to our house to protect us, to remove the dead body, and to investigate; and he increased security in the zones where the aliens and poor humans lived, and these zones were patrolled by the human controlled military.

I decided to go to one of the alien and poor human zones to see it for myself and to learn more about how the aliens and poor humans were really being treated, and about those among them trying to rebel; and I think that I realized that maybe Ava from the first dream was working with the aliens and poor humans trying to rebel, but she looked a bit different now with long braided hair and she dressed/lived more like the aliens.

It seemed that the aliens lived more natural lives closer to nature without much technology and so those who try to rebel usually only used homemade mêlée weapons and hand-to-hand combat and no armor, they carved their homes out of rock/stone/dirt/et cetera, some wore face paint/tattoos, some liked to braid their hair (those that had hair), they seemed more peaceful and they worked together in small communities, and poor humans were living with them and trying to learn their ways; but many of the poor humans trying to rebel seemed more aggressive and short-sided, but the aliens trying to rebel continued trying to help teach them.

Anyway I went to one of the alien and poor human zones as the human controlled military patrolled the area, the houses were carved into stone and behind the house was a covered area next to water that was a walkway/dock, and I saw aliens and poor humans working together in peace; but the human controlled military constantly patrolled like they were threats, and it seemed that aliens were not allowed to live anywhere else probably.

It seemed that the aliens wanted to live in peace near nature and to be treated fairly and so did many of the poor humans, but the human controlled military/government/corporations/et cetera probably oppressed/et cetera them and were afraid of them.

I really started to think that I was helping the wrong side and that the aliens and poor humans deserved to be left alone and to be treated fairly, and their way of life seemed better and like I would fit into their lifestyle better; and I wondered how and why did I end up working with the military, and why were the aliens and poor humans being treated like this.

Suddenly I saw maybe Ava, her sister, her young daughters, and several other women (for some reason there were mostly female humans and aliens in this area) running out of their house trying to attack the human soldiers patrolling, it seemed that maybe Ava was angry about the failure to take over the mining facility, and so she was trying to start a riot; but a group of female aliens (several of them had different skin colors like greenish, blueish, purplish, grayish, et cetera and they somewhat reminded me of Dark Elves/the Dunmer from the Elder Scrolls video games) with face paint and maybe braided hair wearing hooded robe/cloak-like outfits came from the back area near the water where I was standing to stop them.

The female aliens told Ava and the others with her to not fight the human controlled military directly, that they wanted to avoid violence when possible, that they needed to follow a better plan/strategy, and that they had other plans; and the female aliens started to move Ava and her family to safety out the back area as some of the others continued fighting the human controlled military patrol.

I decided to run with them so that I could learn more about them and the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


2 thoughts on “Trying To Recover An Alien Spaceship Underground In A Prison With Special Forces Soldiers | Aliens And Poor Humans Trying To Rebel

  1. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    In both dreams, “Ava” is a prisoner and you’re on either side to help her: First, find her spaceship so she can return home/alert others of her situation, which leads to the Second of allowing her to live and work fairly/safely with aliens and humans. End thoughts.

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    1. Hello Flynn,

      Well Ava ( was a prisoner in the first dream like she was in the TV show Justified before the last season ended (she got out of jail on the last episode), but not in the second dream exactly (she seemed to be living with the aliens and the poor humans who were not really prisoners in the second ream, though they were somewhat treated like prisoners, especially the aliens).

      In both dreams even though Ava was not a main focus or part of my/our missions, I guess in the first dream she did get help indirectly from me (the only reason they were going to get her out of prison was because they wanted helping finding the scientist and/or where he might/may have hid the alien spaceship), but in the second dream I was only trying to learn more about the situation because she probably was one of the poor humans who escaped at the underground mining facility after the attempted take-over or I somehow knew that she was working with the aliens who were trying to rebel; and the group of female aliens were the ones who helped her in the second dream before I could even get a chance to talk to her during the small riot she started.

      Ava was not directly involved with the alien spaceship, but she did know the scientist who hid the alien spaceship.

      The alien spaceship belonged to an alien (I assume it was male, but I have no idea because I was only told a story about it/him) who the government/whoever had somehow found/got/captured/met/whatever years ago, and I guess they took him/it and his/its spaceship to one or more underground facilities according to what I was told in the dream by the secret government-like agent; but I am not sure what happened to the alien after or during the time period when the first dream took place, but supposedly he/it was alive when they first got/met/whatever him/it.

      I really rushed when typing these two dreams because I did not feel like typing my dreams today and it was not until the day was almost over that I finally got myself to quickly type them, and I still have not proofread it yet. 😀

      Thank you for commenting/reblogging my post Flynn. 🙂

      -John Jr


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