A Dream Within A Dream About Light / Good And Darkness / Evil

*I do not feel like typing my dream today, and so below is a lazy overview of my dream from last night*

I somewhat remember part of my last dream which took place during the day at a fictional film festival and I remember walking from a courtyard into a small building into a classroom-like room where one or more films were to be shown, and I sat at a desk like everyone else in the room.

Sitting in the desk in front of me was the actor Johnny Depp and his fictional girlfriend or wife who somewhat reminded of the French actress Eva Green, and they were kissing / making out very close to me; and eventually they got so close to me that Mr. Depp thought that I was the one getting close to them, and so he became angry with me.

Mr. Depp’s girlfriend or wife calmed him down, and she explained to him that it was them who got too close to me, he / they apologized to me, and then we started to talk.

The next thing that I remember is somehow having a dream within a dream that maybe was inspired by a film about a fairy tale that we probably watched in the classroom-like room and maybe the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra.

In the dream within a dream I was in a fantasy medieval-like world like a Disney princess film where I was probably a bodyguard for a royal family / princess who all had whitish colored skin with fancy clothing who represented light/good and who were loved by the people, and the dream within a dream took place in a fantasy version of the courtyard where the film festival in the first dream took place probably except that maybe a castle was in the courtyard.

Things were nice and positive with a literal glow of light but I think a powerful immortal female entity / Goddess / whatever who represented darkness/evil started trying to find a way to destroy the royal family / light / good, and she came up with various plans that we had to try to defend against.

The dream had jumps in time where eventually the female entity/darkness/evil helped cause conflict, probably assassinations, et cetera until the royal family/light/good was mostly defeated/killed/weakened after all of her attacks and being tricked into openly fighting against her instead of just defending against her and so she took over eventually; and things became negative and the people were not happy and things became literally darker.

The female entity/darkness/evil was said to be immortal and too powerful to stop (maybe negativity and fighting her helped make her stronger, but that is a wild guess) and so the survivors (bodyguards, soldiers, helpers, et cetera of the royal family/light/good and maybe a survivor of the royal family or a new person representing light/good) and I felt like we had failed, eventually I probably gave up or retired or something like that, but years later some of the survivors and/or I came up with a plan to stop the female entity/darkness/evil.

I think that we realized that neither light/good or darkness/evil should win/destroy the other, light/good/the royal family was represented in mortality/life (they were mortal and could be killed, but new life would be born again to continue) and darkness/evil/the female entity was represented in immortality/death (she could not die and she liked causing negativity/death), and that the two should be in balance.

So my job to protect the royal family/light/good/life was really about keeping the balance, and so my job was to help keep the balance preventing either side from destroying the other I guess.

I think that we came up with a plan to fuse/combine a mortal/royal family member/someone representing light/good/life with the female entity/darkness/evil/immortality/death to bring the two back in balance where neither side was trying to destroy the other or could destroy the other, light/good and darkness/evil would both exist together in the world in balance again, and we did something that I can not remember; and it worked, and I woke up or the dream within a dream ended, and I was back in the first dream thinking that I was in the real world.

I remember being in a classroom-like room that was similar to but different from earlier and there were other people there again but Mr. Depp and his girlfriend or wife were not there, and I remember telling everyone in the classroom-like room about my dream within a dream/second dream thinking that I was awake in the real world now.

A woman with whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair that was pinned up/back(?) mentioned that my dream sounded like a movie or like it should be turned into a movie, and then I started to feel that something was not right (maybe because most of the people possibly seemed interested in my dream unlike in real life 😀 and/or something like that).

I remembered Mr. Depp and his girlfriend or wife, I remembered the film festival and maybe a film, and I started to wonder if my dream was really a dream or if it was a movie that I had seen; and maybe I started to realize that I was still dreaming, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A Dream Within A Dream About Light / Good And Darkness / Evil”

Hello Flynn,

Unfortunately I can not remember exactly but my wild guess is that we set a trap for the female entity/darkness/evil using a person representing light/good, where we probably told the female entity that we captured a surviving or new royal family member (who agreed to our plan) and she probably came to see this person outside somewhere in the courtyard, and we probably had figured out a way to fuse/combine them together if we could get them to touch (we assumed that the female entity would be over-confident and that she would probably touch the person, she taunted the person, and she touched the person like we expected); and when they touched we somehow caused them to combine/fuse where the female entity was then trapped/sealed inside the body of the person in a way where they both were once again in balance probably.

Thank you for commenting on and reblogging my post. 🙂

-John Jr


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