Protecting A Young Princess

I slept well during the night until my right shoulder/arm started to hurt and feel sore, which disturbed my dreams and sleep many times, and eventually it caused me to forget all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

I had more dreams but they are pretty much lost now thanks to the soreness/pain from probably over-exercising yesterday and/or sleeping in a bad position(s) for too long and/or something like that.

I had one dream that probably took place during the day in the city of D on the street that my now dead grandfather CE lives on but I can not remember this dream, but I do barely remember part of the end of another dream that took place during the day.

All that I can remember of the dream now is coming across a young modern-day princess who was a girl with whitish colored skin with long straight blackish colored hair who was somewhat quiet and who usually had a neutral facial expression, and I think that I helped save her from an assassination attempt.

I think that maybe her female servant or someone else who was supposed to help/protect her tried to assassinate her as I happened to be passing through/by, and after I helped save the princess she hired me to be her new bodyguard.

I remember the princess and I walking and talking about what happened, and she told me about past assassination attempts against her; and she showed me her small bedroom where there was a small room with a door connected to her bedroom which was the servant’s bedroom.

The servant’s bedroom door had a large key hole that was probably used as a peep/spy hole by her former servant, we probably also found a short barrel/sawed off shotgun in the former servant’s bedroom, and so the princess decided to keep the shotgun for herself in her bedroom for extra protection.

The princess hired a new female servant and then the princess explained to me how she probably trusts almost no one and that she did not even trust me yet, and she started telling me about some of the security precautions that she uses that have helped saver her life during assassination attempts.

The princess had a smartphone and I showed her how to update her firmware and/or operating system, but after the update both of our shoulders/arms became sore/started to hurt; and the princess blamed the soreness/pain on the updates/me, and even I started to think that the updates were the cause of our soreness/pain.

The soreness/pain happening in the real world was effecting/affecting the dream, and it caused me to wake up in the real world where the soreness/pain was bothering me there as well sometimes.

The end,

-John Jr

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Interesting precautions for any princess: put on a neutral face; hire a bodyguard; keep a shotgun; and above all, trust no one. She forgot to “get a dog”, which is good protection, too. And aside thought: If the smartphone is so “smart”, it should be “smart” enough to update its own firmware/operating system WITHOUT causing people/users soreness/pain.

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Hello Flynn,

The young princess seemed to be facing mostly internal threats probably (people she knows), so even if she had a dog it would probably be comfortable with a potential assassin because the assassin would most likely be someone who lived and/or worked in and/or outside the house, but you are correct about dogs/a dog being a possible good layer of protection/security.

I have never had my own smartphone to use yet (no data plan, and still using an old dumb/basic/feature phone), but that would definitely be a nice feature/option to have if it is not available already one (possibly depending on your phone and operating system). 😀

Another thing that is interesting about this dream is that the young princess was only a little girl, and not even a teenager yet.

Thank you for commenting/reblogging Flynn. 🙂

-John Jr


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